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Holistic therapies
Complementary therapies
New online Pilates classes now started.
26 days ago
Complementary Therapies & Classes
  • Online Pilates Classes

    We offer small intimate Online Pilates classes in the comfort of your own home or office which are suitable for all.
  • Mat Pilates Classes

    Small intimate Pilates classes in our complementary therapy centre in Edinburgh suitable for all.
  • Counselling

    This talking therapy is undertaken by a fully trained and experienced counsellor.
  • Facial Massage

    We offer a natural face lift massage treatment which is non-invasive and results in clients looking and feeling younger.
  • Sports Massage

    Sports Massage is a massage that people that play sport should have regularly to help them to recover from injury, to keep at optimum fitness and allow them to fully enjoy the sport they play.
  • Swedish Massage

    Swedish massage is a treatment which relaxes the muscles and the mental state, and which stimulates and balances all body systems. Swedish massage and aromatherapy massage are the same except that you use specific oils to help treat various ailments in aromatherapy massage.
  • Osteopathy

    Osteopathy is a safe and effective form of diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of health concerns.
  • Reflexology

    Reflexology is a popular complementary therapy that focuses mainly on your feet. Reflexology helps your body to heal itself; it removes tension and brings balance to your body and mind.
  • Hypnotherapy

    Hypnotherapy is designed to alleviate conditions such as depression and anxiety, confidence and self-esteem.
Holistic Therapy Blog
  • A Perfect Storm

    We’re certainly in a surreal period in our lives aren’t we? Do you keep wondering when you’ll get some kind of a break? Are you hoping that your life may change soon? No matter how you feel currently, it’s ultimately a matter of perspective. And the good thing about perspective is that once you change it, reality often follows suit! 1: You have free will...

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  • Stress and stress management

    I think we can all agree, things are a bit stressful right now We have never experienced a time like this and we don’t really know what is going to happen or if we even should ‘go back to normal’. And one of the most powerful stressors is uncertainty. I’ll chat a wee bit about the physiological process of stress response, but you are more...

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  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

    COVID-19 Information From Happy Being Dear All, Due to the present circumstances, we find ourselves living in, please note our one to one treatments/sessions and classes at Happy Being Alva Street have been postponed until further notice.  Each therapist and teacher has been in touch with their respective Clients individually to inform them. We will be open again at Alva St. once the NHS and...

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  • 10 Productive Things To Do While You Are In Lock Down And/Or Self Isolating

    For your mental health – talk to others on the phone, Skype and Zoom. I had pre-dinner drinks with friends on Zoom this weekend! For your physical health – join an online class such as Pilates with me, Jane Haddow ( or yoga. It’s a great way to connect up with others and have some fun too.  If you would like to take part in...

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    The post 10 Productive Things To Do While You Are In Lock Down And/Or Self Isolating appeared first on Happy Being.

  • What is all this stress doing to me?

    Stress is a term that is now ingrained within our society and commonly used in our day to day lives. But how does stress really affect our physical and mental health? What happens in the body? Selye (1936, 1950) found that on a physiological level, the body has a non-specific, generalised response to stressors that activates both the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and the Endocrine...

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  • Why you should get a facelift massage this New Year

    I have been doing facial exercises for several years in combination with using active, nourishing, pure safe skincare products. I’ve had many compliments about turning the clock back on my skin and looking 10 years younger, and who doesn’t want to look and feel younger these days?! Life is full of hectic routines, environmental pollutants and constant stress. All we want to do is go...

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  • Chronic pain myth-busting

    Throughout my career I’ve heard lots of do’s and dont’s from both patients and other healthcare practitioners which have no research backing OR have been completely busted in the past. The fact is – our society’s chronic pain is getting worse, not better. Sickness levels are increasing and more people are complaining of back and neck pain. What I’d like to do is try to...

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  • Hypnotherapy – the alternative solution – but what is it exactly?

    You won’t be asked to eat onions! You won’t be asked to cluck like a hen! So what is hypnotherapy exactly? First things first, you have to feel relaxed with your therapist – if you don’t, change your therapist and secondly, if you decide to use hypnotherapy to support a problem, you must be motivated to complete the programme and believe it will help you...

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  • An Introduction: Why Access Counselling?

    Counselling can feel like a daunting undertaking; with the stigma surrounding mental health in our society, it is often a commitment kept in secret, not openly discussed or sought after. There can be a prevailing sentiment of, ‘I don’t need counselling because I don’t have a mental health diagnosis’. People access counselling for a myriad of reasons; whether to strengthen the relationships they already have,...

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  • 4 Misconceptions About Pilates

    1. It’s All About The “Core” Pilates is all about the core but so much more, strengthening the muscle groups around your torso and abdominal area is important but stamina, mobility and flexibility are such a big part of each class too. Pilates is an all-rounder, working the upper body, lower body, arms, legs, the hip, shoulder, knee and ankle joints. It involves centring the...

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