First, President Obama openly mocks God and the Bible. Then, the greatest environmental disaster in history takes place in the Gulf of Mexico. Is this merely a coincidence? Read more at

The Love Commandment
  • The Progressives Are Destroying America
    Image via Wikipedia When the Pilgrims stepped off the Mayflower, they brought the Bible with them. The reason they came here and endured such great hardship was this: They wanted their children to live in a society that was governed by Biblical principles. And their descendents, the Founding Fathers, fulfilled … Continue reading
  • God is a Revealer of Secrets
    George Washington Carver was a creative genius.  He invented crop rotation, and discovered over 300 new uses for peanuts. He was a friend of Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and three American Presidents. He saved the economy of the South from the devastation that followed the Civil War; and this was … Continue reading
  • How Mr. Lincoln Won the War
    Image via Wikipedia “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.” Alfred Lord Tennyson In 1863, the United States of America was losing the War Between the States. In fact, things were so bad that the US Congress decided that the entire nation ought to appeal to … Continue reading
  • Dedicated to Satan
    Cover of Rules for Radicals The National Education Association once listed Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals, as recommended reading, especially for those who want to “make a difference.” The reviewer goes on and on about what a great man Alinsky was. Did Alinsky make a difference? Sure he did, … Continue reading
  • Godly Minds, Bold Hearts: Behind the American Defense Against Tyranny
    Godly Minds, Bold Hearts: Behind the American Defense Against Tyranny, by Kara L. Kramer (ISBN: 9780615306377) Godly Minds, Bold Hearts is a treasure. It contains a wealth of information about the founding of America. It explains how our American form of government was born. The Founding Fathers sacrificed their lives … Continue reading
The Bible Believer
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