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Law of Attraction Radio Network inspires and uplifts listeners as they learn that their thoughts have energy. Create the life you want and live in happiness and abundance through the Law of Attraction!

Law of Attraction Talk Radio
  • Howard Martin of HeartMath visits with Jewels
    It's amazing that Jewels scheduled an interview with Howard a few months in advanced without knowing of the week's mass shooting. Now we can talk about how we can shift our thinking and our heart in order to create peace and harmony for not only our selves, but for the world. There is something that we can all do and HeartMath is the place to go to bring in peace collectively. This is a brilliant organization and one that helps us live within the powerful heart. and Heart
  • Justin Perry... All about the Law of Attraction
    Jewels is joined by Justin Perry who is a Youtube favorite (YouAreCreators). He tells an inspirational story that landed him into a beautiful home and joyful life with wife and kids... by really working the Law of Attraction. This is the way for you to empower yourself and take hold of your life. It takes determination to change your thoughts, and when you are ready and committed, you will see the miracles come about. Are you ready to change the way you think... if so, then you will be inspired to keep going and use the Law of Attraction daily.
  • Science has proved There is NO such thing as Death
    Join Jewels as she talks about the science that proves that there is life after death. Physicist Konstantin Korotkov of Russia shows this by a special camera. Also Dr. Eban Alexandra, Harvard trained Neurosurgeon had his own personal NDE. And then Jewels talks with Oncologist Dr. Jeffrey Long about his extensive library on near-death experiences that he has gathered from around the world. Great Show bringing clarity to life and love.
  • Soul Matters - Shamanism by Dr. Jeanne-Rachel Salomon
    Jewels talks with Dr. Salomon (in Maui) about her powerful book called Soul Matters. She is a Practicing Shaman able to help someone to retrieve their soul, lost during a traumatic event. She is really an incredible person that has been on a mystical journey and even a near-death experience. Join this for this fascinating journey into the life of a shaman. To visit Dr. Salomon's website and purchase the book, please visit
  • Renowned Speaker Preethaji, direct from India, "THE FOUR SACRED SECRETS"
    Preethaji is a transformational leader, co-founder of the renowned O&O Academy ( in India, and co-author of the forthcoming The Four Sacred Secrets: For Love and Prosperity, a Guide to Living in a Beautiful State (Aug. 6), along with her husband, Krishnaji. Philosophers and meditation masters, their spiritual teachings have reached millions around the world as they work to create a revolution in human consciousness. Their students – among them Usher, Ari Emanuel and Mike Novogratz – find that this transformed state of consciousness, β€œthe beautiful state,” creates the inner change required to manifest greater fulfillment in all areas of their lives. *Soul Sync Practice:* *Serene Mind Practice:* *Ekam World Peace Festival 2019 - The Vision:* *Ekam World Peace Festival website link to sign up as peacemakers:* *Founders Website:*
  • Immune System with Dr. Toni Camacho
    Jewels talks with her herbalist and friend, Dr. Toni Camacho about the immune system. If that is not up to par, you are more than likely to come down with a bug especially when traveling. So stop and listen to what Dr. Toni is saying. It's time we take full responsibility for our health and well-being and not place that burden upon someone outside of our body. Stop, look and listen to what your body is trying to tell you. and
  • Jewels welcomes Lynn Owens to LOA Radio Network
    Lynn Owens is the new radio show host on Law of Attraction Radio Network and it's all about Self Love. Lynn is a cancer survivor and a Law of Attraction Coach that helps people discover the love that they have been hiding from themselves. Nothing is more important so human growth than self-love. This is a very interesting show that reveals that we will nurture others and often forget about us and our own needs. and
  • All About Abundance with Paula Kidd Casey
    Jewels brings on pal and Abundance Coach, Paula Kidd Casey for an dynamic talk on creating abundance in your life. They have a great time chatting about the mindset that can help anyone adjust to a new way of living by accepting abundance that is already there!
  • Doreen Virtue says the Law of Attraction is Evil....
    Jewels brings on Dr. Michael Mosley, a extremely well-respected minister and Psychic, to discuss this interesting viewpoint and the immediate turn around of someone who we all lovingly called the Angel Lady. Ms. Virtue stopped selling all her books and cards and said that they were all about the devil. Now she has turned to the only tool that is in accordance with her new found beliefs... the Bible. She has stated that Manifesting is evil along with hypnosis... Tune in and join us in our discussion about Ms. Doreen Virtue.
  • Let's talk about Near Death Experience with Dianne Sherman
    About 30 years ago, Dianne Sherman had a near death experience and when she returned, she found that she had all these abilities in which to help people psychically. She explained in great detail her experience and what it was like when she was told... "It's not you time, you must go back." Simply told, she confirms that there is no such thing as death and its nothing to be afraid of. To learn more about Dianne Sherman please go to Please visit Jewels show page at or watch this episode on

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