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Pokemon GO: Will new update bring Smeargle to Pokémon GO?

Jan 23rd 2019 at 11:41 PM

Players who are looking to complete their Johto league Pokedex are eager to catch the Smeargle into their team and wants Niantic to include the Pokémon in the game.

As Niantic has introduced Pokémon ranging till generation three, trainers anticipate Pokémon GO to include Smeargle as soon as possible.

With the daily new challenges and research tasks provided on regular bases, it is not farfetched for trainers to avail this character in upcoming months.

pokemon go will new update bring smeargle to pokémon go

Still, it has been quite a topic of discussion amongst various communities and fans regarding the inclusion of this powerful Pokémon.

In the previous year a renowned data miner Chrales was successful in mining resource assets files of Smeargle and Kecleon from the Pokémon update. Still, none of the two is featured till yet in the game.

It is speculated that Smeargle would soon be included in the Pokémon GO title as it has been quite some time for developers at Niantic to design graphics and coding for this charter.

And as the rescues asset files already are included in the Pokémon GO update, it provides sufficient evidence for gamers to make sure that this Pokémon is soon becoming a part of Pokémon GO in the near future.

Also not long ago, Niantic organised a demo for PVP battle mode via IGN. In this demo, IGN staff got an opportunity to access the God mode for Pokémon GO, where they had access to all the items, quests, tasks and Pokémon which have not yet been featured in Pokémon GO game.

And those who got a chance to get their hands on this God mode confirmed, that the Smeargle was also included in this God mode with complete and detailed animations.

As this confirms that the Smeargle is entirely developed, we can assume that this Pokémon can be included in no time and also Pokémon GO is releasing new events on a weekly bases.

So it is quite possible that in feature months we may receive a challenging task for unlocking this Pokémon in the game.

The main reason for not releasing this Pokémon could be its unique move Sketch, that provides Smeargle for copying the attack of the foe and dealing massive damage.

But currently no such move is present in the game, and it is not sure that how may this move affect the Pokémon GO.

So Niantic may want to make sure of the compatibility of this new Pokémon with the game, as Pokémon GO is played worldwide and Niantic may not want to face any backlash.

Hopefully, Developers of Pokémon GO may have figured out the solution to this issue, and soon we may access this unique Smeargle Pokémon in the game.

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