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Get FREE Instant Access to My Tips On Using The Mind To Create Abundance.

Get FREE Instant Access to My Tips On Using The Mind To Create Abundance.
Look For Abundance
Do you know how important it is to look for evidence of abundance?

You know the power of your focus and the power of choosing what to focus on.

If you started actually looking for evidence of abundance, you would tune in to the evidence that is already there.

Maybe you haven’t been paying attention, haven’t been looking for it, or have been focused on what’s NOT there for you, so you’ve missed it.

But if you start to look for this positive evidence, you begin to find how much is already available and present in our lives.

What if there is clear evidence of abundance in your life, but you haven’t been looking for it?

Our attention is often on what is most obvious, or “loudest” evidence in our experience. It’s not that the evidence hasn’t been there all along, it’s that you haven’t been looking for it. And when you’re not looking for something, you can’t find it!

Choosing to actively look for evidence of abundance has many values...

(1) It’s a fun “game” to play!

(2) It’s surprising how much evidence you actually find!

(3) The behavior of looking and the results of searching and finding abundance raise our vibration instantly!

And remember, once you raise our vibration, you communicate a different message to the Universe - a more hopeful, expectant, “I deserve what I want” attitude that is clear and commands respect.

What if you could find what you wanted just because you started to look for it?

What if you could attract more abundance into your life just by focusing on the abundance that’s already there?

Look around you.. can you see an abundance of grass, of air, of birds, of trees, of cars, of houses, of clothing, of people, of opportunities, of money, of experiences, of contrast?

Yes, I said contrast.

If you are experiencing alot of contrast (things you don’t want) right now in your life.. can you find a way to be grateful for it?

Can you find a way to joyfully appreciate the contrast simply because it is there and you can use it as a springboard to switch your focus on what you do want?


Spend some time listing all the abundance in your life. Write it all down and follow it up with a joyous “Thank You”.

The more abundance you find, and the more joy you feel when you find it, the faster you speed up your manifesting.
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