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Anthem Should Remove Overheating From The Game Completely

Mar 25th 2019 at 6:39 AM

There has been quite a lot of talk about the loot of Anthem and content of endgame, or lack thereof, but one thing almost everyone seems to completely agree on is that moment to moment gameplay is where it actually shines. Yes, certain different skills or classes may need buffs, but overall, the game Anthem is just extremely fun to play with its different javelins, and that is the strongest part of the game.

Except for only one aspect.

Even in the closed alpha, we were skeptical of the thought of the overheating mechanic that occurs when you hover or fly. You can fly around the entire map but you need to dive-in, go through huge waterfalls or skim water in order to keep yourself from overheating and going crashing down the earthland. In fights, you cannot do any of that, so unless you are Storm you can only fly or hover for very brief moments before requiring to or being forced to completely drop back down again.

We understand that the game Anthem was trying to create a little minigame with flying ability, but ultimately, we do not think it actually works, and that it holds gameplay back in many of the ways. It is not quite fun to repeat this pattern of flying, almost extreme overheating, landing, running for approximately five seconds to cool down, then flying again and again. We cannot help but imagine what it would be like in the game Destiny if every fifteen seconds or so you had to stop your sparrow vehicle and fill it up with gas for about three seconds before continuing again. That is exactly what it feels like.

You can extend your time of flight and reduce overheating with certain inscriptions and components, and yet all that is doing is reducing a negative factor rather than gaining something positive, and those inscriptions and components could be used for something much better if the system did not exist at all.

The best aspects of Anthem are its combat and movement, but we think overheating is the one chink in that armor, as it completely takes you out of the flow of either firefights or traversal, and we see no real advantage to leaving it inside the game. Removing overheating would not make the game any easier as it has little to do with actual survival mode, but it would make it a lot less irritating and more fun overall.

We are completely sure about the fact that a lot of work went into crafting this extreme thruster system, but we think BioWare company is already realizing that it kind of sucks badly. A future patch is increasing the life of thruster and reducing the overheating, and we generally think that they should just go all the way and remove it completely, and rewrite the components and inscriptions that have to do with extreme overheating into something much more useful.

The popular franchise Anthem has plenty of issues to address so this feels like something that is going to sail under the scanning radar, but approaching 100 hours of this game alone, the overheat mechanic has never felt very good and we cannot come up with a good and valid reason it needs to exist at all.

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