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Key Facts About the Global Potassium Nitrite Market: Read More Below

Dec 12th 2018 at 2:47 AM

Potassium Nitrite Market Outlook:

Potassium nitrite is a yellowish white crystalline solid or a compound formed of potassium and nitrogen, noncombustible and accelerates the burning of all combustible materials. It is used as a preservative in food and helps in the cleansing process by restricting the development of a harmful bacteria called botulism bacteria. Potassium nitrite is produced by combining ammonium nitrate and potassium chloride. It can also be manufactured by a neutralized mixture of nitric acid and potassium hydroxide.

Potassium nitrite is used for a number of purposes like food preservation especially in cured meats such as chorizo and cured bacon. It also gives the product a desirable pinkish-red color. The use of Potassium nitrite as a food preservative was approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Potassium nitrite has a large number of end uses in the food and beverage industry, and is expected to experience good growth in the upcoming years.

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Growing concerns for food safety, enhancing shelf stability of product and food technology has led to growth of potassium nitrite market:

The application of preservative in food and beverages is regulated for a number of reasons. The levels of nitrates and nitrites in meat are restricted because they can be converted in the stomach or during high temperature frying to chemicals understood to cause cancer.

The increasing awareness and demand for healthy food and healthcare products has resulted in increased demand for potassium nitrite. It is widely used in food products for preserving it against microbial agents. Meat and poultry cleansing is one of the oldest forms of food conservation till today. Potassium nitrite has shown extraordinary antimicrobial potency preventing the meat from spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms. Potassium nitrite primarily protects the meat from microbial bacteria. Meat with microbes present in it is harmful. Microbes cause chronic diseases like Arthritis, Asthma, Cancer, Alzheimer, among others. Also, the formation of color is one of the most critical quality traits of processed meat products. Furthermore, the increasing demand for high-quality meat offers substantial growth opportunities for players active in the field of Potassium nitrite market to provide a solution for the infected meat. The global Potassium nitrite market is expected to grow at a higher rate in the upcoming years.

Potassium nitrite is ingested in small quantities. Despite its substantial popularity in food preparation, it is important to tread very carefully when incorporating Potassium nitrite into your meal preparation. The National Center for Home Food Preservation have cited that a high Potassium nitrite content in food products can have harmful effects. The effects can be significantly more damaging when the individual is chronically exposed to the substance. Some of the more prominent symptoms of Potassium nitrite poisoning include irregular breathing, convulsions, a rapid heartbeat, dizziness or even a coma and death in the more severe cases. Children too should be kept away from Potassium nitrite preservative food additives, as they have been shown to cause dizziness and headaches in children. Potassium nitrite is also commonly used as a diuretic medicine while also being added to medicines that are commonly used to treat conditions like excessive back pain and joint pain. One of the most useful applications of Potassium nitrite is its benefits in the production of nitric acid with the addition of concentrated sulfuric acid to the aqueous solution of Potassium nitrite. The chemical is also widely used as a fertilizer and rocket propellant as well as in the production of smoke bombs because of the resulting effect when mixed with sugar to generate a cloud of smoke that is roughly about 600 times the volume of the actual bomb.

Global Potassium Nitrite Market: Key Players

The key players operating in the global Potassium nitrite market are Haifa Chemicals, Migao, SQM, URALCHEM, Yara, COFERMIN Chemicals, Wentong Group, Tengda Industrial, YNCC, KEMPANCO, MC, YNCC, Yufeng, SNM, Barium and Chemicals, ICL, GFS Chemicals, Potash Corp, Qinghai salt lake among others. The companies are focusing on capturing the market opportunities through expansions & investment majorly through developing manufacturing facilities. Depending on the global market scenario and growing demand of Potassium nitrite, the companies have increased production capacities to meet the growing market demand. A few players have also driven down the market prices, forcing their competitors to follow suit in order to remain competitive in the market. Also, the global Potassium nitrite market is witnessing increased use in the general, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

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