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My wife and I raise Rottweiler and Pomeranian dogs on our farm in Maine. I also repair computers for a commuter railroad in Massachusetts. Peggy and I enjoy walking Maine\'s beaches and talking with interesting people we meet there.
William Walters | Mainer
My Campaigns
  • 12SC is putting the scammers on notice

    Let me start off by saying 12SC will help you with any legal product, program or service you are working online. We do have an amazing affiliate program, but the intent of 12SC is to get you the tools and resources you need to build and manage your current business. And if you do not yet have a business to promote but you want to find one, 12SC can help you there as well because we guide you through the steps to find a program and since we are not affiliated with any other programs, we can show and tell you objectively what to look for and what to avoid. 12SC is perfect whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned veteran and those who use the tools included in 12SC will quickly become seasoned veterans and achieve the results they are looking for.The bottom line of working online is that you need specific tools to run and manage your business and that is what you get with 12SC. Some of the tools you get in 12SC include: Autoresponder, Ad and Link Tracker, Capture page creator, URL rotator, Contact Manager, and Conference Center. Plus, you get training and support so you can easily learn how to use these mandatory online service tools if you are going to succeed. Yes, they are mandatory and whether you get them from us or someone else, if you are going to succeed, you must have them. The reason to get them from us is simply that you get them all in one place, all of the tools are 100% ad free and are all not only extremely powerful but also extremely easy to use. This sets 12SC apart from everyone else on the Internet. Get you free 30 day trial of 12 Second Commute today using the URL below, take us for a test ride, attend our conferences, ask for support and find out why those who want to succeed online are using the 12 Second Commute System for Success.
  • Click Income Tycoon

    Did you see this new updated info yet? It's in regards to the Click Income Tycoon! People like YOU are simply plugging into the Click Income Tycoon System and earning as much as $1,000* to $5,000* a WEEK from HOME on complete autopilot. Personal selling, convincing, and explaining: ELIMINATED Buying leads, cold calling, selling to your friends and family: ELIMINATED Mickey Mouse home based businesses that are designed only to profit the creator: NEVER AGAIN! Learning, studying, testing, applying and re-testing the never ending Web 2.0 Internet marketing methods: NEVER AGAIN! Competitors are stunned and left scratching their heads as our members generate thousands of dollars a week - ON 100% AUTOPILOT! It's time to work smarter NOT harder... Check it all out here: To Your Online Success, William Walters (Mainer) P.S It was once said to me that.. "Insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result." is that you? Its time to make an easy, positive change to what you are already doing, BUT this time you WILL see better IMPROVED results catapulting your profits to the next level.
  • Global Domains International

    If you're like me, you missed the ".COM boom" of the late 1990's and early 2000's. I don't know about you, but I'm not going to miss out on the biggest financial opportunity in the history of the Internet, which is happening right now. The Internet is a global place, or so you thought. Until recently, not everyone could visit their favorite sites in their native language. GDI is changing that, by offering .WS "WorldSite" Internationalized Domain Names (IDN). An Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) is an Internet address that contains characters outside of the English alphabet. Examples include Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, and many other character sets. .WS is what .Com use to be, Own a piece of the Global Internet Real Estate. Take a Real Close Look at this one, Then ask yourself one question. Can I See The Future In This?
  • Internet Ad Store

    Have you been searching for that certain something to help take your business to the next level? Well, I just found what you need. Mark McCulloch and Kenneth Kraakstad have a FREE Viral List Builder and Traffic Getting software service that pays instant commissions !You see email marketing is still the most effective way to advertise your business on the internet. Trouble is getting that list built to email your prospects is very time-consuming and costly. Well, not anymore. I heard about this great new place that GIVES you a list to email to. It's called The Internet Ad Store, and it works! Now you don't have to worry about building that list because they do the hard work for you. Here is what you'll get: - A pre-built list to market your products to. These are double opt-in members so you don't need to worry about SPAM compliance. - A credit-based platform to encourage members to read your emails so you know you get results. When you stack it all up you are looking at a $57 value but you get it for F*R*E*E! The Platinum upgrade price is a "no brainer" (totally optional) ! Log in and check it out. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. To Your Success,
  • Start Working From Home

    Discover ONLY the BEST PTC sites, Traffic Exchanges, Safelists, and Income Producing Programs...Plus, get COMPLETE Real-World marketing training, too! Don't PASS this up...It's FREE to join!
  • Traffic Exchange Command Post

    Grabbing Hot Targeted Prospects Has Never Been So Fast, Easy And Free Before or put another way... NEVER, in the field on online marketing has so much been owed by so many to just one program....I went commando, everybody's doing it! Time you got in and got dirty too! And it's all free...Let's Go, Commando! Get in while its hot! Grab yourself an army of referrals and beat the big guys at their own game! This time you can be at the top of the tree!
  • Traffic Exchange Toolbox

    The traffic exchange industry has change forever... No long pitch here, just the facts. Tim Linden, Paul Kinder and Jon Olson have teamed up to create the first must have traffic exchange service ever, TE Toolbox. It's a tracker, it's a rotator, it's a splash page maker, it's a 'branding tracker', it's so much more...Tailor made for us, the traffic exchange surfer. Designed and managed by three of the biggest names in the traffic exchange industry! Enjoy it, I guarantee you will =) P.S. - This is a free to join program that offers some huge commissions on upgrade. Want a tip, grab the offer you see when you join, not only do you get access to the 'big' commissions but also to the exclusive 'branding tracker'...
My Traffic Exchanges
  • Easy Hits For You

    EasyHits4U has the fastest delivery rate of any Traffic Exchange online and with its huge numbers it is a must use program for anyone to promote their site with. With a 1:1 ratio, unique anti-cheat surfing, 5 level referral program and geo targeting, why would anyone not use this Exchange?!?!
  • Hit to Hit

    Hit to Hit delivers quality traffic. That saves time surfing, better results in less time.
  • Hot Website Traffic

    The Time Has Finally Come To Balance Out The Scales! For Years the Traffic Exchange Industry Has Been Thriving, but I am not so sure that all the members can say the same. Well a new day has dawned and Hot Website Traffic is going to right the balances! Everything about this site is geared to make the member money. All adds, banners, login pages, and emails are integrated with the members affiliate id's. Even free members can surf for cash and prizes and enjoy in this extra advertising. All members including FREE members will get random referrals! If you choose to upgrade you will also enjoy a 20% profit share of all net income that the site generates! Take the One Time Offer and you can get another 10% share. This 10% is shared only with those that take the OTO and this will be available to only 1000 people! Now if you ever wanted to have a site that you could put your advertising on and also earn simply because you belong, well this is your site. Even the purchases you make for yourself will increase your profit share payout. You don't need to refer or surf if you don't want to! But you will miss all the great contests if you don't and great chance for commissions! If this sounds like what you have been dreaming of, A place to really belong....Join your future family now and lets light a fire under your earning potential! I am so glad I did.
  • Promo Lotto

    Promo Lotto is already making waves as one of the most innovative manual traffic exchanges online and the results reported by members have been quite impressive! Have you seen it yet? Join Free Now!! Promo Lotto offers tons of benefits that help people like you and I build our businesses faster and easier. You'll get responsive visitors to your website, it has an opt-in list builder, customizable program builder, networking, tons of cool free tools and it also offers generous affiliate commissions! Up to 60% At Promo Lotto, your offers get maximum exposure to an ever-growing audience. Check it out for your advertising needs as I did. I believe that you too will see some very solid results for your business!
  • Start Xchange

    StartXchange brings the power of traffic exchanges together with social networking to empower you to build your business to new heights! Swap traffic and business with real people from around the world. Business online is no longer about how many page views you can get, but how many people are loyal to you. It's all about real relationships and real fans! StartXchange helps you expand your reach in this social atmosphere by bringing new people into your corner of the web. They're just like you, people looking for others to exchange traffic with.
  • The Traffic Dance

    You may join as a free member and collect welcome credits! However, you do have the option to upgrade your account for even greater rewards.You may earn money at the Dance via the Referral Contest, cash rewards are made on 1st level referrals You may also earn cash gifts, while surfing and with the Disco Game You may request a cash pay out at $10 Please include your PayPal Address when requesting your pay out. As an Upgraded Member, you will receive 200 Bonus Credits for every 1st level referral As Free Member, you will receive 100 Bonus Credits for every 1st level referral Our teams have a new look, wtg EJ, looks awesome! The top 10 teams earn credit bonuses at team reset, Sunday 3pm, dance time. Make friends and get connected on a team! Come surf at the dance and find your ribbons! The dance now has a rainbow ribbon, surf 1500 sites and the rainbow ribbon is your for a week. Come watch the ribbons change, be sure to congratulate your fellow dance members. You will receive a surfing bonus, with each ribbon you earn!
  • Traffic Era

    I'm using this exciting program and I wanted to tell you about it right away. The best part is that it's not going to cost you anything to use this program and you will get a lot of valuable website traffic in return. They already have over 50,000 people in the network and so this is a great place to connect with a lot of people from all over the world. With thousands of other marketers and entrepreneurs from all around the world, it's like a giant marketplace for advertising your products as well as promoting yourself. And you can be certain that this program is only going to get bigger and better because is was developed by Logiscape Technologies which has been building very large scale traffic networks for almost 10 years. The quality of this program is truly top notch! Just take a couple minutes to check it out for yourself and grab a account. As soon as you create your account, you will see me as your sponsor and we can start networking together. I look forward to seeing you on the inside of this amazing program.
  • Web Biz Insider

    Everyone is looking to promote their website or opportunity. The question is always the same. How can that be achieved on a limited budget. It can be done. Here is how it works. Web Biz Insider works on a simple basic principle. By joining, you agree to look at other members opportunities and websites, and in exchange, they will look at your website. It is cooperation, pure and simple. If you contribute more to our community, you will receive more back. We track your contribution by using credits. When you engage in activities that help other members, such as surfing their sites, you earn credits. When other members view your site, your credits are used up. It is that simple.
  • Website Traffic Hog

    Website-traffic-hog is not just another traffic exchange. Want the whole package? Customers to your site? "Guaranteed View" Campaigns professionally managed? Email advertising organized and written for you? Sign up FREE and you can have all this! Website-Traffic-Hog takes your advertising very seriously! Surf to earn or upgrade for a hands-off marketing strategy. Get excited! Get ready! Website-Traffic-Hog will stimulate your boring emails! Create an attention grabbing email campaign for you! You sit back and receive! Join Now! The One Time Offer is simply off the hook! Take advantage while you can.
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