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I love to be involved in all aspects of Internet Marketing. From list building to traffic generation.

My passion is Online GiveAway Events. In my opinion these events are spectacular resources just to get to know and understand new users that are online and would like to be involved with List Building.
Jason Conway | ExecutiveCorner

GiveAway Events Updated
  • Traffic Blaster Giveaway Just Announced 2010-06-22T01:55:00.002-04:00
    There has been a brand new addition to the list of this month's giveaway events. The Traffic Blaster GiveAway Event has just been put into pre-launch phase. What this means is that for the next 9 days you can sign up as a contributor to this event and submit a digital product download gift to help you build your list for when the event opens to the public.

    The hosts of this event are Marilyn Parmelee & Jeffery Palladino. This is Marilyn's very first giveaway event, so I am not sure as to how this event will rate. You have to understand that when it is a first time event with even one of the hosts it could have either a positive or negative effect on that person.

    My Review Opinion:

    Although it seems as though it is Marilyn's first time in the hosting of a giveaway event, Jeff has managed to build up a strong name for himself. I have signed up because it will have a positive increase in my subscriber base, however I do not recommend that you should take the upgrade feature. Although this is a 30 day event, I do not feel that it is going to be worth the upgrade price.

    The overall feel of the graphics of this event are (at least to me) not of the highest quality that I have seen in the other events that I have participated in. I think that in their second event or even before the launch of this event that they should go back and consider doing something about the graphics. They just look second rate.

    I do recommend that you join this event as a FREE Contributor though. Remember what I have said in the past is that any event that even brings in 4 more new subscribers to your list was worth it. It is not the event that makes your list, it is what your follow up messages in your autoresponder system do for you.

    With all of that said, Go ahead and get your FREE account to the Traffic Blaster GiveAway Event right now!
  • Day #2 of the Internet Marketers Giveaway Event 2010-06-20T03:17:00.002-04:00
    Rodger Hyatt has opened up the flood gates. That is right folks, just yesterday he announced that the Internet Marketers GiveAway event has been pushed into Launch Mode. Now everyone is able to go and get all sorts of cool, exciting and best of all FREE digital download gifts.

    Just think about how much you could save and what kind of loyalty and branding you can do with some of these fantastic gifts. So far since the announcement there have been a total of 374 members added to this exciting event. This is good and gives a lot of exposure but it could be 10 times better. Go ahead and sign up for your FREE account today and pass the word along.

    Let's Make this one of the best GiveAway Events that are going to be the start of the summer giveaway ventures.
  • Recently Announced is the Original Products GiveAway Event 2010-06-18T13:19:00.003-04:00
    These are the events that really bring visitors and potential prospects to the table. That is right, the Original Products GiveAway Event has been announced in pre-launch phase. You can get in on the action right now.

    What exactly is the Original Products GiveAway event? Well this event is all about original products. This is one of the few events that I have been involved with where the host (Keith Purkiss and Michael Ottman) actually go through manually each and every gift submission that is presented in their event and check the the originality of the product. Each product which will be presented to you will not be older than 2 months.

    So what does this mean for you? Well if you are looking to get a jump start against your competition these gifts will be surely products that are young and have not been full exploited yet.

    This event is currently set to launch on July 2nd and will be running through July 15th. Now you will be presented the option of upgrading your status whether as a member or a contributor. If you have the funds to upgrade then it is my recommendation to upgrade. However just remember that it is only two weeks long for the event and you have to weigh that to what you think that you will make in the event. Again this event should prove to be a popular event. Go ahead and take your original product (report, book, software program, etc.) and sign up right now to the Original Products GiveAway event!
  • Another 4th of July Event Recently Added 2010-06-18T11:31:00.002-04:00
    This event has recently been announced as well. It is the 4th of july GiveAway event which will be hosted by Joesph Anderson and company. This is another event that has been proven in the past to perform. Currently the event is in pre-launch mode and is looking for contributors to get involved with the event. There is a little bit less than 2 weeks for the event to stay in pre-launch mode.

    The doors to this event officially open on June 30th and will close its doors on July 31st. That is a full 4 weeks to get your list building efforts maximized. This event has proven to be very successful and is only going to be getting better and better. There will be the option of upgrading your contributor status. If you have the funds (upgrading is never a mandatory requirement) then I recommend that you do so. This will allow you to add more gifts and get yourself seen more times throughout the event. This will help you in your branding efforts.

    Remember that the earlier that you get involved with this event (or any other event that you may know about) the better chances are of your gift getting seen by more. So go ahead and sign up as a contributor to the 4th Of July Giveaway Event Today!
  • Summer GiveAway Event is Here 2010-06-18T11:24:00.003-04:00
    Well Scott Drake is at it again! This is definitely an event that you need to get involved with. This will be the third time that I have been involved with this event and each year it is getting more and more popular. Scott Drake puts on an excellent event. This event that will blow your mind is called the Massive Summer Giveaway Event.

    This event starts in less than a week and will last all summer long. That is a total of three months as it will close its doors on September 23rd. Currently the event is in pre-launch mode and is looking for contributors. If you are trying to get involved with JV GiveAway events then this is one to get your feet wet in.

    There will be an opportunity for you to upgrade your contributor status after you have confirmed your email address. If you have the funds, then I strongly recommend that you go ahead and get involved with the upgrade option. By upgrading you will have your gift shown ahead of the other contributors who have not upgraded. Think about it like this, this event will last all summer long and your gift will be in the top 3 pages of the event. It is definitely a great investment for you.

    Take this opportunity to sign up as a contributor to the Massive Summer GiveAway Event right now!

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