Choose your blog niche

Dec 2nd 2010 at 1:07 PM


Felix Miranda
CEO/DIRECTOR Global Success For All

Choose your blog niche

What you first have to do before you set up your blog is select the topic (or niche) you want to write about. That'll be your 'blog topic' or 'blog niche'. It should be something that you not only are passionate about but is also profitable.

You have to have a great interest yourself about the topic and people shoud be willing to spend their money on it. I shouldn't say how important is that you have a good knowledge about the topic chosen in order to be able to write many blog posts and also  that you know what you are talking about. When you demonstrate you know what you are writing, you can be sure your visitors will have you as an expert who they can trust and so they'll look for advice from you.

The information you are giving in your blog have to be useful to your readers so that you can create credibility and this way you will be able to make money from your blog. People won't want to pay for something not useful for them. On the contrary they'll be willing to pay for useful information which they need. It doesn't mean you must have a University degree or be the most expert in the field youare writing, not actually, however you must know what your are talking about or intending to teach. Now, if you like a topic and you want to make it your blog topic, it's nothing make some research and learn. Soon you'll be an expert. Just start thinking of your interests and those things you are passionate about. You are going to discover how easy it turns to you writing about those things.

If the topic you choose is one of those being looked for, that has a lot of money to produce. Many examples could be given. Let's think of health, fitness, elderly care, etc. Now it's time to break this down into sub-topics. From making a research on the web it's easy to know that niches like health and fitness are very profitable.

But it is also known the competition they have. Here is where you will want to bring them into smaller sub-niches. These smaller niches can be very profitable and can help you monetize your blog with them. It's recommended not to 'make' too small niches which don't have competition, because it's probable there's no much investment in them. A big list can be built about popular and profitable niches. Among them we have, as said before, eldery care, dating, relationships, nature and health and many more.

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