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  • Tips to stay young.

    My new blog, first foray into the world of wordpress blogs. Please have a look comments appreciated. Ray.
  • Team Atlantis

    We are a team that you can trust. No hype, no unrealistic promises and no insulting your intelligence... EVER!!! Our system is very simple and it truly does work. We take full advantage of TrafficWave's affiliate pay plan through the efforts of myself and our team members. We're all here for the same reason and that is to earn a decent living through online marketing.
  • Global NPN.com

    As an internet marketer I only recommend products or services that actually add ‘value’ to your online business presence. Most products are just ‘products’. Some you can actually recommend that are of great value to your prospects. I recommend GlobalNPN. It is a product suite that is attractive to ‘anyone’ doing business online. Just having an NPN membership drastically increases your value as an individual and as an internet marketer. Comment from Geoff Stephen's blog.
  • Quit Your Job.

    Make Money Online! $197.00 Value Quit Your Job Course Free!!! Grab The Making Money Online Blueprint Quit Your Job Course FREE with No Strings Attached! A $197 value! Get it online now! Quit Your Job Course
  • Traffic Apache

    Drive more visitors to your website and get higher CONVERSIONS automatically! Traffic Apache will do that for you, guaranteed, and it's FREE! Great site good conversions another must join in my opinion, Ray
  • ViralEbookSuccess

    This site looks very promising only a one time $10 upgrade, thats it no more payments. Paid referrals, brand e-books with your links and give away or sell. There is a great deal of money to be made here, get in early before the launch. Ray
  • Web Hosting UK

    Good well priced hosting, great place to host your sites, good tools, great support
  • Betternetworker.com

    Great rescouce, find lots of training and articles, and tools. Educate yourself, the only difference between you me and the top 3% who make all the money isssssss wait for it, its very in depth and hard to do, what is it!!! Knowledge thats it!! Thats all the difference is they know what there doing and most of us don,t, Betternetworker can even that up a bit. Ray

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Gadget news.
  • The Temperature Controlled Massage Chair – end of day relaxation, all day long
    Keeping ourselves running at peak performance takes quite a bit of effort. Going to sleep at a reasonable hour, maintaining a healthy diet and workout regimen as well as keeping your home in order are just the tip of the ice berg. There’s children if you have them, personal projects, and the ever-looming work which takes up most of our lives and always bleeds into our personal time. The stress ...
  • Polaroid Pop instant digital camera merges the old with the new
    Polaroid is a name that is often synonymous with instant photos, and the company has managed to make a relatively successful transition to the digital era. Of course, no one would think of a Polaroid when it comes to purchasing a professional digital camera, but an instant digital camera? Polaroid has gotten that down to an art. The Polaroid Snap Touch is a good example last year, but this year ...
  • Kaptivo transforms the whiteboard into an interactive one
    Working as a group in the corporate environment can be a very challenging situation. Thankfully, we have tools in the digital age which are able to assist us, such as the Kaptivo. The Kaptivo is able to transform the whiteboard into a unique live sharing experience. The Kaptivo is the new flagship IoT device which costs $399 a pop, and yet is able to turn just about any standard dry-erase ...
  • Viio Smart Mirrors help you look even better
    “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” is a question that many an adult has heard in their younger days when tales and legends were shared by parents. Such stories captivated the imagination of the little ones, and to have a mirror that has a semblance of intelligence is definitely cool. Fast forward to the modern day, and do we have the equivalent of such ...
  • This Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster might be going too far
    When you have a favorite food, you treat it like a delicacy. It doesn’t have to be something fancy and expensive like caviar or puffer fish, since most of the time we like to eat things that make us nostalgic anyhow. If you still love mac and cheese and hot dogs, your tastes have likely refined to a point where you can’t eat the hot garbage out of a box ...
  • Abilix unveils quartet of programmable robots for the young ones
    Many people might think that programmable robots are meant for adults, as the younger ones do not have the kind of knowledge or basics required in order to get the job done. Abilix thinks otherwise, and would like to use robots to help children get into the programming groove from a very young age itself. In fact, Abilix decided that one is not enough — and hence, they have rolled ...
  • Singtrix reveals Family Bundle patented karaoke system
    Singtrix would like to make sure that the karaoke bug can travel with you just about wherever you go — and even make you sound better than you already do, now how about that? This will be achieved through the patented karaoke system known as the Family Bundle. Specially designed to make bad singers actually sound good, while good singers might just get blown out of their minds with the ...
  • The Fizzics Waytap Beer Dispenser turns your home into a bar
    Having a hobby is good for you. People would go insane if they didn’t have interests outside of work, as it gives them a way to express themselves and indulge in something fun. That might translate to Zumba classes or woodworking for some, but there those in the world who just really love beer. So much so that they can not only tell slight differences in brewing practices, but also ...
  • Lotus is a standing desk that will help boost your productivity
    Fellowes Brands would like to make sure that you work smart in addition to working hard. How have they achieved this? Through the Lotus Sit-Stand Workstation that features Smooth Lift Technology. The Lotus is a real revolutionary workstation that will not only be stable in nature, it also makes it a snap to change positions without too much effort involved. Being easy to use, the Lotus is also adjustable and ...
  • Epson DS-320 portable document scanner
    Road warriors will know that there are times when you absolutely need to digitize whatever documents that are at hand for future reference. This is where portable scanners would come in handy, even more so when you need a good copy of the document on your computer or laptop. Epson knows this, which is why they have come up with the Epson DS-320 portable document scanner with Auto Document Feeder ...


What's your favorite horror movie, the Alien series did it for me all those years ago. For its time the realism of the space craft was fantastic and credible.

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