Solar Power Is the Next Wave
  • Emerging Nations Spend Wisely For Solar Lights
    According to the United Nations Framework Convention On Climate Change, 25% of the world’s population gets its light from directly burning fuel.  Small fires dot the landscape of emerging nations, andcandlesflicker in the wind as children try to study after the sun goes down. To support cooking, interior light, and reading light, the BBC states […]
  • Battle Back Against Bad Weather With Solar
    Electricity is something most people take for granted. Flip a switch and the lights come on. Open the refrigerator door and the food inside will be properly chilled and ready for consumption. What happens when the power goes down and there’s no estimate in sight for restoration? Solar lighting products can deliver the peace of […]
  • Civilize The Remotest Areas With Solar Lights
    Remote getaway cabins or working locations are nice until the sun goes down. When power isn’t available or it’s spotty at best, there are alternatives to lugging generators into the wilderness or paying out thousands for grid access. Solar lighting products can help illuminate the night and make even the most remote locations seem a […]
  • Go Green With Solar Lighting In The Garden
    Just because a homeowner may not want to install a full solar lighting system to go off the grid doesn’t mean there aren’t places to go “green” affordably. Solar powered garden lighting is an excellent alternative to standard lighting that makes a great deal of sense in any location. There are several different options that […]
  • Solar Lights Beat Halogen, Incandescent, and Compact Florescent Bulbs
    The burnt out bulb used to be a simple problem.  A yard light would go out and you would just replace it with a bulb of the same size.  Now you have to consider not only what size bulb you need as a replacement, but what kind of bulb to buy.  Do you put in […]
Accent Solars' Blogs & Articles
  • Pathways And Beyond: Functional Beauty Of Garden Lights
    Functional garden lights have evolved tremendously into a realm of beauty and aesthetic possibilities. Though outdoor lighting has its practical purpose of providing safety and security, many people use it to enhance their home or yard through a form of "visual manipulation" or drawing the eye to that which is as beautiful at night as it is during the day.
  • Adding A Solar Lighting System To An Existing Home
    Just because a home has drawn its power from the electrical grid for years doesn't mean a greener alternative isn't available. Homes can often be retrofitted to rely more on solar lighting and less on the grid if owners so choose. There are even very simple, affordable ways to add solar into the mix while still having the assurance of grid-based electricity available.
  • Solar Lighting Products And Their Many Benefits
    Many people are justifiably concerned with the environment and are beginning to find other alternatives to do their part. One of the most popular alternatives among environmentally conscious individuals includes solar lighting products. These products function much like your traditional solar panels; they extract their energy directly from the rays of the sun. Solar panels are large, cumbersome, and difficult to install, while accent solars and many other solar lighting accessories are at the complete other end of the spectrum.
  • More Producers of Solar Products Means More Popularity
    Solar lighting products and other clean energy sources have become increasingly popular over the past five years, primarily due to worldwide changes in laws that make the products more accessible and affordable to the average consumer. In Britain, major manufacturers predict that solar panel sales will increase an astounding 1000% in just two short years. Laws there were recently changed to allow those capturing energy to sell it back to the power grid, making solar energy profitable instead of costly. The UK also offered low or non interest-bearing loans for the expensive retrofits. In Canada the government has recently announced an increase of 150% in tax rebates for homeowners retrofitting their homes with thermal energy systems.

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