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Information about Bone Conduction Hearing Aids-MIJ Korea

Jan 13th 2020 at 2:28 AM

MIJ is a manufacturing company that aims for safe and convenient life that contributes to modern lifestyle. Our Bone conduction Bluetooth headsets and Hearing aid devices use bone conduction sound transmission system which prevent users from unsafe and unhealthy way of listening. Furthermore, our product gives hearing impaired people a hearing aid function.

MIJ will continue to work forward to provide safe and convenient products and thereby, we want to be contributed in improving the quality of life.

Bone Conduction Hearing Aid

Bone conduction portable hearing assistants are an incredible alternative for individuals with hearing misfortune related with issues in their external or center ears or for those with significant hearing misfortune in one ear. We offer gadgets that don't require medical procedure, just as embedded gadgets that require minor medical procedure. Your sort and level of hearing misfortune will to a great extent direct what sort of bone conduction listening device you need. Bone Conduction Hearing Aid

How Does a Bone Conduction Hearing Aid Work?

These gadgets catch sound and move it through bone vibrations straightforwardly to the cochlea (the consultation organ in your internal ear). Not at all like customary portable amplifiers that basically enhance sound, bone conduction gadgets sidestep your external ear and center ear altogether and make another pathway for hearing. Bone conduction amplifiers can be utilized for one or the two ears, and they can be utilized alongside a conventional portable amplifier on the contrary ear

These can be worn on a headband or joined straightforwardly to the skin with cement. This alternative is most appropriate for youngsters who are not mature enough for the surgery (on the grounds that their skulls have not yet completely solidified) or grown-ups whose conference misfortune is gentle or who can't have medical procedure. bone conduction headset supplier

Bone Conduction Hearing Aid Evaluation

To decide if you are a possibility for bone conduction, you'll have a thorough assessment to decide your sort and level of hearing misfortune. On the off chance that you qualify, you'll have another meeting with an audiologist to study the gadgets and give them a shot. The audiologist will test your capacity to hear sound and comprehend discourse with and without various sorts of portable amplifier gadgets to figure out which fit your needs best.

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