Top Tips to Maintain Your Dog’s Dental Health: Brushing Essentials

Jul 19th 2019 at 12:32 AM

Don’t be so shocked. Even dogs require regular dental care like humans. Although, they are not prone to cavities as human beings are they can also develop dental problems such as gingivitis, tartar and plaque buildup. Meanwhile, if they will not brush regularly, then their mouth will smell bad and their teeth will turn into yellow color. Do you want that? Whether you are a pet owner or dog boarding in Port St. Lucie, you should know do’s and don’ts for maintaining the dental health of your dog.

Unfortunately, like humans are dogs cannot brush their teeth on their own and hence, they ask for your help. If you are a new pet owner or have a lack of knowledge to brush their sharp teeth, then this blog is perfectly made for you.

Choose the Right Brush

Dogs have bigger and sharper teeth than the humans and hence using your own old brush will not work efficiently. Go to the nearest pet store and choose the right from the wide variety of toothbrushes that are perfectly designed for your dog. Choose the one that has softer bristles and has a convenient holder to reach the corners. The size of your dog also matters while choosing the brush. You can also go with the designed pads and sponges especially designed for the dogs.

Choose the Right Toothpaste

Are you really going to choose your paste for your dog’s teeth? The market is flourished with wide varieties of toothpaste that come in many different flavors. Never choose such paste that has fluoride and sometimes other ingredients as they are toxic when swallowed.

Start When He is Young

The best time to start brushing the teeth of your dog is when he is very young or of eight weeks of age. It will help him to include brushing in his daily schedule.

Choose The Right to Brush Their Teeth

Now, this is a big question that when your dog is ready for his brushing time. Well, try to brush his teeth when he is relaxed and happy especially after he has been exercising or playing. This is because he will be so tired to try harder.

Let Him Taste the Toothpaste

Retailers know how choosy dogs can be and hence, they come up with the best and tasty flavors of the toothpaste. They have already made half of your work easy. Now, all you have to do is to let your dog lick the small portion of the toothpaste from your finger. This will help him to know there is nothing harmful that you are holding in your hands.

Show the Brush to The Dog

Do not hide the toothpaste from your dog. Instead, show him so that he can inspect the brush to sense that there is nothing wrong in it. You can also allow him to taste some from the brush. This will help your four-legged pup become accustomed to the brushing procedure.

Brush A few Teeth

At first, try to brush some of the teeth of your dog. The easiest teeth for brushing is canines as they are the longest and can be reached easily. Start by gently uplifting the upper lip of your dog, place the brush and gently brush back and forth. Never be too hazy as it will panick your dog instead of learning the new feeling of brushing his teeth. If your dog is aggressive, then be more careful and take help of your friends or family members to calm your dog. If you are working at a dog boarding in Port St. Lucie, then luckily you have so many people around you for help. Play with him and appreciate him for supporting you in maintaining his dental health.

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