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Security Cameras or No Security Cameras:Can they really protect you?

Dec 29th 2010 at 9:17 AM

My husband and I started this company over 5 years ago out of neccessity and to this date it has grown and flourished beyond our expections. Sadly to say the worse things get in the world the better our business gets. The reality of our world is protection. We have a need to take measures whatever they are to protect our homes and our businesses. The newest way to hit the market is video surveillance. A option that allows you to catch them in the act or to watch over your business either from home or around the world.

Weather you think you need it or not it can happen to you. You only have to think for a minute or read the newspaper and hear the stories and think for a minute. Also think of the stories you have heard and see how many have been solved by the use of video cameras.Go to your locale police station simply ask them How Many people have you caught in a home invasion or business invasion when the alarm sounds the answer will be NONE. But with video surveillance you got them in the act. A picture is worth 1000 words and how do they disupt the facts your caught red handed!!!!

Some call it big brother is watching you but you wouldn't be saying that if your child is snatched from the streets, a friend is murdered, your car goes missing or your store is broken into causing a raise in liability, insurance etc thats costing you money in the end. The scenarios are endless and happen somewhere some place each and everyday. What would you do not to have it happen to you?

It is not meant to invade your privacy in any mannner it has been created for you to have a sense of peace of mind if you travel your family is protect or your business is protected. We have place systems from homes to charted boats to jewelery dealers to restuarants to old age homes for reasons of watching a nanny to nurse watching parents to boaters who may be in need of health care while in the dining room to helping the boats dock safely.

Some times the cameras are not used to watch over you but the person beside you. We are proud to be owners of a company with a great need and even more proudly to know our systems have prosecuted a child killer, spouse abusers, and saved many a business owners in lost revenue.

Thanxs for reading my little article and would love to hear you thoughts or questions anytime on the subject.

If you feel you have a need or thought about getting you one of these systems we offer something for everyone at an affordable price for every situation. Please feel free to visit our online store at anytime.

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Mike and Tracy Haworth

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Jul 20th 2011 at 12:27 PM by flconversation
Tracy, you say it: it's sad to admit that thanks to our so well developed era we need more security measurements. Video surveillance of the own house, property used the correct way seems s.th. indispensable nowadays. Good to bring awareness of this. On the other hand it might bring up some undesired results... for example the undesired 'love partner' of him or her in a married couple. With other words we also have to learn to be more discrete. :)

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