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Law of Attraction Radio Network inspires and uplifts listeners as they learn that their thoughts have energy. Create the life you want and live in happiness and abundance through the Law of Attraction!

Law of Attraction Talk Radio
  • Loving Money is a GOOD Thing!
    Kathleen Kempf joins Jewels as they talk about changing our mindset from lack of money to making money work for you. Kathleen is the author of Loving Money and is an actual Financial Consultant. She states on the air that "everyone can be a millionaire or even billionaire if we learn some great tips and techniques she lays out in her incredible book, Loving Money! Great Show!
  • Karmic Astrologer - Marguerite Manning!
    Join Jewels as she talks with her friend Marguerite Manning about everything under the sun about the cosmic energies of the Past Life! If you haven't read "Sign Language - Decoding Your Contract with the Universe," you will want to! Marguerite is one of the best Astrologers out there helping you to understand the repeating patterns from lifetime to lifetime. You are going to love it. To listen to more of Jewels' Shows, go to
  • The Family Guide to the Law of Attraction!
    Join Jewels as she talks with Coach Mary Petto about her book, The Family Guide to the Law of Attraction. This book really gets Jewels' excited because it the perfect way to actually train children and family members how to literally start manifesting. It's the perfect way to keep you and yours tuned into creating a fabulous way of living. You are going to love this episode!
  • Your Mind Can Heal - Mahmond Rashidi, M.D.
    Dr. Rashidi joins Jewels to understand the power of the mind to not only manifest but to heal the body of any ailment. Great show and has vital information for every listener. This is just the start of learning how to heal your mind! You can find out more about Dr. Rashidi and his new book by going here:
  • Prosperity Consciousness with Todd Silva - Give Away a Dollar a Day!
    Jewels brings back Todd Silva who created a program that manifested great wealth... All you have to do is learn to give away that which you need. If it's money, then simply by giving away $1 a day, can free up your mind into great wealth. It's easy and it's so freeing! Listen in to this wonderful program of Law of Attraction Talk Radio with Jewels
  • Jewels Asks Questions of the Stream of David!
    This is an exciting episode in that Jewels' ask questions directly to the Stream of David, and some of the answers may surprise you. It may be time to readjust our thinking... or not... it just depends if you resonate with the message. David Strickel who channels for the Stream is GREAT! Tune into his weekly show by going to
  • How to Change Your Life with Just ONE Thought - Dr. Toni Camacho
    This week we have a great show with Dr. Toni Camacho about how to manifest a wonderful new life! She has a new book out that will be answer to guide you to realize your dreams and finally, create the life that you want to live! It all begins now, on Law of Attraction Talk Radio with Jewels. Dr. Toni Camacho, PhD, HHP, RH (AHG) Holistic Health Practitioner/Registered Herbalist New Book: How to Change Your Life with Just One Thought! Moongazing Herbal Apothecary
  • Bring Joy In For Manifesting!!!
    Michelle Joy of Global Joy Institute joins Jewels and shares her many manifestations using JOY as the basis. She not only manifested her husband, but also traveling around the world by herself. Really great Law of Attraction story that will rock your world. and visit her 30 day program . To hear more of Jewels past shows, visit...
  • Emotions and Hypnosis focusing on Fertility
    Jewels talks a bit about how venting is OK and even necessary to remove the negative emotions from your energy field. Then Hypnotherapist Dee Ballington talks about helping someone with fertility issues via hypnosis. Jewels and Dee start talking shop about hypnotherapy and it's filled with all kinds of information and techniques. .; For weight or stress release, go to:
  • Ellen Wood - Columnist Author and Book Editor Talks About LOA and Growing Younger
    Ellen Wood has been a Columnist for Law of Attraction Magazine for over 5 years and she always has an incredible column about how to stay younger. It's take to talk about using the Law of Attraction to act and grow more youthful everyday. We can use the same principles for aging as we do for wealth creation... so come on all, let's grow younger! To hear more of Jewels' shows, visit

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