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  • Transfer files among iOS Devices, iTunes and PCs with ease!

    Leawo iTransfer is a piece of multifunctional transfer software for iPhone, iPad and iPod. This software enables users to transfer various kinds of files among iOS devices, iTunes and PCs without the sync of iTunes, including apps, music, movies, TV shows, ringtones, ebooks, photos and Camera Roll. It also helps users to backup iPhone, iPad and iPod files to computer with ease.

    Leawo iTransfer allows users to manage contacts and text messages of their iOS devices and provides a USB storage function to save anything you want into your iDevice.

    Key features:

    • Transfers Files among iOS Devices, iTunes and PCs without synchronization;
    • Transfers various kinds of files, including apps, music, movies, TV shows, ringtones, ebooks, photos and Camera Roll files;
    • Fully supports the latest iOS 7 and run smoothly with the latest version of iTunes 11;
    • Backups iPhone, iPad and iPod files to computer with ease;
    • Uses iOS devices as flash drives so that users are able to save anything they want.
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  • Star Apps: Daniel Ash

    Daniel Ash (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, Tones on Tail) prefers not to revisit his band years, but that doesn't mean he's no longer in love with much of the material he and his bandmates produced. So much so that for his new album, "Stripped," he reimagines 12 of his favorite classic tracks in a contemporary context. I chatted with Ash about why he prefers disco to goth when DJing, CDs to Serato, and YouTube to Facebook.

    Daniel Ash reworked the classics for Stripped.

    How long have you been DJing? I've been doing it for about 20 years. I started off in a Hollywood club called Goldfinger's. I always said I had wanted to do that, so a friend from England who owned the club just put me on the spot and said, "You're playing next Thursday or Friday night." So I had to go out and buy CDs. It's funny, I just went to this store and bought dozens of CDs. Anywa... [Read more]

  • 5 frightening indie games

    This has been a banner year for big-budget horror games: Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima's widely acclaimed Silent Hills P.T. Demo, Resident Evil veteran Shinji Mikami's The Evil Within, Ridley Scott's Alien: Isolation. But indie shops are on the scream team, too -- check out our picks for the top 5 most terrifying of 2014.

    Lurking (WindowsMac)

    In Lurking, you must escape an asylum and avoid capture by the twisted residents, using only your hearing and wits. You must rely on echolocation, each sound you make revealing more of the world you're moving through -- the louder the noise, the farther you'll see. But you're not the only one seeing by sound. The game requires a microphone to play but uses it to great effect. Lurking is available for both Windows and Mac, and if you're a lucky owner of the Oculus Rift, you can get support for the virtual-reality headset.

    Vanish (WindowsMac, ... [Read more]

  • Star Apps: Yelle

    Yelle singer Julie Budet calls the production of the band's third album completely crazy, from changes in musical direction and recording studios to getting to work with producer Dr. Luke (Katy Perry, Robin Thicke, and Britney Spears). There was so much crazy that Yelle decided to title its third album "Compl├Ętement Fou." The French-language release is best appreciated with the Yelle Translator app, which toggles between French and English lyrics. I chatted with Julie Budet about the musically diverse album and the tour, working with Dr. Luke, being buried in blue popcorn, whether she'll ever write in English, and why she's traded peeping in people's windows for Instagram.

    Yelle is currently touring Compl├Ętement Fou across the US.

    (Credit: Maciek Pozoga)

    When you began work on this album, how did the musical direction come to you? In the beginning of 2012, working in cold and rainy Brittany, we had an idea in our mind. We wanted to sound really cold and really minimal, and we actually had pictures in our mind of a party under water. But when you have something ... [Read more]

  • Star Apps: The Madden Brothers

    Maryland-born brothers Benji and Joel Madden always dreamed of making it in California. After 14 years of pop-punk success in Good Charlotte and 10 years as California residents, the two are now performing as The Madden Brothers, and they're sending fans a postcard that reads "We made it!" in the form of new album "Greetings From California." I chatted with Benji Madden, who will soon tour with his brother.

    The Madden Brothers will bring Greetings From California across the country this fall.

    (Credit: Justin Colt)

    You shocked a lot of people recently when you pulled the plug on Good Charlotte. It freaked a lot of people out when we said we didn't want to do Good Charlotte anymore, 'cause it's not the safe thing. This could fail miserably, and luckily it hasn't. People are actually hearing it in the way we wanted them to, which I don't think happened on the later Good Charlotte records, where we were reaching for different perspectives and trying different styles, and I don't know if it was ever quite heard the way we wanted it to be. So when people do hear it the way we wanted them to, it's like, "Oh s---, someone actually noticed." It's an awesome trip and makes the risk and gamble so worth it, to be able to be an artist and have... [Read more]

  • 9 apps that enhance iOS 8's camera

    iOS 8 gave the iPhone's camera app a major upgrade: automatic straightening and cropping, one-touch light and color adjustments, built-in filters and editing tools, time-lapse videos, and the iCloud Photo Library, among other improvements. But for iPhotographers who want more manual control over their photos, sharing options, and storage, here are our nine picks for photo apps that play well with iOS 8.

    More features for control freaks

    VSCO Cam

    VSCO Cam is the most feature-packed free photo editor on the market.

    When you're out and about, you don't want miss an important shot because you're searching through a cluttered app. VSCO Cam has a streamlined, minimal interface for easy access to its wide array of shooting and editing tools and beautiful, professional filters (which you can customize via a built-in precision slider). Compare your original image with the edited version by holding down on the image in Edit view. Share directly to Instagram with just one tap. To share photos with snappers outside of your social network, or to get inspired, check out Grid, a curated, browsable list of photos shot by other users.

    You Doodle

    Add text to your p... [Read more]

  • Star Apps: Women of 'The Wonder Years'

    In the late '80s, "The Wonder Years" broke ground as a single-camera comedy with no laugh track, but the show endures because of its warm, human storylines. Fans can now rewatch the series in "The Wonder Years: Complete Series" box set, a metal locker that includes bonus DVD features and a yearbook with behind-the-scenes photos signed by the cast. I chatted with Danica McKellar (Winnie Cooper), Olivia d'Abo (Karen Arnold), and Alley Mills (Norma Arnold) about why the iconic series still instills wonder.

    The Wonder Years cast in 1988.

    (Credit: Scoop Marketing)

    Alley, since the series was set in the '60s, when you were in high school, did you have to get Olivia and Danica up to speed on the time period?

    Alley Mills: I had the great honor of teaching all of it to Olivia. I gathered all these CDs of the music and told her everything. Even though her father was a rock 'n' roll guy, she didn't really know the joy and the hope and the incredible energy behind the movement in the '60s. I think the whole point of the period was this was the beginning of the end of wonder. The series began with the introduction of the ... [Read more]

  • 7 must-have apps for iPad

    Just one month after announcing new iPhones and watches, Apple will unveil another set of new products on Thursday. While nothing is official yet, we're anticipating next-generation iPads and Macs, the final release of Yosemite OS, and perhaps an Apple TV update. For the iPad, there are rumors of fingerprint sensors and a new color. Whether or not you're ready for a tablet upgrade, our seven app picks will enhance your iPad experience.


    Fix your photos in a snap.

    This award-winning iPad app is both feature-packed and free. Great for amateur photographers on the go, Snapseed lets you autocorrect photos in a snap. If you have more time on your hands, immerse yourself in deeper edits and unique filters. Since Google bought Snapseed, sharing your masterpieces on Google+ is now easier than ever.


    You'll flip over Flipboard's personalization options.

    If you've ever daydreamed about publishing your own magazine, filled with all the stories and photos that... [Read more]

  • Star Apps: Callan McAuliffe

    "Kite" is an anime turned live-action movie about Sawa (India Eisley), a young prostitute who becomes an assassin to avenge her parents' murders. You might think it's another formulaic vigilante movie. However, bolstered by an engrossing revenge story, an expert performance by lead actor Callan McAuliffe ("The Great Gatsby," "I Am Number Four") as Sawa's sidekick, Oburi, and thrilling action sequences, "Kite" soars.

    Callan McAuliffe and India Eisley put the act in action in Kite.

    Have you seen the original Japanese film? Yes, I saw it shortly after being cast in the film. It's supremely violent and very, very sexual, and these are the things that don't necessarily translate well into live action. They can sometimes, but with the superfluous level in the anime, it might not have been well received. We endeavored to keep the feel and intensity. But I thought the original was great fun, because the whole point was to distance yourself from reality, which is why I love watching movies.

    Does "Kite" have a message? I would be hard-pressed to put a message to it. It speaks of family, and it speaks of friendship, and what gets the heroine through is surrounding herself with people with a good nature, as she's struggling against people who just want something out of her. But that's beating around the bush, to be h... [Read more]

  • Star Apps: Michael Cuesta

    When Michael Cuesta ("L.I.E.," "12 and Holding," "Homeland") signed on as director of "Kill the Messenger," starring Jeremy Renner as Pulitzer Prize-winning San Jose Mercury News journalist Gary Webb, he was already familiar with Webb's controversial story. What he didn't yet know was how much he had in common with the late investigative reporter, who exposed the CIA for engaging in cocaine smuggling to fund Nicaraguan Contra militias. "Gary Webb wasn't what people imagine journalists to be, like snobby intellectuals," he said. "He loved The Who and Mott the Hoople, was a hockey player and a motorhead."

    Director Michael Cuesta on the Kill the Messenger set.

    (Credit: Focus Features)

    This is your second time directing Jeremy Renner, with the first instance being "12 and Holding." What's it like working with him? He's just a fantastic actor. He's instinctual. I think he communicates so much with no words. Being a photographer, which I was originally, I just love to capture that face, which communicated so much of an inner life. And the trust that you feel when working with another artist -- I knew he trusted me, and I trusted him. So when we worked together, I knew that it was going to be a seamless collaboration. We have a similar sensibility about movies and about how to approach something in the most honest way.

    <... [Read more]

  • Star Apps: Paul Budnitz

    A year ago, Ello founder Paul Budnitz was frustrated with all the ad-driven, privacy-compromising social networks, so the established entrepreneur (Budnitz Bicycles, Kidrobot) decided to form his own. For a year, the site was limited to Budnitz and his 100 closest friends, but as demand to join increased, he opened it up to the public. Initially Ello saw a healthy 10 to 15 percent growth rate -- until a combination of dissatisfaction with Facebook's name policy, media attention, and word of mouth thrust Ello into the spotlight. I chatted with Paul Budnitz about Ello's explosive growth, what it offers that competing networks don't, and when the much-anticipated app will arrive.

    Paul Budnitz is racing to keep up with Ello's explosive user growth.

    What do you attribute all the recent excitement around Ello to? I think there's a lot of discontent with the ad-driven networks and advertising in general and what that leads to. It makes social networking not so fun when you feel that there are ulterior motives going on that are not in your best interest. We also just designed something that's really cool and fun to use. I think there's also been some specific events that have happened with a lot of really positive stuff from the queer community co... [Read more]

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