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1 month ago

8 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have A Blog

Jul 3rd 2019 at 12:23 AM

Here are the reasons:

1. They are alive whereas traditional websites are static.

Blogs are constantly changing - and this depends on how often the 'author' adds pages and posts to the blog. Once there is always valuable information being added to a blog, readers keep coming back to read the latest post, they will even subscribe to the feed, leave comments, and so on - and eventually the 'author' is viewed as the-person-to-go-to in his/her niche.

2. Blogs are interactive.

I write a post, someone leaves a comment, I comment back, another person leaves a comment, I comment back, and on and on it goes. With blogs there is a communication going on and a sense of something 'alive' behind the computer screen, which with traditional websites this could not be done. And people LOVE leaving and reading comments, especially when the 'author' comments back. I have seen blogs where the post was written 3 years back and people are still leaving comments. The more comments one has, the more the blog is viewed as professional and the 'author' as an expert, because it's the way people psychologically think.

3. Posts are archived.

Your posts will still be accessible and 'pulled' by the search engines when someone researches one of your keywords - even years on. So all the hard work that one puts into writing articles will not die after a few days or months. In addition, the posts go in archives, and one can easily access them through a search box, or by means of category or date, through your blog. So, although on the page of your blog where you have your posts, there might appear to be only a few posts, at the back there is loads of articles that are easily accessible. So one can spend limitless hours on a good blog.

4. Blogs are easy to update and easy to create.

Another positive thing about blogs is that one does not need to know any html or special computer 'language' to be able to create a blog. Nowadays, it is very easy to build a blog and to regularly update it. Now, to make it clear, I favour a self-hosted blog where you own the blog, as opposed to a blog where you have no control over it because it is hosted somewhere else. Although building such a blog (self-hosted) takes a bit more time and determination, it's worth the effort, knowing that you can fully customize it how you want and that you own it. Also, it's so easy to add videos, pictures, link to social media accounts, recorded training calls, audio recordings, forums and shopping carts etc..


5. Your blog is your voice.

The 'author' or blogger is completely free to design what information and what kind of message he/she wants to convey to his/her readers. Morevoer, the blogger usually chooses a topic that she/he wants to write about - usually a blog revolves around 1 topic, and the blogger also chooses whether to blog as a hobby, part-time or as a professional - the difference being the amount of articles posted per week, the amount of time spent on the blog each week, and hence how much money is to be earned from the blog.

6. Blogs can be a 'stand-alone' business.

Those who blog professionally, earn an income from their blogs. There are various ways in which one can monetize their blog - I have an article called '5 Tips On How To Write A Successful Blog And Get Paid' which covers some different options on monitizing blogs, if you would like to read more about the different monitizing options.

7. Blogs can supplement an offline existing business.

Creating a blog can help your company be regarded as a thought-leader within your industry. In addition, prospective clients can read your blog, interact, and purchase products and services from you.


8. Blogs can improve your career.

Through your blog, and hence a greater visibility, you can experience positive changes in your career and business, and build a reputation for leadership in your particular industry.



For more website traffic tips, training and software feel free to pay us a visit at Vast Online Traffic.

To your success,

Jonny T

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