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  • TurboZIP Express is a powerful and intuitive, and easy to use solution for handling Zip files and Cab files.

    TurboZIP Express is a powerful and intuitive, and easy to use solution for handling Zip files and Cab files, ready to meet the needs of both new and experienced users.

    TurboZIP Express is fast, and you’ll get the job done through its visually appealing interface in a flash. In addition to the convenient and colorful toolbar buttons for the most-used operations, the system integrates beautifully with Windows to quickly Add, ZIP, and UnZIP single or multiple files, and more, without even opening up TurboZIP Express. Clear and logical right-mouse menus and drag and drop procedures bring incredible convenience to your fingertips.

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  • Star Apps: Amy Acker

    On CBS series "Person of Interest," Amy Acker plays Root, a hacker and assassin. In real life, the actress -- who has also played Fred/Illyria on "Angel" and Kelly Peyton on "Alias" -- jokes that her grade-school-age son is more tech savvy than she is. I chatted with Amy Acker about Season 4 of "Person of Interest," her most memorable fan encounters, and her favorite mobile apps.

    Amy Acker plays Root on Season 4 of CBS series Person of Interest, which premieres Tuesday.

    (Credit: CBS)

    What's Root's defining characteristic? Probably loyalty. She looks out for all the team and does anything the machine asks and never questions what the machine wants of her. But as long as the machine is doing the right thing, I guess she's in good hands.

    Which of the characters you've played do you relate to the most? Probably Fred -- before she was Illyria -- on "Angel." I don't kill too many people in real life or kneecap them. We were both from Texas, both love tacos, and are kind of on the nerdy side.

    What are you most recognized for? I feel like "Person of Interest" has such a huge following that it's that show more than anything else. But fans of "Angel" and "Alias" were more die-hard. They can tell you lines and which episodes they're from and what I was wearing when I said them. Bu... [Read more]

  • Star Apps: Dan Stevens

    War is hell, and so are ungracious houseguests. That's what one unsuspecting family discovers when David, a soldier just back from combat (played by Dan Stevens), crashes at their home in "The Guest." I chatted with Dan Stevens, the British actor best known for playing attorney and would-be heir Matthew Crawley on "Downton Abbey," about his latest role, becoming an American heartthrob, and his favorite apps.

    Dan Stevens' character in The Guest is Downton Abbey's Matthew Crawley minus the good breeding and proper etiquette.

    (Credit: HanWay Films)

    What was the appeal of playing this particular character? When I came here to the States, I was looking for different challenges and didn't quite know what form it would take. But when "The Guest" popped up, I leapt at it, because it was so insanely different from anything I had done before.

    Why did you decide to leave "Downton Abbey" in the first place? I told them I wanted to leave, because I was looking for new challenges, so I came here and started exploring a range of things.

    What drew you to the US? I first came over to do a play on Broadway. I did "The Heiress" with Jessica Chastain, so I was here for six months. While I was doing that, Scott Frank, who directed "A Walk Among the Tombstones," came ... [Read more]

  • Star Apps: 'Sixteen Candles'

    "Sixteen Candles" has just turned 30. To mark this momentous event, actors Gedde Watanabe, Debbie Pollack, and Justin Henry are attending a special screening of the '80s cult classic today at San Francisco's Castro Theatre. I chatted with the trio about the film's legacy, working with director John Hughes, the scenes that you've never seen, and their favorite apps.

    Gedde Watanabe (Long Duk Dong)

    Gedde Watanabe as Long Duk Dong

    (Credit: Gedde Watanabe)

    Did growing up somewhat alienated as an Asian-American in Utah inform your portrayal of foreign exchange student Long Duk Dong? Absolutely not. [Laughs] There was some of the alienation where I could relate to a foreign exchange student. But as far as culturally, I had to actually go to a friend who worked in a restaurant from Korea. I said, "I'm basically gonna follow you around for a couple of days" and got his cadence. I didn't even know if I could pull it off, to be honest with you. But actors like to mimic, so I did a lot of that.

    One aspect of Long that I really loved was that he was one of the few truly happy people in the film. That's a truly fascinating thing, because I never had it put to me that way. It got so clouded by people thinking that it was stereotypical. I thought he was just someone who wanted the American dream. There was a scene that was cut out of the... [Read more]

  • Apple's new iPhones, Watches, and apps

    Today Apple announced a bushel of new products: not one but two iPhone 6s, three Apple Watches, iOS 8, Apple Pay, and assorted other apps. Here's what you need to know about the goods.

    (Credit: Apple)

    iPhone 6

    What: iPhone 6 with a 4.7-inch screen; iPhone 6 Plus with a 5.5-inch display.

    When: September 19 (preorders begin Friday, September 12).

    How much: iPhone 6: $199 for 16GB, $299 for 64GB, $399 for 128GB; iPhone 6 Plus: $299 for 16GB, $399 for 64GB, $499 for 128GB -- those are US prices, all with a two-year contract. (Bargain hunters can now get the 5s for $99 or the 5c for free.)

    Features: Both phones offer a bigger screen in high-res Retina HD, landscape mode and more keyboard keys for enjoying the extra glass, an A8 64-bit processor that should mean faster performance and longer battery life, an NFC chip for mobile payments, a new camera sensor, and a thinner body with curved edges. The phones will be available in silver, gold, and space gray (aka blackish).

    (Credit: Apple)

    Apple Watch

    Wh... [Read more]

  • Star Apps: Julie Newmar

    When you're an actress as inimitable as Julie Newmar, of course you have a rose, a day lily, and an orchid named in your honor. In 1995 she also inspired (and made a cameo appearance in) "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar." Best known for playing Catwoman on the "Batman" TV series, Newmar will appear as part of the California Independent Film Festival's screening of "To Wong Foo." I chatted with Julie Newmar about her most iconic roles, working with the late Robin Williams, her chemistry with Adam West, the Hollywood casting couch, and her favorite apps.

    Julie Newmar will appear at the California Independent Film Festival's screening of To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar at the Castro Theatre on Friday.

    What will you be doing at the "To Wong Foo" screening? I have to walk onstage, and that takes some doing. I have to be funny, so please somebody write me a script. Then I have to look fabulous, so I need someone to give me a beautiful headpiece or hat. I'm putting out an SOS for something elegant, so the whole audience will go, "Wow." I want everyone there screaming and yelling, just like at "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

    What was your experience working on that movie? Oh, it was so much fun -- just delicious and divine. Working with Robin Williams, who we lost, and being on set in New York -- it was wonder... [Read more]

  • Star Apps: Five Finger Death Punch and Hellyeah

    Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory and Hellyeah vocalist Chad Gray were outcasts before joining the metal scene. Today they're at the center of an ever-growing community of metal bands and fans. This fall they'll tour with Volbeat and Nothing More, starting September 16 in Salt Lake City.

    [L-R] Five Finger Death Punch and Hellyeah are a much-needed assault on your senses and sensibilities.

    (Credit: MSO PR/Eleven Seven Music)

    What kind of statement are you making on this package tour? Zoltan Bathory: This is the thing about the heavy metal guys, that we're not going to go away. This is here to stay. And if things get difficult, we'll figure out how to do it anyway. This is part of the genre. We do stick together, because we have a long history of being the voice of rebellion; it was sort of the middle finger to the system. And that trait is still there. Naturally those kinds of people stick together and form coalitions, and that's what you're witnessing. This is their way of saying, "We are here, and we refuse to go away." No, hip-hop will not rule the world. We will divide the musical pie, and we will be here.

    Chad Gray: I think it just adds to the experience of the concertgoer. You've got heavy bands but all diverse in what we do. It's going to start when it starts; it's going ... [Read more]

  • Windows XP security

    Though Microsoft ended support for Windows XP in April, the popular OS refuses to die. Roughly 25 percent of desktop users are clinging to the OS, meaning XP still has four times as many users as Windows 8 or 8.1, according to NetMarketShare. Recently, independent security lab AV-Test investigated whether the outdated XP can be adequately protected.

    (Credit: NetMarketShare)

    Is Windows XP still safe?

    The answer is a resounding yes. AV-Test found that the majority of security vendors have been able to defend against most of the known or recently discovered exploits. Vulnerabilities and other issues no longer being fixed by Windows updates are the best way to test if security suites are able to patch the problem.

    For consumers, the majority of Internet security suites achieved high protection scores, with Bitdefender, Kaspersky, and Panda leading the pack.

    For businesses, the nine corporate solutions tested had similar results, with Trend Micro taking the lead, followed by Bitdefender and Kaspersky. Interestingly, n... [Read more]

  • Star Apps: Circa Zero

    Rob Giles was once a Police fan, mystified by the "Ghost in the Machine" album cover. Andy Summers was once a member of The Police. Today the two play together in Circa Zero. I chatted with Rob Giles and Andy Summers about their new album, "Circus Hero," The Police, and their favorite apps.

    Circa Zero is a new beginning for The Rescues' Rob Giles and The Police's Andy Summers.

    How have people responded to a new, post-Police Andy Summers project? Andy Summers: Everybody loves us.

    Rob Giles: I thought the response was going to be more polarizing, that people were going to really like it or not, but the response was overwhelmingly positive, with people liking the whole album. That is exciting, because no one has the time to listen to a whole album these days.

    Andy, I read that you were taken to the Troubador to see Rob's band, The Rescues. What was it about him that screamed, "I need to collaborate with this guy"? Rob Giles: It had to have been my hair.

    Andy Summers: Yeah, the hair was good. I remember he was playing a song on a guitar and said he felt like he was on acid. I think there was a lot of pheromones going on in the room. Then he came to me outside and told me that I was the owner of a racehorse. Then we had this absolutely non-sequitur conversation, and I thought, "Th... [Read more]

  • Star Apps: Nervo

    For Mim and Liv Nervo, being the top-ranking women DJs takes a "work hard, play hard" attitude. I chatted with the first sisters of dance music, who next appear at New York's Electric Zoo Festival, about the shows, sharing DJ gigs with Paris Hilton, triumphing in a male-dominated industry, how music has healed their hearts, and their favorite apps.

    Drink to the beat: Nervo intoxicates at Electric Zoo on Saturday.

    (Credit: Chloe Paul Photography)

    What can you tell us about your Electric Zoo set? Mim: We've been playing lots of festivals this summer, so we're up to speed with our festival sets. They're short and high energy, and they include our new releases and old material, mixed up with some mashes we've made. It'll be a power hour.

    You and your twin are together 24/7. How do you handle so much togetherness? Mim: We're very lucky. We're very similar people, and we always have each other's backs. We have similar work ethics, and we don't really fight over all that much. If we do, then like most siblings, it's forgotten about quickly. You always have a friend on the road. We get to travel to so many incredible places around the world, so it's great to be able to do that with your sister and your best friend. With work pressures, it's also nice to be able to bounce off ideas with your siste... [Read more]

  • Friday Five

    Thousands of apps and updates come out each week, but the five products that piqued our interest this week offer time-lapse videos, an iOS edition of a premium first-person shooter, 64-bit browsing, free photo editing, and 1TB of storage.

    Instagram introduced another iOS app this week, Hyperlapse, a free and seriously easy way to shoot and share time-lapse videos. There's just one button, Record, and other than playback speed, there aren't lots of settings or filters to fuss with. Read our Hyperlapse review, and see CNET's simple how-to and some best practices for great videos.

    If you've ever wanted to weaponize yourself and everything around you, BioShock is your game. The first-person shooter has long been available on consoles but just landed on iOS. It's spendy at $14.99 (though did you know there's a soccer app called Barcelona vs Madrid that costs $299.99?). We'll have a review up soon to let you know if BioShock is worth the bucks.<... [Read more]

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