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Cheaters In Apex Legends Are Getting Hardware Banned

Apr 8th 2019 at 6:39 AM

Hackers and cheaters are a huge issue in each and every online game, and not all the game developers know how to handle the problem properly. This is not the case for Respawn company, that is going to extreme lengths to keep Apex Legends as cheating and hacking free as possible.

According to several online reports, those who are caught cheating in the game of battle royale are getting their hardware completely banned, as they cannot play the game with another account after having been banned on a permanent basis.

Last week, a new update of Apex Legends has been released on all different formats, introducing quality of life improvements and much more.

Apex Legends has released its latest and new update, but it seems the patch introduces more issues than it fixes. Apparently, patch 1.1 is resetting the accounts of some players, knocking their entire progress all the way back to level 1. Respawn company has already acknowledged the problem and is recommending players, not craft or buy anything until a fix is delivered. It is probably best to avoid downloading the latest update altogether. All the fixes for this update of last week is as follows:-

About The Quality Of Life:-

  1. Added the ability to party up with the last squad you generally played with. After the match, you will see various buttons in the lobby that display the last two people you played the game with and can invite them to your new and current squad.
  2. Additional improvements of behind-the-scenes for squashing cheaters.
  3. Added Mute button during the Legend and intro selection.
  4. When using the Report Player button for the computer system or the laptop, you now have the option of selecting from a lot of Cheat or Other.
  5. Made very small improvements to the UI for customizing the Legends.
  6. Added option to turn off lighting on compatible hardware, for instance, Razer Chroma devices, in the settings of Mouse or Keyboard.
  7. Added messages which are informative that appear on the computer system or laptop for crashes due to running out of CPU and memory errors best explained by overclocking or overheating.
  8. Added better collision to the turrets on various Supply Ships.
  9. Stability fixes to all the different platforms.

About Bug Fixes:-

  1. Fixed the problem where the Battle Pass rewards page would not have a default selected item, resulting in a mostly blank page.
  2. Fixed the frustrating bug for PS4 and Xbox X1 where sometimes attempting to use a keyboard to live chat could cause a fatal error of the script.
  3. Fixed another bug with Banner Cards not showing up during the whole battle and at the end of a match.

About The Jump Pad Phase Walk Interactions:-

  1. Jump Pad of the player Octane no longer affects players when using Into the Void ability.

Apex Legends is now available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in all different regions.

Robert Williams is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, malware, social engineering, Games, internet and new media. He writes for McAfee products at .


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