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Law of Attraction Radio Network inspires and uplifts listeners as they learn that their thoughts have energy. Create the life you want and live in happiness and abundance through the Law of Attraction!

Law of Attraction Talk Radio
  • Dr. David Che: How to encourage a growth spurt!
    Jewels is once again joined by Dr. David Che who is not only a Law of Attraction Expert, but also a Chinese Medicine Expert. He shares information with a caller about her son's slow growth pattern and he offers some valuable suggestions. Also they dive into a topic that increases male baldness... and yes, it has to do with eating a particular source of energy.
  • Dr. Dennis Kimbro & Napoleon Hill
    This show is also a video for your enjoyment. Jewels talks with Dr. Dennis Kimbro who co-authored a book with Napoleon Hill titled: Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice. Dr. Kimbro's story is an incredible Law of Attraction Story that has changed the lives of millions around the world. Today Dr. Kimbro is a 5 time BESTSELLING Author and is a Business Professor at Clark Atlanta University. Listen to this amazing radio show for great inspiration and motivation that nothing can stand in anyone's way of creating their desires!
  • Amazing Things about Men and Women You Never Heard before!
    On this show you are going to hear some amazing stuff that you have never heard before. Law of Attraction Expert and Chinese Medicine Expert, Dr. David Che is with us. Besides talking about how to detach from your desires in order to bring about a manifestation, Dr. Che is revealing amazing things about the male and female bodies. You are going to love it.
  • Intuitive Psychic and the Law of Attraction!
    Join Jewels and very special friend, Dr. Michael Mosley for a wonderful discussion on how Dr. Mosley uses his gift to serve the world. It's all about the Law of Attraction and being of high vibration.
  • The Magic within the Law of Attraction
    Jewels visits with LOA Coach and Speaker Tandy Elisala who shares a story of how the mind can heal your body from anything! She had Cancer 4 times and finally took control of her mind in order to heal permanently. Brilliant story as we talk about the magic within the Law of Attraction! www.
  • Law of Attraction Dynamics: Channelling Divine Inspiration
    Jewels introduces Dr. Stan Gravely, Ph.D and his wife Jodie. They have a new show on Law of Attraction Radio Network called Law of Dynamics in which Dr. Stan channels information from the Universe. His latest Book, The Law of Attraction Bible, is also channelled information and in this book he delivers people from dogma of RELIGION into the Spiritual knowledge of the Universe. Also, they are entrepreneurs, giving tips and techniques on how people can gain financial freedom. It's going to be a great show! Tune in at
  • Just In Time! Law of Attraction and Weight Release!
    Join Jewels and her very special guest, Law of Attraction Coach Juliet Alleyne who has an exceptional Weight Release Program. You want to release weight permanently? The only way to do it and keep it off, is by changing the way you think about your body. Choose your future self right now and accomplish your goals!
  • Chinese Medicine Expert Dr. David Che
    Dr. David Che joins Jewels this week as Dr. Che answers questions of a live caller and answers some other questions about the Law of Attraction from Twitter. Dr. Che also talks about certain emotions that affects major organs, like heart, lungs and liver... Its fascinating!
  • Essential Oils Can Raise Vibrations for Manifesting!
    Jewels talks with special Guest Lezlie Cebulski, ND, EFT, RM who created that formulates and combines essential oils that can help you to manifest money, opportunities, and a wonderful sense of well being in order to raise your vibration. This is a fascinating show that you will love because of these power tools, used in conjunction with EFT, helps you to manifest your dreams.
  • Michael Bernard Beckwith talks about LOVE and Peace.
    Join Jewels and Dr. Michael Beckwith as they talk about everything from the law of attraction to current affairs! Then it's followed up with 2 minutes segments of Abundance, Happiness, Be the First and Find your Mate by R.J. Banks!

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