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  • Tips to stay young.

    My new blog, first foray into the world of wordpress blogs. Please have a look comments appreciated. Ray.
  • Team Atlantis

    We are a team that you can trust. No hype, no unrealistic promises and no insulting your intelligence... EVER!!! Our system is very simple and it truly does work. We take full advantage of TrafficWave's affiliate pay plan through the efforts of myself and our team members. We're all here for the same reason and that is to earn a decent living through online marketing.
  • Global NPN.com

    As an internet marketer I only recommend products or services that actually add ‘value’ to your online business presence. Most products are just ‘products’. Some you can actually recommend that are of great value to your prospects. I recommend GlobalNPN. It is a product suite that is attractive to ‘anyone’ doing business online. Just having an NPN membership drastically increases your value as an individual and as an internet marketer. Comment from Geoff Stephen's blog.
  • Quit Your Job.

    Make Money Online! $197.00 Value Quit Your Job Course Free!!! Grab The Making Money Online Blueprint Quit Your Job Course FREE with No Strings Attached! A $197 value! Get it online now! Quit Your Job Course
  • Traffic Apache

    Drive more visitors to your website and get higher CONVERSIONS automatically! Traffic Apache will do that for you, guaranteed, and it's FREE! Great site good conversions another must join in my opinion, Ray
  • ViralEbookSuccess

    This site looks very promising only a one time $10 upgrade, thats it no more payments. Paid referrals, brand e-books with your links and give away or sell. There is a great deal of money to be made here, get in early before the launch. Ray
  • Web Hosting UK

    Good well priced hosting, great place to host your sites, good tools, great support
  • Betternetworker.com

    Great rescouce, find lots of training and articles, and tools. Educate yourself, the only difference between you me and the top 3% who make all the money isssssss wait for it, its very in depth and hard to do, what is it!!! Knowledge thats it!! Thats all the difference is they know what there doing and most of us don,t, Betternetworker can even that up a bit. Ray

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Gadget news.
  • Razer updates their Blade laptop
    Razer continues to blaze a trail with their latest gaming laptop, the Razer Blade. This new iteration will obviously feature brand new parts and innards which will raise its performance, helping gamers get their gaming kicks in wherever they are without having to worry about choppy frame rates or laggy performance. The latest version of the Razer Blade is touted to arrive with an updated CPU, faster memory as well ...
  • This Arcylic Lighted Champagne Ice Bucket makes your house party feel like a nightclub
    There’s something to be said for atmosphere. Going out on a Friday night immediately makes you think of going to a club, having some drinks, and dancing the night away; though not everyone is able to find a bar worth going to. There’s also the issue of dealing with creeps and psychos at bars, which is why having a house party always seems preferable since you’ll at least know some ...
  • Pioneer’s Rayz is the first smart lighting earphones
    Are all earphones created equal? Not really, as Pioneer’s Rayz happens to lay claim to being the very first smart lighting earphones that will boast of talk as well as charge functions for the iPhone, iPad, as well as iPod touch. The Rayz and Rayz Plus earphones is a whole new collection of “appcessories”, which is a whole new take on the word “accessories”. Bringing the intelligence of an iOS ...
  • The Bruno Aroma Lamp is a steampunk oil burner
    You reach a certain point in life where it doesn’t seem unthinkable to care about whether or not your furniture matches. Instead of taking whatever hand-me-down or coffee table from the dumpster you can get, you start to plan a theme for the contents of your home. Since by that point you have a paycheck to allow you to do that sort of thing, it’s not unreasonable to search for tiny ...
  • The Danbocchi Soundproof Cardboard Studio is a cheap whisper room
    If you’ve ever lived in or visited someone in an apartment in Japan, you know how much sound travels. Talking too loud can have you worried that the neighbors will be upset with you, so it can be very difficult to pursue any hobby or career that makes a lot of sound. This includes everything from playing an instrument and voice acting to playing video games and being immersed in ...
  • New Sony Extra Bass wireless speakers priced
    It looks like Sony has finally revealed the pricing details for their collection of Extra Bass wireless speaker and headphones series. These latest additions to the family will certainly make the listening experience a whole lot more engaging, and with deep bass bringing plenty of life and depth to today’s popular music genres, you can be sure to have a really ear-blowing experience without burning a hole in your pocket ...
  • Rand McNally Highlight is a unique Bluetooth tracker
    We are all unable to have a photographic memory — only a handful of humans have the ability to do so, and these are very, very rare indeed. Well, we are thankful that there is technology which will be able to help us make better decisions while keeping track of our stuff — such as this special Bluetooth tracker from the folks over at Rand McNally. Rand McNally’s latest device, ...
  • The RobotCoupe Food Processor is only cool if you like cooking
    If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant kitchen, then you know how much prep time goes into making food for multitudes of people. There’s a lot of taking food out of one container, re-configuring it into a different shape, and putting it in another container. Maybe that’s why meal-prepping seems so mundane and no one bothers to do it. Of course, you know that once you start adding it to ...
  • The Thanko Compact Hand Dryer – don’t touch ANYTHING
    Germs are an ever-present force that we know are both a necessary part of life and also a microbial enemy that can end us. If we get to be too afraid of touching germs and live in a sterile environment without any contact with other people, germs are far more likely to kill you. There’s a healthy balance somewhere in between living hygienically, and over-exposing yourself to teeny warriors of ...
  • DJI’s Mavic Pro Drone gets new accessories
    DJI has a slew of new products that will make your drone flying sessions a whole lot more fun and interesting, and just like how a smartphone has its fair share of accessories that makes the talking experience a more enhanced one, so too, will these accessories help your drone flying capabilities and experience be better than ever before. A slew of new accessories for the foldable and compact Mavic ...


What's your favorite horror movie, the Alien series did it for me all those years ago. For its time the realism of the space craft was fantastic and credible.

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