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Build a Career, Not Just an Online Business.
We are looking for some good talent. We are setting up a campaign online looking for people who want to start their own Home based Business. Get with me before all the positions are taken.
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Judy Garcia

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Judy Garcia

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Judy Garcia

Visit My New Blog: http://nextlevelx.wordpress.com/
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Judy Garcia

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Judy's road to Freedom
  • Do you think you can finally achieve success in MLM with a company and system like this?
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    EPX One80 is on a mission to help people change their life by providing tools, benefits, and education to start a successful leveraged business.

    And after using this product package, it will either make or save you at least 10 times your monthly cost within 90 days or we will refund your money. All we ask is that you give it a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.I love EPXBody
    EPX ONE80 is also an affiliate program, meaning that you can make additional income with it!

    Wishing you well,

    http---signatures.mylivesignature.com-54492-190-C90BC8C1A4BD0DD91AC837E8972A1AF7 (1)

    ~ Turned her Can’ts into Cans ~ Her Dreams into Plans ~
  • Start you Home Business Today.
    ~ Turn your Cant’s into Cans ~ Your Dreams into Plans ~

    We are looking for some good talent. We are setting up a campaign online looking for people who want to start their own Home based Business. Get with me before all the positions are taken.
    We are looking for some good talent. We are setting up a campaign online looking for people who want to start their own Home based Business. Get with me before all the positions are taken.  
    Well-Med Global
                           STEM-FIT ACTIVE

  • Judy Garcia | Online Business Profile
    Judy Garcia | Online Business Profile
  • Everything Happens for a Reason

    Well everyone keep telling me . I know this happened for a reason. My new Health product is even better then the last.
    It is a company Called Well-Med Global and here is my new product.

    Hope you all will give StemFit Active a try.





    • *Improve Stamina & Energy

    • *Relieves Stress

    • * Promote More Restful Sleep

    • * Faster Recovery after training

    • * Better muscle tone

    • * Increased muscle strength

    • * Elevate Serotonin Levels

    • * Reduce Signs of Aging

    • * Decrease Pain

    • * Aid in Brain Function

    • * Increase Clarity & Alertness

    • * Increase Libido

    • Memory Enhancements – Many reports of positive effects with people suffering from Alzheimer ‘syndrome, ADD, and many with increased memory and mental focus.

    • Mood Enhancement – Many report improvement.

    • StemFit improves neuron functions in your brain, increasing amino acids and peptides in your cells and assigning the proper stem cells to restore your body’s organs back to their original state. It helps regenerate aging cells while completely nourishing unhealthy cells, supporting their restoration to their original state. It helps us become physically, mentally and emotionally stronger.


    The body has the recipe for wellness; it just needs the right ingredients in the right form. StemFit-Active provides the ‘living’ components required by cells to optimally operate the assembly line.


    Sourced from fertilized incubated hen’s eggs, Young Tissue Extract provides elements that make life possible. These elements are not found in any other food. Young Tissue Extract supports and nourishes growth factor activity within the stem cell to ensure optimal performance. StemFit-Active’s young tissue extract provides low molecular weight oligopeptides in the precise proportions for rapid transport through the digestive tract, giving an extremely potent combination of nutrients to cells.


    Extracted from the inner leaf of fresh Aloe Vera, these biological sugars have been extensively researched and shown to improve the immune system’s response and cellular communication critical for recovery after physical and/or psychological stress. Our Glyconutrients have been shown to be 4-10 times more effective than any other commercially available Aloe Vera.


    Stem-Fit-Active’s marine protein is both anti-inflammatory and analgesic, helping to reduce the kind of injuries that can shorten an athlete’s career. It has been shown to benefit joint cartilage and the process of replenishing joint lubricants, thereby speeding recovery between workouts or competitions.


    The body requires a broad spectrum of minerals to function optimally. StemFit-Active meets those needs with a plant-based calcium that studies have shown, has an astounding 97% absorption rate. It includes more than 70 trace minerals, as well as vitamin K2, important for maintaining bone mineral density, and vitamin C. In combination, they ensure that the calcium ingested goes into bones and not kidneys or arteries in the form of plaque. In clinical studies, these minerals proved effective in reversing bone loss.


    Antioxidants are key factors in reducing the impact of free radicals, a bi-product of extreme exercise. StemFit-Active’s powerful plant nutrients, or phytonutrients, put back what was lost. They enhance metabolism, increase fat oxidation, control blood glucose levels, and aid in weight management.


    StemFit-Active begins with synergy. In recent studies, it has been shown that concentrated whole foods can have a powerful effect on the proper functioning of our cells. When foods are combined in a special way, their impact can increase exponentially. Far from being just a source of energy, StemFit-Active supports and builds a healthy immune system, nervous system and endocrine system. These powerful food combinations can mobilize the body’s resources into a state of enhanced healing, repair and balance. The body recognizes and utilizes these living substances far better and more efficiently than isolated, inorganic nutrients.


    For as long as man has roamed the earth, he has sought a means of improving the length and quality of life. Even today, the quest for a drug in a pill or a potion to bestow longevity continues in medical science. However, StemFit-Active’s scientists looked to nature to find the answers. For example, inside a food as basic as an egg when fertilized and incubated, there are nutrients containing proteins, growth factors, sugars, ions and other components that spark the human body’s repair mechanisms.

    The secret was in the manufacturing in order to capture all of these unique health and healing properties preserved in Nature. The proprietary and patented manufacturing processes make the ingredients widely available without compromising their innate power.


    Growth Factors (GFs) are signal molecules that activate the body’s own adult stem cells. They tell the body what is needed and program the stem cells to begin the process of differentiation.

    In 1986, Stanley Cohen and Rita Levi-Montalcini were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for advancing the understanding of the role of Epidermal Growth Factors (EFG) in cell biology. This groundbreaking research led to many more studies in the field of Growth Factors, leading to clinical applications in wound healing and reversing the signs of aging.

    The Growth Factors in StemFit-Active are the critical factors in the development of embryos, including humans. They are not found circulating in the body after the gestational phase of life. The only ways they can be introduced is through injections, costing thousands of dollars per treatment, or through diet.


    Our bodies are loaded with stem cells, more than enough for a lifetime. These are like blank discs. They can be programmed to do whatever the body needs them to do. Growth Factors are generated in response to the body’s needs and stem cells are then programmed for regeneration and repair. They might become a skin cell or a neuron, or release additional growth factors to signal another form of healing response.

    This system can break down due to many factors, including lifestyle, environmental toxicity, dietary deficiencies, stress or injury. The result is accelerated aging, which further diminishes the supply of growth factors available to carry on repair functions. Stem cells remain dormant despite constant signals for help from damaged or dying cells.


    In 1985, a review published by biochemists Stuart and Rosalind Kornfeld described the ‘Bio-Assembly Line’ within all fully functioning cells. They observed and reported on every aspect of a cell’s life cycle, from its inception to its inevitable demise. If any part of the process breaks down, the cell will age prematurely or develop abnormalities that can manifest as disease.


    Good performance for the athlete begins with good nutrition. StemFit-Active addresses those needs with a synergistic combination of ‘live’ functional foods – signal proteins, biological sugars, plant minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.



    Whether you’re a professional athlete or just trying to stay as fit as possible, studies show thatStemFit-Active’s unique blend of nutrients can increase muscle mass without sacrificing stamina or agility; heighten and prolong peak performance; provide quick, noticeable and consistent results.


    By nourishing the body at the cellular level, chronic fatigue and weariness are dramatically reduced. That helps the athlete break through the ‘wall’ and tap into deep reserves of energy.


    StemFit-Active gives the body a steady supply of easily absorbed nutrients needed for rapid regeneration and repair of stressed (wounded) muscles, thus speeding up recovery time. There’s a quicker bounce back from workouts, competition or just the stress of the day.


    StemFit-Active is a combination of functional foods from the finest sources. They are all organic or wild-crafted and excipient free. StemFit-Active does not contain any sugar, soy, corn, wheat, gluten, dairy, GMOs, artificial colors or preservatives.

    StemFit-Active is convenient to use and cost effective. It’s the athlete’s ‘Game-Changer’.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
    This is an opportunity to be your own boss and help others to improve their lives
    To order yours today or sign up as a distributor please visit:

    Well-Med Global


     Wishing you well,
    Your health & wellness Advocate.
    http---signatures.mylivesignature.com-54492-190-C90BC8C1A4BD0DD91AC837E8972A1AF7 (1)
    ~ Turned her Can’ts into Cans ~ Her Dreams into Plans ~
  • A New Business Platform
    In Business, Do You Want a Business?….LetZTalk
    LetZTalkBiz is different than all other Social Media Platforms.  It operates a business only platform model covering a variety of business categories like Direct Sales, Franchises, Inventions, Networking etc. It is a marketing platform like no other.
    What when
    We have no stifling rules here (as long as you don’t spam the member) and feel free to be pro-active. Business people know that the only way to really do business is to talk and build a business relationship…this is a lot more effective than just joining the hundreds of other posts online. By talking you get that person focused on YOUR opportunity!

    You can build your own brand just by getting your own Group for FREE. In your Group you have virtually the same features as on the main Platform, so you have the ability to build your own brand within LetZTalkBiz. They are really easy to set up and you can post your photos, videos etc here too as well as set up Events and Forum topics.
    Coffee mugs.
    ‘Round’ Table Chat…Talk informally with other Entrepreneurs!
    All you need in Google Chrome and to accept an invitation and we will send you the link…SIMPLE! Times are EST.

    On the LetZTalkBiz Platform we pro-actively talk first, then follow and engage with members, build a business relationship, make informed decisions and focus on closing sales in a timely fashion. We are online to make money so we need to be pro-active and not just post our ads and sit back and hope our business grows!   Come and Enjoy the Platform.  We look forward to talking and working with you At LetzTalkBiz. 
    Join Me Here. Tell them Judy Garcia sent you.

    Wishing you well,

    ~ Turned her Can’ts into Cans ~ Her Dreams into Plans ~

  • I Have found the Perfect System
    Check this out (FREE) to see how it will help you build YOUR business bigger and make more money faster! Finally, leverage the power of Real Systems and Marketing Tools with LSN. LSN is the most anticipated system in the work from home arena. Make 100% commissions 100% of the time:
    My initial interest in Lead System Network was strictly to gain access to the powerful suite of marketing tools, which I already use from other vendors, and pay five times as much for. I just figured at $49/month, to have access to unlimited custom autoresponders, unlimited custom landing pages, SMS text messaging system, a voice autoresponder system, lead management and social media broadcasting systems, and all of that, I will save about $200 a month over what I pay for many of those features now.
    LSN Page
    But what I didn’t expect was the EXPLOSIVE growth we’ve achieved in the last two and a half weeks, so I wanted to reach out to you, and encourage you to take fifteen minutes to visit my site, and watch the video, to see if this doesn’t make sense for you as well…
    I mean, look at this screen capture, taken a few minutes ago… Imagine what you could do with 35,282 people in your group, two weeks from now?
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    This is the HOTTEST program on the internet! Get in free and share it with your network before everyone you know does! Get your link now, join what are you waiting for .

    Free here: http://leadsystemnetwork.com/judygarcia
    Wishing you well,
     ~ Turned her Can’ts into Cans ~ Her Dreams into Plans ~

  •  Watch the short video at Video follow me. Sign up here.    http://comorph.com/?ref=12012 

    You will find your $50 bonus in your account once you log in. But first – you must activate your Comorph account  It is important that you verify your account or else you will not show as a member.

    Once you verify your account and log in, you will find some useful information as well as promotional materials to help you get referrals. We do pay $3 each for the first 5 referrals and then $1 each for every referral after that with NO LIMITS. Members can make a sizable extra income by getting referrals to our solid program.

    The best of luck to you.

  • How to Obtain Leads for your Home-Based Business
    This is a big question for most Home based businesses. Here are some tips that I have found useful.
    Leads man
    Create lead capture forms. You can add lead capture to your website for people who visit but aren’t ready to buy. Or you can create lead capture forms on paper and leave in public places with a box to collect the forms. Ask permission before leaving your materials. In both cases, you can offer a free item to entice them such as a consult or report. Lead capture forms request a name, email address, phone number and the best time to contact.
    Engage your network. The best leads are those you get through your Social networks like Facebook, Google, Pinterest and Twitter. Cold leads know nothing about you, but leads you find through your network will know you or know people they trust who also know you. Join groups, online and off, that your target market belongs to. Provide helpful information and assistance, as opposed to just promoting your business, and leads will reveal themselves as they find they need your product or service.
    Ask for referrals. When you get a referral, that lead is already in a position to trust you as you were recommended by a trusted contact.
    Buy leads. Bought leads, in general, are not as responsive as leads you get through your own efforts — lead capture, network or referrals — but if you buy a good list, it can be a good source of business. Ask your network what lead companies they use to get quality referrals.
    Ask the company how the leads are generated. Ideally you want non-incentive leads — leads that signed up to get a free offer or enter a contest. Instead, you want leads that have specifically asked for information on products or services that you offer. The best leads will be verified, or called to verify their interest, but these are also the most expensive.

    Finally, make sure you can let the lead know how and where their name was gathered. People sometimes forget they filled out a form somewhere and will think you’re a telemarketer.

    Here is a source I was introduced to by one of my associates on an internet marketing sight I belong to.

    Finally, leverage the power of Real Systems and Marketing Tools with LSN. LSN is the most anticipated system in the work from home arena. Make 100% commissions 100% of the time: http://leadsystemnetwork.com/judygarcia
    lsn team
    you can also earn extra money.

      Wishing you well,
  • Need Leads for your Home Base Business
    Finally, leverage the power of Real Systems and Marketing Tools with LSN. LSN is the most anticipated system in the work from home arena. Make 100% commissions 100% of the time: http://leadsystemnetwork.com/judygarcia

  • Laminine and Fibromyalgia

    New Research Pinpoints Cause of Pain. Laminine can help!

        Breakthrough research now proves that the cause of fibromyalgia and polymyalgia is not psychological or simply an "imbalance in brain chemistry", as many physicians and neurologists have insisted for decades.
        This breakthrough could finally answer the question of why so many people with fibromyalgia experience extremely painful "hot spots" throughout their body, and especially suffer from pain in the hands, feet and other areas of the skin.Laminine & Fibromyalgia
        Scientists have now revealed that the main source of pain for those who suffer from fibromyalgia is linked to excessive nerve-fibers in the hand, called arteriole-venule (or AV) shunts. This also explains why cold weather tends to aggravate the symptoms, and shows a direct link between the central nervous system and the widespread body pain that people experience with this disease.
        Neuroscientist Dr. Frank L. Rice explains: "We previously thought that these nerve endings were only involved in regulating blood flow at a subconscious level, yet here we had evidences that the blood vessel endings could also contribute to our conscious sense of touch and also pain," Rice said. "This mismanaged blood flow could be the source of muscular pain and achiness, and the sense of fatigue which are thought to be due to a build-up of lactic acid and low levels of inflammation fibromyalgia patients. This, in turn, could contribute to the hyperactivity in the brain."
        This increase in pain, due to the excessive AV shunts leads to an increase in levels of cortisol - a glucocorticoid or steroidal hormone, produced by the adrenal cortex - in response to inflammation of the body's muscles and other tissues, and increased blood sugar levels. When that happens, the inflammation increases levels of pain and sensitivity and increases cortisol levels further, resulting in imbalances in blood sugar. This, along with the energy spent trying to reduce the inflammatory response results in widespread exhaustion.
        This increased stress on the body will also increase blood pressure, as the cortisol increases the sensitivity of the vasculature to epinephrine and norepinephrine. Excessive cortisol shuts down the reproductive system, increasing the chance of miscarriage, and over a prolonged period, weakens the immune system to great detrimental effect.
        Traditional medicine has approached fibromyalgia treatment by prescription of narcotic pain medicines; anti-seizure drugs, anti-depressants and even pointless advice like, "get more sleep and exercise regularly."
        This research unlocks the door to better and more effective treatment options, as doctors begin to understand that what is really necessary is an approach that supports the body's activation of undifferentiated stem cells, triggered by activating "signaling molecules" - including specialised neurotransmitters, and hormonal transmitters - which will reduce cortisol levels, improve neurological function, and support the restoration of a healthy balance, better sleep, and reduction of pain, by addressing the actual cause of the disease in the first place.
        "We're finding that the first line of defense for those who suffer from fibromyalgia is to activate the stem-cell production, and reintroduce the missing fibroblastic growth factors, absent in the adult body," explains nurse practitioner, and natural wellness expert, Debra Cannon, RNC, NP, MBA, "Prescribing antidepressants and narcotic pain relievers for everything we don't fully understand the cause of is not the answer any more than a lobotomy or hysterectomy was for diseases we didn't understand in the past."
        This important medical discovery may lead to new treatments and perhaps even a total cure in the future, bringing relief to as many as 5 million Americans thought to have the disease.
        "We've found that when we are able to restore the body's critical amino acid and protein levels, reducing the cortisol levels in the body, and supporting the stem cell activation process through the powerful benefits of reintroducing the fibroblastic growth factors, which make infants and children so resiliant," explains Dr. F. Gianmichael Salvato - a naturopathic physician and internationally respected expert on alternative healing, "people begin to experience symptomatic relief in a matter of eight to twelve weeks, and have their lives back in as little as 90-days. That's something traditional medicine has yet to offer someone with
        Called "Laminine", this all naturally-derived extract combines the miraculous life-supporting and life-creating constituent compounds found in the most pristine sources from the land, sea and air, and is being well received by medical professionals and holistic health practitioners around the world.
        Now that the cause of Fibromyalgia has been pinpointed, patients and physicians alike are looking forward to an eventual cure. And many of the physicians and health practitioners we've interviewed tell us that using new technologies, like the science behind Laminine, as well as other simple lifestyle changes, could represent the best hope that fibromyalgia sufferers will ever have for permanent and lasting relief.

    I can also offer some ideas that may be helpful in your personal journey to overcome these challenges, based on my personal and professional experiences. Please send me a message so that we can discuss these things in private.

    Wishing you well,

    Your Health and Wellness Advocate


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Build a Career, Not Just an Online Business.
  • Build a Career, Not Just an Online Business.

    We are looking for some good talent. We are setting up a campaign online looking for people who want to start their own Home based Business. Get with me before all the positions are taken.
All the TOOLS you NEED to Grow ANY BUSINESS!!

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