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Having been self employed most of my life I understand the demands and needs of individuals and small business owners.

Online marketing is forever advancing at a pace that can overwhelm the average individual. Most people don't have the time to learn all that is involved. The greatest dilemma we face online is information overload.

I have always loved helping others succeed in life all the while maintaining simplicity and a balanced life.

I am tired of the B.S. and Snake Oil salesmen on the internet. Simple works, system works, and team works. Violate any these and you get an experience in what not to do.

Practice using proven systems, and tools with quality mentoring and you build wealth.

The bottom line is simply this. I help you to achieve your goals and market yourself online effectively without all the hype and without feeling like you have been ripped off.

Learn how to make your monthly income your annual income.

Enjoy Life and Keep It Simple
John Fuller | JohnFuller
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How often do you lose perspective in life because you're too busy...

Jun 18th 2011 at 6:54 PM

My youngest daughter just graduated and it was a time

of fond memories, tears, and laughter. My little girl is

growing up...

I love being a Dad and have no regrets what so ever...

As a matter of fact I can't wait to spoil the grand kids...

LIfe is really only about one thing and that is relationships.

Living, loving, and learning from every person who we

encounter on a daily basis is what we are all about.


The truth is there is nothing more painful in life than a

relationship gone bad and there is nothing more enjoyable

in life than a relationship that is healthy and growing.


It does not matter our status in life. We were created to

enjoy life. Unfortunately life can slip by way too fast.

We get caught up in the business of it all... And if we are

not careful we lose perspective. Spending some quality

time with those we love and care about is what creates

wonderful memories.


We all need to be alone at times but we were never meant

to be alone for long periods of time. The weird  thing is you

you can feel lonely even when you are surrounded by people.


Even with all this social media our relationships are shallow

to say the least. We spend more time on facebook than we

do talking with the ones we live with on a daily basis... ouch

I hope that didn't hurt too much...

One of the greatest ways to enjoy life is to just get away for

a day, 2 days, a weekend, once a quarter at least.

If you are not getting away at least once a week a year

just to rejuvenate, recharge, and refocus on what is important

then you have lost perspective on what is really important...

Listen I just shared one of the secrets to recharging my life.

It is getting away and spending quality time with those I love

and care about the most.


I was wondering if you would be

interested in looking at a project I have been involved with

for the last 7 months.

I know the CEO of this company personally and when he

told me what he was doing I knew I had to jump on board.

One of the things I look for in life is finding things that

fit my core values, saves me tons of money, and

allows me to share more of my life with those I care about

the most.


I am not sure why America is like this but people are so caught

up in the need to be successful trap that we don't take time to

get away. Maybe you can't afford it, which I think is a cop out

because if you can afford $4 and $5 coffee you can afford

most anything. I think it's more like it's not a priority.


This company is poised to be the largest discount provider of luxury

travel services on the internet. We are have a very limited offer

of 95% off
our top membership through private invitation only for

10 days before the public gets access to these services.

This price will never be offered again...

Take a look at this simple web page and video I put together at

Click Here To Learn More

As you know I am not big on hype but I know value when I see it and

it would be in your best interest to at least look at this and come to a


Watch the videos, and check it out.  You might thank me later.

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