Signs You Need to Visit a Gastroenterologist

Apr 3rd 2019 at 11:06 PM


A gastroenterologist is a physician having specialties in diseases related to the digestive system, also known as gastrointestinal (GI) tract. A Gastroenterologist has extensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine (colon), and biliary system.

There could be a lot of reasons when you should consult a gastroenterologist. While most of the people associate a gastroenterologist with just being a stomach doctor, but these specialists treat conditions related to many different areas of the human body other than a stomach.

Here are the signs when you should fix an appointment with a gastroenterologist in Dubai:


The thumb rule says that less than three bowel movements in a week are a sign of constipation. If you’re experiencing constipation, it could be due to a severe digestive issue. Thus, consulting a gastroenterologist helps you to find the best solution.


If you have stomach pain often, then gallstones, or hardened buildup of the digestive fluid which breaks down the food, could be the reason. Sometimes this pain lasts for hours, but most of the people who’ve experienced this pain say it comes suddenly and intensely. If the pain gets severe, then you must seek out a gastroenterologist as you may need to have your gall bladder removed.


An ulcer also known as open sores in the stomach or intestine, can manifest with burning stomach pain. Basically, every time you eat, the acid which breaks down the food is the causes of this pain. If antacids aren’t doing the trick correctly, it’s time to visit a specialist.


When the veins in the rectum become irritated, they start swelling, that’s where hemorrhoids come from. Also, it’s a very common issue; thus, a specialist can treat it quickly and very easily.

Blood in Stool

Suspecting blood in stool is often a serious sign. So, if you notice any rectal bleeding or blood in stool, seek out a gastroenterologist as s/he will be able to find the cause and give you proper treatment.

Scheduling a Colonoscopy

You don’t need to have any symptoms to book an appointment with a gastroenterologist in Dubai! A digestion doctor helps you to stay on top of your colonoscopy exams. You must get yourself examined under colonoscopy in every 5-10 years, especially if you’re above the age of 50.



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