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Rainbow Six Siege Officially Unveils Australian Ops, Gridlock and Mozzie

Feb 14th 2019 at 11:51 PM

Following on yesterday’s unusually light teaser trailer, we have now got a complete and proper introduction to attacker Tori Gridlock Tallyo Fairous and defender Max Mozzie Goose, the Australian odd couple from the Special Air Service Regiment that is coming to Rainbow Six Siege in the most awaiting Operation Burnt Horizon.

Gridlock and Mozzie, Rainbow Six Siege’s highly anticipated Aussie ops, have now officially been revealed. Following a large number of teasers regarding Operation Burnt Horizon, Ubisoft’s newest blog post shares the full backstory of the new Aussie ops. Thanks to a various number of leaks, we have known the names and some minor details of both the Aussie ops for a while. However, it seems that we had it another way around the whole time. Contrary to what many of the leaks suggested, the female Aussie operator Gridlock is actually the attacker, and the male Aussie operator Mozzie is the defender.

Ubisoft unveils Gridlock and Mozzie, the Aussie operators coming to- Rainbow Six Siege

Attacker Gridlock, a straight-ahead farm girl from the lands of Central Queensland, deploys Trax Stingers that were originally designed to be used against armored vehicles to add a new dimension to her team’s control of their environment and surroundings. Defender Mozzie, on the other hand, is a show pony who generally uses a crossbow-deployed Pest to hamper the attacking team’s efforts of intel-gathering.


First described as a quite a stoic Attacker who is just there to get the job done perfectly, the girl named Gridlock is the SASR’s attacking operator. Tori Gridlock Tallyo Fairous is a farm girl from the lands of Central Queensland who has joined Australia’s SASR special commando forces unit, and now in the team Rainbow. Her gadget, the Trax Stingers, are designed in such a way to stop pursuing vehicles in their tracks and also add a new dimension to her team’s control of their environment and surroundings.

While the exact complete details are yet to be revealed, we can only confirm that Gridlock is equipped with the red web trackers, which we saw in the previous leaks.


Defending Aussie operator Max Mozzie Goose is aptly described as a show pony. Unlike his childish and silly behavior leads you to believe, he is a powerful force to be reckoned with. Mozzie uses his Pest device to make the enemy think more than twice about their strategies of intel gathering.

Again, no complete information is there regarding Mozzie’s gadget, but it is majorly implied that his gadget allows him to hack and take control over the attacker drones.

They are completely set to bring quite a change to the Rainbow team with their can-do Australian attitude and a unique sense of humor, which may turn out to be in the way just what the doctor ordered, said Ubisoft.

The new trailer shows the operators in hyper action, but for my money, the “quiet” teaser of yesterday’s, which you can check out on youtube, is far more entertaining as compared to the trailer. Ubisoft also dropped the notes of the designer for Operation Burnt Horizon today, that some big changes are coming, so you will want to give that a look on that too.

Rainbow Six Siege year four season one, Operation Burnt Horizon, will be finally revealed in full during the Six Invitational in Montreal on sunday February 17.


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