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  • WEBMASTER CENTRAL - Webmaster Tools & Resources

    * Website Hosting & Domain Registration * Web Design & Graphics * Search Engine Marketing & Optimization * Webmaster advice, tips & secrets * FREE Software Downloads, Online Tools & eBooks * Guides to FREE Traffic Sources, Affiliate Programs + much more...

    Twitter is a microblogging and social networking website. Tweets are limited to 140 characters and may include links to other sites. Twitter was originally developed by the podcasting company Odeo as a web-based SMS service for internal communications, first used in March 2006. It was launched as a public service in July 2006, and became its own company in April 2007. Rapid growth saw users post hundreds of thousands of tweets in 2007, hundreds of millions of tweets in 2008, and billions in 2009. This month, Twitter users are currently posting 50 million tweets per day...

    Keep up-to-date with all the latest web design, search engine, social media and internet marketing news via WEBMASTER CENTRAL's profile page on Twitter. Follow @webmaster_uk for details of updates to our website, the latest software releases, search engine marketing developments, web technology news, and various internet marketing resources...

  • Web Hosting with Unlimited Traffic

    1&1 Web Hosting's Microsoft and Linux packages now include unlimited traffic to your website/s. From today, as part of 1&1 Web Hosting's Performance Boost, data transfer limits have been removed, allowing for unlimited webpage impressions, downloads and uploads on all shared hosting packages. 1&1 Web Hosting have also significantly increased webspace allowances for both new and existing web hosting customers – by up to 5 times the previous amount. And, this month, 1&1 Web Hosting have also reduced the prices of domains, web hosting packages, dedicated and virtual servers, e-mail solutions and eShops...

    Website Hosting

  • BBC Click previews Windows 7

    This week, the BBC News channel's technology programme, Click, features presenter Spencer Kelly trying out the pre-release "candidate" version of Microsoft's latest operating system: Windows 7. Spencer and Computeractive's Tom Royal look at the new operating system's interface, including the redesigned taskbar - now called the Superbar, new methods for controlling on-screen windows, and the multi-touch functions for touch-sensitive screens. The final retail version of Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system is due for general worldwide release on the 22nd of October...

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

    Microsoft's web browser Windows Internet Explorer 8 is now out of BETA, with the finished version available to download today. Internet Explorer 8 will also be the default browser included with Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system, due to be released later this year. IE8 offers improved compatibility in the handling of HTML, CSS, RSS, Ajax, etc. New IE8 features include: a redesigned Favorites Bar with additional functions, InPrivate mode (a stealth mode that retains no data of your browsing), and tab isolation (if a tab crashes, the browser itself and other tabs remain stable). For developers, IE8 includes tools for HTML, CSS and JavaScript debugging...

  • Xara's New Web Designer Software

    Xara released a replacement for its WebStyle software today: the new Xara Web Designer. Designed to be easy-to-use for the novice website designer, it includes professionally designed site templates and web graphics: with headings, navigation buttons, logos, etc. that can be dragged and dropped anywhere on the page. Any aspect of the design can be customized. Users can re-arrange page elements, adding their own text, inserting graphics / photos, adding videos, etc. The interface is WYSIWYG: what you see in Xara Web Designer is exactly what you get on your web page, and no knowledge of web coding is required. Experienced web designers should be impressed with the new, unique automatic 'flow-around' text that will even follow the edges of irregular shapes. Including innovative web design tools to create your own graphics, edit photos and make Flash animations, Xara Web Designer is a comprehensive web design solution, and available to download now...

  • PC Pro Magazine: 3 issues for ONLY £1

    To introduce new readers to PC Pro Magazine, Dennis Publishing have launched a trial subscription offer of 3 issues for ONLY £1 with FREE delivery to your door. For 13+ years, PC Pro Magazine's team of expert journalists have delivered in-depth tutorials, product tests, exclusive previews, analysis, advice and reviews, keeping readers up-to-date with all the latest computer hardware and software news. Each issue of PC Pro Magazine includes a FREE DVD with software, applications, games and utilities...

    PC Pro Magazine

  • FREE Google SEO Starter Guide

    Google today announced their own Search Engine Optimization Guide at the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog. Aimed at helping webmasters with their website's performance in Google, the Guide provides "a wealth of search engine optimization information" based on "best practices... that could improve... crawlability and indexing." The Guide covers many SEO topics, including: title and description META tags, URL structure, site navigation, content and image optimization, linking anchor text, robots.txt and much more, along with many links to other helpful resources and further information. Essential reading for anyone who designs websites or out-sources their SEO...

    Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide .pdf

  • Dreamweaver: Web Design Software

    The first version of Dreamweaver was developed by Macromedia and available for Windows and Mac in 1998. Macromedia were acquired by Adobe Systems in 2005. Dreamweaver has since replaced Adobe GoLive as Adobe's main web site design application. Adobe Dreamweaver offers a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) design interface that requires no knowledge of coding to use, along with the ability to directly edit code: supporting HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, Ajax, PHP, ASP, etc.

    The latest version, Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 is released today for Windows and Mac, as a standalone product and also included with Adobe Creative Suite CS4

    Adobe Dreamweaver

  • Google Chrome Web Browser

    Yesterday, Google released details of its web browser project: Google Chrome. Rather than the usual press release, Google sent out a Comic Book by artist Scott McCloud, featuring Google staff explaining the features and development of the web browser. Google Chrome is an open source project: built using Apple's WebKit and Mozilla's Firefox rendering engines, and includes a brand new Javascript engine and Google Gears. Further details were published at the Official Google Blog, revealing the BETA version of the browser would be available today. First impressions: Google Chrome's default homepage neatly presents you with thumbnails of your most visited / bookmarked web pages, along with a list of your most recently closed pages. The interface is minimalistic and the handling of tabs for browsing multiple sites is very slick. It is fast, even when simultaneously loading multiple pages. We're surprised it does not display image ALT text. And, you should note that the browser collects usage data and sends it back to Google, but it is easy to turn this off: go to Options > Under The Bonnet and untick the box. It's going to be interesting to see how Chrome develops and how much of an impact Google's browser will have on the usage statistics of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc... (See FREE Google Software for more downloads)

    Video: The story behind Google Chrome * Google Chrome announcement

  • Google Insights for Search

    Today, Google has launched a new search statistics service: providing "more flexibility and functionality for advertisers and marketers to understand search behavior". Similar to Google Trends, the new service: Google Insights for Search delivers data on search volume over a period of time, allows you to compare several search terms, and provides regional search statistics. Both services present search volume graphs, but Google Insights for Search also provides regional search volume data in a world "heat map", and gives information on the top related and rising searches for the search terms entered. Not sure why these new features were not just added to Google Trends, but both services offer a lot of valuable data useful for research, targeting and optimization. See Insights for Search Help for more information, videos and other resources...

  • WEBMASTER CENTRAL - Webmaster Tools & Resources

    * Website Hosting & Domain Registration * Web Design & Graphics * Search Engine Marketing & Optimization * Webmaster advice, tips & secrets * FREE Software Downloads, Online Tools & eBooks * Guides to FREE Traffic Sources, Affiliate Programs + much more...

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