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1 year ago

Viral Marketing - Creating A Viral blog.

Jun 5th 2011 at 3:52 PM

First I want to welcome you here and the information I will be providing you today is how to create a viral blog. This is not hard to do, and I would like to take this moment and say that if you haven't checked out my previous posts on Viral Marketing, just click the link and read it now ==> Viral Marketing

Let me begin by saying that their are a few important things that you must consider when creating your viral blog.

1. Being truthful and writing your viral blog and being bold about it.

2. Your post must make people read/visit your blog ASAP.

3. You must have relevant information. That means old news is no news. You can have discussions and talk about things within your niche.

4. Be concise and precise with what you have to say. Get to the point and don't drag it on with a lot of content that's boring. This will keep your readers coming back for more relevant information.

5. Being different is the only way to go. Having discussions about issues within your niche is a good way to go.  If your sites stir up emotions of fear and anger in people, the stats show that you will get more instant website traffic to your sites. Also discussing issues that are controversial and related to your niche is very good information to think about putting on your site.

Blogging is just a way to interact with your readers. This is what viral marketers do, your viral blog must have both personal and intelligent content on it.

You can use your blogs to feature information about your products. But let it be in good taste, and you can add a customer review feature. This means testimonies about a product that you are featuring on your blog. But don't go overboard and have to many products.

Using the RSS feeds allows your custmers to blog for you.

You can even integrate all your blogs and use it for publication of your product or brand.

This way you can make a profit from your blog. Viral marketers have a big advantage with a viral blog, and that is it can be a great web traffic generator to your main site.

By integrating your blogs you have to check on the kind of information that the blog features. That means keeping check on what your customers are saying, after all you don't want to receive any bad publicity.

No duplication of any kind on you viral blog, unless you want to wind up in jail, which might happen if you do this. Other people's websites have a copyright and should be respected. It's about integrity and honor.

Now on tomorrow I will be discussing "Blogging for business, it makes perfect sense."

Until tomorrow this is Terri Pattio signing out.


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Jun 9th 2011 at 5:27 PM by profithub
Great article. I re-posted it in my group on Facebook!

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