Taqiyyah in Islam

Apr 8th 2019 at 8:33 AM

The literal meanings of Taqiyyah are the safeguard, defend or saving a life in the state of fear. However, in common words, telling a lie outwardly but not inwardly and withdraw from what the opponent demands on the gunpoint. As for as Islam is concerned, so telling a lie is permissible in different circumstances to save the life and create harmony in the society as well.

However, telling a white lie to spread the fitnah (dispute) in the society or to get some benefits is not only haram (Prohibited) but there is severe punishment in Islam at the day of Judgement. Thus, we should avoid telling a lie except saving the life. If we have committed telling a lie, so we should pardon for our sin through the Umrah because 100+ Umrah Packages from 14 cities Across UK for 2020 have been offered to perform Umrah.

As the Holy Quran says;

“He who says against Allah after believing in Him, (is the liar) but he who is forced while his heart has inwardly the strong faith in Allah (nothing worry).

Indeed, the above-mentioned verse is explicating to the incident of one Sahabi (Companion) who was compelled to say the words against Islam by the infidels. Thus, to save a life from death he had to say the wrong words against Islam. However, when he attended the Messenger of Allah, he bitterly wept on his saying and told whatever he said. At that, the Prophet of Allah (SWT) asked that if he had been steadfast inwardly.

So, he replied that he was strongly steadfast. Thus, the Messenger of Allah (SWT) relieved his soul by saying that there is no worry and he would die in the state of faith. Prophet of God also said that if the following time they forced like before, so he would be allowed to say what they demand. Likewise mentioned event, the land of Arab is full of events which show the Companions loves for Islam. To know the events approved Hajj Umrah travel agents the UK are devoted in this regard.

Different scholars allow the practice of Taqiyyah in Islam. The famous scholar known as Allama Wahid ul Zaman writes that Taqiyyah has been proved from the verses of the Holy Quran but when you are in life danger and want to rescue yourself.

Consequently, we are allowed to tell a lie in different circumstances but not permissible to tell a white lie.

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