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Christmas Decoration Ideas for your Home

Feb 11th 2019 at 4:47 AM

Are you tired of decorating your home with old ornaments every year on the Christmas?  Do not worry; I have a bucket full of ideas for you to make fun decorations which will give a heartfelt touch. Creating these basic ornaments will also give you extra time for other important Christmas preparations like searching for Christmas costumes or finalizing the menu.

Check out these 7 Christmas ornament ideas out here:

1. Cupcake decoration:

Cupcake Christmas ornaments look very unique and adorable. To make this decoration, take a clear, round, plastic ornament, eliminate its hanging coat and hardware it from interior. Set of paint inside and try to distribute it uniformly by swirling the decoration. Let it dry. Apply sparkle or glitter snow in the base of the ornament to give a frosty look to it. Take a cupcake wrapper; employ hot glue on the edges of the wrapper and at the peak of the ornament. Set the decoration upside down from the wrapper and be certain it fully adheres to it. Simply take a Styrofoam ball; paint it red to make it resemble the cherry. Take the metal top of this ornament, apply glue and adhere it to the Styrofoam ball. Now stick Styrofoam ball onto the frosting using hot glue. Let it dry and add a ribbon into it for hanging.

2. Angel decoration:

Believe it or not but you are able to prepare an extremely beautiful Christmas decoration using wine cork. To produce this decoration, you will require wine corks, wooden balls, ribbon, twine, hot glue gun. Take wooden balls, draw sweet faces on these wooden balls. Stick on these balls into the wine corks using a hot glue gun and mix a piece of twine. Create a twine loop and then adhere it to the rear of the wine cork. Take the ribbon, create some bows from it and glue them into the rear of our miniature angels.

3. Christmas Mosaic Bauble:

Can it ever occur to you that a lot of broken CDs can give you a beautiful Christmas decoration? Well, it may, and also to create it, you will need some broken (or undesirable) CDs, glass ornament, ribbon, scissors, and a glue gun. Cut CDs in sizes and small shapes. Stick on these small pieces of CDs on the decoration using a glue gun with the shiny side facing up. Continue until the entire decoration gets covered and let it dry completed. Add the ribbon inside the ornament to avoid side of the CD pieces back to be seen.

If you are a mother, then there are many pj masks available for kids to make your babies look adorable on the Christmas.

4. Tea mild snowman:

To create this cute Christmas decoration, you'll require a few battery operated tea lights, red ribbon, red pompom, red felt, glue gun, red pipe cleaner, and a black marker. Take the tea light, draw a face. Take the pipe cleaner and cut a tiny piece from it. Curve this piece and stick at it. In which the ears of the snowman would be now set a dab of hot glue on pipe cleaner and stick pompom on it to make ear muffs of the tiny snowman. Have a bit of ribbon, then shape it and glue it in the base of the tea light using hot glue. Just take a ribbon, slide it under the scarf and tie a knot for hanging to prepare it. Color look like a carrot. While creating these ornaments be certain that you don't neglect to pick your traditional Christmas dinner menu.

5. Scrabble tile ornament:

Take a couple letters from your Scrabble game, shape some adorable message utilizing these bits and stick them together. Stick cotton in addition to the letters looks like snow. Attach ribbon at the back and it is ready to hang.

6. Popsicle snowflake:

To prepare these ornaments you just need thin popsicles sticks, glue gun, and ribbon. Look for shapes of snowflakes online. Now to realize these snowflake shapes you simply have to cut and adhere the Popsicle sticks together paint them and eventually to form the desired shape. Attach a ribbon once the snowflake is ready and hang these lovely and very simple decorations in the Christmas tree.

7. Salt bread decoration:

Salt dough ornaments are the simplest to make Christmas ornaments. Assign them the task of earning salt dough ornaments if your children desire to help with Christmas decorations. To make them, take all purpose flour and salt and mix them. Knead the dough using water. Make sure the dough is smooth and firm. Now roll out the dough, cut on the shapes of your choice and create a hole in each one of them. Bake till they are dry. Viola! , you've got sweet Christmas ornaments ready and your simple.

These DIY Christmas decoration ideas save a lot of money but also will not only give you Christmas tree decorations that are uniquely spent on ornaments every year. Now, load up yourself. Santa Claus is on his way with his magical sleigh & reindeers. HO! HO! HO!


Merry Christmas!

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