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The Best Foods You Can Use with Bodybuilding Supplements for Guaranteed Muscle Mass

Apr 12th 2019 at 8:19 AM

If you’re hitting the gym hard, but still struggling to achieve the results you desire in terms of muscle mass, then you might want to have another look at your diet. Is your protein intake sufficient? Do you consume enough carbohydrates so that your body can utilize them all during your workouts? You need to have answers to these questions. And there’s nothing better that will provide you with the exact answer than the following foods. Let’s discuss these foods with you in detail:

London Broil/Top Round Steak

Lean cuts of red meat are perhaps one of the best sources of protein for bodybuilders. They pack a punch for those of you interested in gaining a few more pounds of lean mass! Be careful when you go out to buy a London broil for yourself, though, as you only want one that looks bright-red in colour. Avoid even the slightly brown ones as they are likely to be spoiled. Once you’ve found the ideal piece, you can bring it home, cook it on the grill, and munch down on it ruthlessly until you truly feel you’ve fed your body with sufficient protein for the day!

The best thing about London broil is the fact that even a 4-ounce of lean steak can provide your body with a staggering 138 calories. That’s some mean 24 grams of protein right there!

Salmon Fillet

Salmon not only provides your body with the prerequisite protein, but also includes added advantages of unsaturated fats. Yes, the good kind of fats to be precise! For those of you who’ve been hitting the gym for some hardcore bodybuilding, you are likely to be lacking some useful fat in your body. This is solely due to the fact that you might be on one of those super-low-fat diets. Salmon Fillet can help you retain some much needed fat, at least the good kind.

Salmon is usually very affordable so you won’t have much trouble finding it down in your local market store. Make sure you pick out a fresh piece, though. A fresh Salmon is bright-orange in colour. Grab the thickest cut available!

A 4-ounce serving of Salmon Fillet gives your body a boost of some delicious 207 calories along with 23 much needed grams of protein. And how can we forget? It also packs a decent 12 grams of the good kind of fats as well.

Chicken Breast

This is quite an obvious one. In fact, bodybuilders are so crazy for chicken breast that we’re starting to believe the chicken crossed the road because it wanted to save itself from the hordes of bodybuilders running after it! But who can blame them? After all, gym-goers’ favourite meal is ultra high in terms of protein and extremely low when it comes to fat; a bodybuilder’s ideal meal, in short.

When you go out buying raw chicken for yourself, make sure it the piece you choose is pinkish in colour as this is a sign of freshness. Leave it to defrost overnight, and cook it the next day to enjoy a delicious serving that is likely to give you a major boost of protein. You’d be surprised to know that 6 ounces of chicken breast delivers an unbelievable 38 grams of protein with 205 calories. Holy shmuck!

Sweet Potato

Potatoes? What in the world?

Don’t be so surprised, lad! Don’t you know that protein isn’t the only thing you need to pack up on? Potatoes are a perfect source of Carbohydrates for your body. Before you start blaspheming this article for going bullocks, you might want to give it a second thought. Your body needs some carbs to make sure it has enough fuel for workouts. Now, if you aren’t consuming carbs at all, where does your body get the energy from?

An 8-ounce sweet potato packs 240 calories, along with 55 grams of useful carbohydrates! You’d definitely need the energy this serving provides to not only last, but do your best possible when it’s time for your next workout!

Bodybuilding Supplements

For those of you who want to maximize their outputs, you are highly recommended to try out these foods along with bodybuilding supplements that guarantee muscle mass without excess fats such as testosterone booster, etc. These test boosting supplement, once combined with the foods mentioned above, have been known to offer unbelievable results but prior to that you must consult with your doctor. Good Luck.

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