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Hard Drive Erasers and Degaussers Market to Witness Exponential Growth by 2026

May 8th 2019 at 11:26 AM

Computer users consider that dragging a file into the recycle bin and then emptying the trash on the desktop removes the file permanently. In reality, the data itself does not get deleted; only the access path to that data is destroyed when a specific file is deleted by the user. There are three methods of destroying the data permanently on the computer hard drive. These include destroying the hard drive physically, erasing the drive using a hard drive eraser, or degaussing the hard drive. The degausser deletes the magnetic media by adjusting the magnetic charge to neutral state of the hard drive, as a result erasing the data. Degausser unit types comprise permanent magnet degausser, coil degausser, and capacitive discharge degausser. A coil degausser is employed with a copper wire that has a steel core wrapped inside which creates an alternating electromagnetic field when activated and thus deletes the data completely. Capacitive discharge technology is used by the capacitive discharge degausser as it stocks energy in capacitors. Energy released by these capacitors is referred to as a pulse; hence capacitive discharge degaussers are also called pulse degaussers. Permanent degaussers depend on the size of the permanent magnet induced in it. A permanent degausser offers superior strength of magnetic field which destroys the data permanently and it can be used continuously for weeks.

Organizations constantly need to trash the old or unclassified data and make the hardware ready for new usage. A pile of junk data is of no use to organizations; hence, they need to clean the junk from their hard drives. Hard drive erasers and degaussers are used to erase the data completely. Hence, adoption of hard drive erasers and degaussers is increasing for industrial, government, as well as for commercial uses, thus driving the hard drive erasers and degaussers market. Data security is an important issue. A degausser offers complete control over sensitive information continuously. Moreover, hard drive degaussers are also cost effective. Degaussing can destroy data stored on all magnetic media such as disks, tapes, reels, hard drives, and cassettes. Thus, use of degaussers is escalating due to the above mentioned drivers, which helps the hard drive erasers and degaussers market to expand considerably.

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However, overwritten data is difficult to delete from hard drives; this might restrict the use of hard drives. Furthermore, the coil degausser is operable for a short period only, and capacitive degaussers heat up excessively if they are used for a longer period; they need to cool down before reuse. This might affect the operability of the organization, which may restrict the hard drive erasers and degaussers market growth.

The global hard drive erasers and degaussers market can be segmented in terms of component, degausser type, application, and region. Based on component, the hard drive erasers and degaussers market can be classified into software, hardware and services. The service sub-segment includes consulting, training & support, and implementation. In terms of degausser type, the hard drive erasers and degaussers market can be bifurcated into permanent magnet degausser, electromagnetic degausser, portable degausser, high volume degausser, tape degausser, and hard drive degausser. Based on application, the hard drive erasers and degaussers market can be segregated into industrial, commercial, and residential. In terms of region, the global hard drive erasers and degaussers market can be split into Europe (EU), North America (NA), Asia Pacific (APAC), South America (SA), and Middle East & Africa (MEA). The Europe and North America market are projected to witness major penetration of hard drive erasers and degaussers as the rate of data generated in this region is more as compared to other regions.

Major players operating in the hard drive erasers and degaussers market include VS Security Products, Proton Data Security, Solstice Technologies, Garner Products, Inc., Data Security, Inc., Blancco Technology Group, Conelec Electronic Manufacturing, Security Engineered Machinery,, Shredders & Shredding Co., Security Engineered Machinery, and AVA Recycling Corp.

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