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What industries are stud welders used in?

Mar 14th 2019 at 12:33 AM

Because of its reliability, low cost, fast and easy operation, the stud welding machine technology can replace the joining process of drilling, brazing, riveting and manual arc welding, and can weld alloy metals such as stainless steel and carbon steel. induction welder. Although China does not have a long history in the application of stud welding, with the rapid development of economy and manufacturing in recent years, stud welding machine technology is used in more and more manufacturing industries. So, which industries can you apply to?

One: automobile manufacturing

Stud welder technology is an indispensable process in modern machinery manufacturing and has been widely used in the automotive industry. With the development of the modern automobile industry, people have higher requirements for automobile functions, which requires better manufacturing processes of the automobile. The stud welding machine plays an important role in satisfying and realizing the contemporary automobile manufacturing industry.

Two: shipbuilding industry

Due to the short welding time of the welding machine, the concentrated welding energy, the small thermal damage of the base metal, the high welding strength, the high welding efficiency and the simple and convenient operation, it is combined with the actual requirements of the shipyard. It plays an important role in strengthening the hull structure, the assembly position of the hull, and the installation and matching of the armor.

Three: construction industry

The stud welder can weld metal studs or other similar parts to the workpiece through an instant pressurized discharge fastener. The spring pressure in the welding torch presses the stud into the molten pool to form a recrystallized joint of the metal. . It is suitable for the connection of steel bars and concrete in the construction industry and the fixed connection of high-rise steel structures. It has a wide range of applications in the construction industry.

The above is the application of stud welding machine in several industries. According to the application of stud welding technology at home and abroad in recent years, the requirements of different developments in the industry are different. The quality of the expensive stud welder is not guaranteed. Choosing a cost-effective stud welder can effectively save costs and maximize the benefits while exquisite craftsmanship.

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