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Get used to R.O.I. or quit making money online.

Oct 4th 2010 at 5:50 AM

Many of us don't care about it or are even aware of it's existence. ROI it's not the best e-book you can buy, it's not a competitor to Clickbank on affiliate networks. It's not the next big thing that will make you rich online...but if you understand it, it will sure help.

Return Over Investment.

"Ah! Investment?! Naaa, i only use free programs! Investing it's for suckers...or pros!"

If you agree with the above, let's run an example:

I join a PTC. For every 30 secs, i get $, my investment is 30 secs of my life, the return i get is $0.01. Sounds familiar?

In ROI, "investment" does not necessarily mean there's money involved...but if you believe, like i do, that time is money, well...You must ask yourself if your efforts to make money online are being compensated...if you're having the right "return" for your (time/money) "investment". It's a rough world out there and everyone is after those spare coins you got in your pocket...and, or, your free time. It's just how it is....welcome to making money online, get used to it.

But just stop for a bit...close your eyes, have a deep breath, think of everything you're affiliated with, yes, all those promises of online richness you joined. For each one, make a proper insight to check if it's really worth it, if you're having a good ROI. Let's take an example from eBay power-sellers, they do their homework by finding suppliers providing products with the lowest price-tag possible. If a particular one becomes "greedier" than the power-seller itself, he'll just change supplier and keep racking in profits. For that, the power-seller had to research and compare other options. The supplier will eventually notice something's wrong and will adapt. It's Human nature, we do adapt fairly easily. If we don't adapt, we don't survive.

You should understand that making money online has 2 faces, the active and the passive. The active face does make a living online, the passive just sees everyone go by and wows itself everytime something news pops up, joins and dreams, instead of trying to understand the base of that idea. Most of us are like WOW to the latest car, but what actually makes it move it's under the bonnet...and we do not open it, hell, what for? It's full of complicated parts and tubes and wires and...Hell, i'll just buy, it's just drop dead gorgeous! We tend to go for looks instead of usability, that's how our eyes over-ruling our brain...

Not everyone is creative enough to create...but everyone has a brain. Active or passive, it's always there, behind the screen. Make sure the energy spent by yours is being paid for properly and you're on your way to make a living off the internet, instead of making money online. Ask your brain what's the difference between the two.

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Oct 6th 2010 at 5:53 AM by flconversation
Actually it seems to be for many out there in 'www'. This confirms another time that you 1st have to choose which will be your way and than simply go for it. Seems so easy but may be is the most difficult part to ignore all the promising offers... A goal is nothing else than a dream with a clear timeframe. Joe L. Griffith

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