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  • Tips to stay young.

    My new blog, first foray into the world of wordpress blogs. Please have a look comments appreciated. Ray.
  • Team Atlantis

    We are a team that you can trust. No hype, no unrealistic promises and no insulting your intelligence... EVER!!! Our system is very simple and it truly does work. We take full advantage of TrafficWave's affiliate pay plan through the efforts of myself and our team members. We're all here for the same reason and that is to earn a decent living through online marketing.
  • Global NPN.com

    As an internet marketer I only recommend products or services that actually add ‘value’ to your online business presence. Most products are just ‘products’. Some you can actually recommend that are of great value to your prospects. I recommend GlobalNPN. It is a product suite that is attractive to ‘anyone’ doing business online. Just having an NPN membership drastically increases your value as an individual and as an internet marketer. Comment from Geoff Stephen's blog.
  • Quit Your Job.

    Make Money Online! $197.00 Value Quit Your Job Course Free!!! Grab The Making Money Online Blueprint Quit Your Job Course FREE with No Strings Attached! A $197 value! Get it online now! Quit Your Job Course
  • Traffic Apache

    Drive more visitors to your website and get higher CONVERSIONS automatically! Traffic Apache will do that for you, guaranteed, and it's FREE! Great site good conversions another must join in my opinion, Ray
  • ViralEbookSuccess

    This site looks very promising only a one time $10 upgrade, thats it no more payments. Paid referrals, brand e-books with your links and give away or sell. There is a great deal of money to be made here, get in early before the launch. Ray
  • Web Hosting UK

    Good well priced hosting, great place to host your sites, good tools, great support
  • Betternetworker.com

    Great rescouce, find lots of training and articles, and tools. Educate yourself, the only difference between you me and the top 3% who make all the money isssssss wait for it, its very in depth and hard to do, what is it!!! Knowledge thats it!! Thats all the difference is they know what there doing and most of us don,t, Betternetworker can even that up a bit. Ray

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Gadget news.
  • OMsignal Smart Sports Bra tells you more than just your heart rate
    How many of you avid runners out there now take your jogs or runs with an accompanying fitness tracker, or at least have your smartphone hooked up to an app that will keep track of the number of calories burned and heart rate? Quite a number, I believe, as technology has certainly done its bit to open the door to better living. Well, the ladies might want to check out ...
  • SteelSeries Rival 500 MMO/MOBA Gaming Mouse
    Not all gaming mice are created equal — some are made by more notable names, while the others will require you to “grow” into them. Still, if you are an avid MMO/MOBA gamer and are in the market for a new mouse as your previous one gave up the ghost, you might want to consider the SteelSeries Rival 500 MMO/MOBA gaming mouse. The SteelSeries Rival 500 is considered to be ...
  • Carbage Can makes you look like less of a slob
    If you basically live in your car when you’re not at work, then you know how embarrassing it is to let friends ride with you. No one wants others to see such a vivid image of their filth littering the floor and overflowing out of the side door pockets. Or, for that matter, to judge them for the sheer amount of fast food trash and cold french fries that reveal previous carnage. ...
  • Night Vision Video Binoculars help you see clearly in the dark
    Remember all of those movies or spy series on the TV where our heroes find themselves in a spot at night while infiltrating an enemy base? It is definitely a good thing then that they brought their pair of night vision goggles or binoculars, eh? It certainly helps them take down the baddies without the enemies knowing what hit them in the first place. Well, you can now relive those ...
  • The Light and Massage Brush will soothe your scalp
    Most people brush their hair with the express intent of making it look like they care about their appearance. While they want the brush to be comfortable to use, there’s not much more thought beyond that. You wouldn’t think there would be any correlation between your health and your hairbrush, but if you start having scalp issues and researching how to deal with them, it’s pretty surprising how much you ...
  • The Dotspen will save your wrist from stippling stress
    If you enjoy drawing, you’ve likely messed with different methods to shape the image in your mind onto the page. You can use hatching, shading, stippling, and a myriad of other movements to get the desired effect, but all options are going to be hard on your wrists. If you especially love the stippling effect, then you know how annoying it is to have to take breaks so there aren’t ...
  • The Nemureru Mori Toe Separator Socks give your digits a rest
    When you take on a professional position in the work world, there’s usually a certain sort of uniform you wear to look the part. This means nice clothes, shoes, and accessories. For the most part, the outfit isn’t the worst to wear, but the shoes take a serious toll on your feet. The construction of these shoes usually bunch your toes together in the front, making you willfully deform your ...
  • ChargeTech’s PLUG is most powerful battery pack in the world
    The modern day road warrior will find that his or her smartphone tends to run out of battery pretty quickly — especially when you have to attend to many tasks on the device, all the while having it communicate with other devices via Bluetooth or even doubling up as a hotspot for some. Power banks are an obvious choice for power users for sure, and so are protective cases for ...
  • Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker might help you enter dreamland
    Those who have not experienced any kind of insomnia would not know the experience of wanting to get some sweet, sweet rest, and yet are unable to obtain such respite from everyday life. It can be quite a painful and emotionally draining experience, even driving others nuts. Well, it is always a blessing to know that anything which can be measured, can be improved — so why not go ahead ...
  • High Definition Lighted Drone does more than just record video
    Drones do seem to be extremely commonplace these days, and the entry level price continues to drop with each successive generation. Having said that, there are definitely many different kinds of drones out there in the market, and you might be spoilr for choice — to pick from a pocket-sized drone, or something that is more heavyweight? Regardless, the camera quality would definitely play an important factor in the choice ...


What's your favorite horror movie, the Alien series did it for me all those years ago. For its time the realism of the space craft was fantastic and credible.

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