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New Article..Things Most Gurus Won't Tell You But Every IM Should Know
Over the past 7 years that I have been trying to get my home business off the ground I have learned many lessons. Some very painful like accumulating over 10,000 dollars in credit card debt and others have been much less painful. So I thought I would spend a bit of time to share some of these things with the fine members of our community if for no other reason then to maybe keep them from making the same mistakes.

The first thing that I wanted to share is that with very very few exceptions you Can't Get Rich Overnight marketing on the internet. It takes time, a well thought out marketing system, persaverence, focus and of course the right attitude. These are things that very few gurus will tell you while they are asking for your credit card #. Sound familiar...? If something sounds to good to be true then it probably is. I urge you to do your due diligence before whippin out your credit card and signing on the dotted line. Do a little searching on good ole google on that product or service and see what is written about it. Maybe sending in a support ticket or two asking questions about the product and see how the customer service is. We all know a product or service with out great support is useless. Better to find out now instead of after you have pulled out your credit card.

Secondly, I urge you to spend some time to actually sit down and lay out a plan for your business. By that I mean do an analysis of how much capital you actually have to spend on your business each and every month. Compare this to what you beleive it will cost you every month to run that business. In other words what it will cost you for internet access, hardware, software and supplies etc. The difference will be what you can afford to spend in monthly fees if any for your chosen business opportunity and advertising. By doing this you will cut down on the chances of you getting over extended financially. Don't go down the road it did. Let me tell you it hurts! Also, set some goals for your business and set your mind to achieving them.

There are other lessons I have learned over the years which I will be sharing with you my valued community members during these next months together. I am new to IM faceplate and thought the best way to get started here was to share some of my experiences, successes and failures in an attempt to educate. After all...that is why we are all here is it not? To learn and share with each other our knowledge and experience. When we do that my friends we create and unstoppable force that can only mean great things for those of us who have the willingness to put or pride aside and learn from each other.

Until next time my friends when I want to talk a little about goals and goal setting...stay well and Stay Tuned!

Dale G Thomson
Internet Network Marketing Consultant
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