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The Five Best Pieces Of Equipment For Ground Handling Services

Apr 15th 2019 at 11:08 AM

An airport is a busy place that requires a lot of equipment and manpower to be able to fully perform the job at hand. Punctuality is important at any job, but at airports, they are a priority. The loading and unloading of passengers and luggage must be done in a timely fashion so that everything is on schedule. This has been mastered at airports; the development of various pieces of equipment facilitates all the tasks that must be handled accordingly and in a swift fashion so people’s next flights are not delayed or that they are able to leave the airport as soon as they can.


There are many pieces of aircraft handling equipment that perform all of an airport’s tasks efficiently, making the arrivals and departure flights work. These pieces of equipment are sold by many distributors for both private and public use. If you manage an airport’s tarmac or run an airport for small or private flights, you should have the knowledge of the different pieces of equipment that are required to successfully run an airport. In the following blog, we will focus on these pieces of equipment that facilitate the task of ground handling service.


1. Cargo Loader

Luggage and cargo are one of the aspects that airports will likely have to deal with, as you may already know. Being that all passengers have to check in at the same desk as everybody else boarding that flight, it is easy to properly organize all of the cargo that will be going onto this flight. The cargo loader acts like a ramp which elevates and is able to load the contents into the cargo area of the plane.

All the cargo and luggage is placed into containers going on the flight; it is here where this piece of aircraft handling equipment comes in handy to get the cargo on and off of the airplane.


2. Cargo Dollies

These cargo loaders are assisted by dollies, which help in the loading and unloading process. If you do not know, dollies, of all kinds, are meant to help lift heavy cargo, so it can be moved with ease. So, these airport cargo dollies help hoist heavy cargo up onto the designated area within the plane. The cargo storage area is located on the side of the plane, well, to clarify, these are commercial planes that are being mentioned here, not cargo or military planes, where the cargo area is in the back, taking up most of the plane. Being that it is on the side of the plane, it is quite high up off the ground. The dollies help lift up the heavy cargo cages onto the side of the plane while the ramp system helps the cage into the cargo area.


3. Passenger Stairs

Besides loading cargo on and off of the airplanes, you have to do the same for passengers. Passenger stairs are one of those items that airports have; as mentioned above, since the airplane is elevated high from the ground, you have to make sure that the passengers can get on and off the airplane safely so that there are no accidents on the tarmac.


These stairways are connected to the passenger entrances on the side of the plane, which are towards the front of the plane. This allows the passengers to exit the plane not only in a timely manner but safely. As part of aircraft handling equipment, this is one that can really make a difference because it is used specifically for the safety and precaution of people.


4. Ground Power Units

This piece of aircraft handling equipment is meant for the airplane’s maintenance. This machine provides power to the plane while it is turned off from various different means. Some use a standard 3-phase electrical plug-in system, others use large battery and gasoline. When there needs to be maintenance done on the airplane, these machines are used to power the airplane without having to turn it on, wasting fuel.


Depending on what sort of airport you are going to use these machines in, there a variety of GPUs which adhere to different environments. Some are mounted on wheels which makes portability easier, while other, less expensive ones, are stationary.


5. Air Start Units

This machine is quite essential when preparing the aircraft for its day of travel. Air start units are machines that power up an airplane’s engines and get its turbines turning, think of it as warming up the engines of the plane. These pieces of equipment are powered using the aircraft’s auxiliary power unit, air from the starting engine as well as the machine’s own gasoline supply.


Electric start units are also available, but they do not work as well as the air start. If the engine does not power up immediately, then the unit gets dangerously hot, while air start units will run as long as the air supply is sufficient.


There are many pieces of aircraft handling equipment that are crucial in managing a successful airport. Many of these pieces directly assist the passengers and their luggage while others are used for the maintenance of the aircraft. These different components form part of an efficient airport; whether it would be a public airport for commercial flights or a private airport for smaller planes, each of these items is essential in the professionalism of this field.


Cargo loader and dollies help get luggage and cargo on and off the plane in an efficient and timely manner that does not obstruct the schedule. Since the cargo area on the airplane is elevated from the ground, the dolly helps get the luggage cage onto the plane quickly. Talking about loading and unloading, passenger stairs are one of those items that can really make a difference between safety and an accident. This helps get passengers off the plane in an orderly fashion so that there are no accidents. Ground power units provide electricity to the plane without having to turn it on, while air start units help start the airplane’s engines and get it ready for its flight. Each of these pieces of aircraft handling equipment should be part of the compendium of equipment that successfully helps run an efficient airport. See more visit: Servicore GS Corp.

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