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"If you want to be successful, it's just this simple: Know what you're doing. Love what you're doing. And believe in what you're doing." -- Will Rogers

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  • Are You Branding Yourself On The Internet? by Carol Jacobs

    ARE YOU BEING SEEN? Do you know Oprah, Bill Gates, and Ellen etc. personally? I don’t think so. Yet nearly everybody knows them, perfect example of Branding. Do you own a Blackberry, use a Dell or some other Brand? I think so. (Click the link to read more)
  • The Best Investment You Can Make by Jon Olson (The T.E. Guy)

    Guess what, this article WON'T pitch you something. There will be no links to click on. Nothing to buy right now or else... This is about investing in yourself. Your self-education and quite possible the most important aspect of making money online that no one talks about. I don't know why either. Everyone tells you that they want to see you succeed. Everyone will pitch you the latest great site that guarantees results. But why doesn't anyone talk about...Self education? (Click the link to read more)
  • Who are you promoting? by Louise Venison

    There's a lot of talk in the discussion groups here at IM faceplate about personal branding. Some people say it's critical to create your own online identity, others claim you'll be more successful as part of a team. (Click the link to read more)
  • How To Get 300 Followers On IM Faceplate And Anywhere Else Online! by Solomon Huey

    I'm going to be bold here... And say this may be one of the most powerful articles you will ever read about online business. Haha ok I take that back, but honestly this IS a powerful secret that I will reveal with you today. Do this, and you will experience greater success in your business. (Click the link to read more)
  • Don't Waste Your IM faceplate Article Marketing Space by GT Bulmer

    The primary purpose of writing articles in the Internet Marketing business is to both inform readers and attract targeted prospects. Social Media and Social Networking sites like IM faceplate have become good places to post articles. IM faceplate in particular is making a good effort to provide a marketing platform of particular value to Internet Marketers. In fact, every member of the site has an "Articles" tab on their personal faceplate where they can post their own articles or other material that they have the authorization to post. (Click the link to read more)
  • Finding Quality Content For Your Blogs, Ezines And Websites by Rick Wilson

    The life of an Internet marketer revolves around one thing: Content. You need articles for your blog, more great content for your newsletter or ezine, and even more quality articles if you plan to do article marketing or guest blogging to get free advertising for your website. So, before you throw in the towel completely, let me share a few ideas with you that may help you to actually have time away from your computer. When looking for articles, you have several options. I personally recommend that you use several of these suggestions to add a variety of content to your websites. I'll start with a few of my favorites... (Click the link to read more)
  • 10 Keys To Building HUGE Lists on Traffic Exchanges by Jerry Reeder

    Traffic exchanges are the perfect places to get new internet marketers with drive, ambition and a solid work ethic inside your sphere of influence. That’s because traffic exchanges are magnets for marketers who are marketing home business opportunities or other programs related to making money online. After all, where else can you get 1200 to 1500 visitors per day just by surfing a few hours after supper? And many surfers surf for hours and hours on end because they don’t mind working hard to get the results they desperately want. But they don’t get the results they want because survey after survey shows that most people using traffic exchanges are brand new marketers with less than 6 months of marketing experience. That means they don’t yet know how to market themselves with proven advertising tactics and marketing strategies. These surfers are untapped gold mines. I am going to share with you the ten keys to getting theses surfers on your list right here and now. (Click the link to read more)
  • The Jim Rohn Budget for Financial Independence by mikecrei

    Becoming rich or wealthy may be terms that sometimes may make people uncomfortable. I can understand that. Hollywood in the 80's helped make becoming rich a slightly bad word. How about another term that expresses doing the right things in a better light. How about Financial independence. (Click the link to read more)
  • Excuse Me While I Live A Little - Part One by Keith Stieneke

  • Excuse Me While I Live A Little - Part Two by Keith Stieneke

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