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Editage, a brand of Cactus Communications, is a leading provider of specialist English-language and communication solutions to authors, journals, publishers, and corporations worldwide.

At Editage, in everything we do, we want to accelerate the development of global scientific research. We are constantly innovating to create new solutions to help international researchers communicate better.

Editage was established in April 2002 with an aim to accelerate global scientific research communication. We take great efforts to understand our authors’ needs.

Our unique service packages and educational programs have helped over 72,000 authors across 116 countries to get published in high-impact factor journals.

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  • Dr. Soon Kim
    Dr. Soon Kim
    Dr. Soon Kim is a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Library and Information Science Ewha Womans University. She is a guest professor at Library and Information Science Dept at Ewha Womans University & Myungji University. She is also an academic publication trainer and consultant with Editage insights.

    Dr. Soon Kim is an experienced trainer with over 20 years of experience in scientific communication and publishing skills to Korean researchers. She started as a trainer when she worked as a research librarian at LG Chemical Research Park and expanded her training career while working at a Korean local agency, Shinwon Datanet.

    She has given lectures on Web of Science and electronic journals in many academic institutions. She has also facilitated workshops on bibliometrics and publishing skills for Korean researchers at Elsevier Korea for 8 years. She mainly talks about impact of citation databases, evidence-based medicine, and manuscript submission/peer reviewing process.

  • What is the credibility of a research paper published under the commentary category of a paper?
    Question Description: 

    After I submitted a paper for publication as an original article, the editor said it fits best under the Commentary category of the journal and I need to shorten it to fit in this category.

    I am wondering, should I proceed with this or it is better to publish it as an original article in a lower impacted journal?


  • Thousands of science supporters around the world set to 'March for Science'
    Thousands of science supporters around the world set to ‘March for Science’

    Scientists have been long accused of remaining confined to an ivory tower with little or no connect to the non-scientific community. But this will change on Earth Day, that is, April 22, when scientists, science advocates, and science enthusiasts from around the world will take to the streets to participate in the March for Science. Is this the first time scientists have raised their voices? Are all scientists in favor of this movement? Read on to find out more and take the poll at the end of the post to share your views.  

    Scientists have been long accused of remaining confined to an ivory tower with little or no connect to the non-scientific community. But this will change on Earth Day, that is, April 22, when scientists, science advocates, and science enthusiasts from around the world will take to the streets to participate in the March for Science. This movement was prompted by the stance U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration has taken regarding scientific issues and science policies. Recently, Trump’s budget proposal threatened to remove around $7 billion from science programs, which drew heavy criticism from the scientific community. This turn of events sparked the need for scientists to create awareness about science and the need for evidence-based federal decision-making leading to the March of Science.

    Is this the first time scientists have raised their voices? In the past presidencies too researchers have tried to speak out against federal policies for science, but the voices were not as strong. When President George W. Bush suppressed the research results of a scientist, scientists reacted to the problem after almost three years. During Barack Obama’s presidency, scientists were prompter in criticizing the federal policies. However, Trump’s governance has evoked the quickest and strongest response among the public. Although the March for Science website does not mention President Trump, but the march is a protest against his policies. “I am deeply concerned about the anti-scientific stance of the Trump administration, and the effects of their policies that disregard research on the environment, human health and the US economy,” said David Leaf, cell biologist who teaches at Western Washington University in Bellingham, a supporter of the march.

    From being a grassroots level movement, the March for Science has snowballed into a huge movement of activism, supported by 220 official science organizations. The main event will take place in Washington DC, but will include marches in 400 other locations in 37 countries. Though it seems that the entire scientific community is supporting the movement, some have criticized it. Steven Pinker, a well-known psychology professor at Harvard University, said, “They make the March seem like an extension of the identity politics and victimology that have discredited academia in the eyes of much of the rest of the world.

    Others feel the march’s objective is too vague and that it politicizes science. “I’ve seen articles from right-wing outlets that are framing the march as focusing on gender equality and identity politics. I think it could easily politicize science because, even though the march’s mission statement isn’t anti-Trump, the marchers seem anti-Trump,” stated Nathan Gardner, a postdoc at the University of Chicago School of Medicine in Illinois, who said he would not join the march for this reason. Some like Robert Young, a geologist at Western Carolina University. feel the march itself is probably not the best way to raise awareness as it would trivialize and politicize the science and “turn scientists into another group caught up in the culture wars and further drive the wedge between scientists and a certain segment of the American electorate.

    Despite the skepticism expressed by some scientists, a huge turnout is expected at the March for Science. Whether this movement succeeds in having a long-lasting effect on the government and the general public remains to be seen. 

  • an ethical question
    Question Description: 

    purely ethical question!.if i knew a revolutionary treatment that can or might work for a medical condition, and it is already approved by FDA for another condition,can i suggest this treatment for a patient and then publish the results in a case report as a first step towards gaining recognition from the medical community ?

  • Where can I find the email address for sending a pre-submission inquiry?
    Question Description: 

    I need to send a pre-submission inquiry to a journal. But I can't find the email address for sending pre-submission inquiries on the journal website. It only provides the publishing house contact details or the contact address for client contact. I think those should not be used for pre-submission inquiry. Right now all the submissions are through the online system.



    I think you can use the email address provided for client contact. Additionally, you will definitely find the name of the editor-in-chief (EiC) of the journal somewhere on the website. Check if the email address provided for client contact has the name of the EiC in it; then you can be sure your inquiry is going to the right person. If it does not have the name of the editor, you should still send your pre-submission inquiry to the same address. If it's not the EiC's address, the recipient will either forward the email to the EiC or will reply to your email providing the email address of the person who receives pre-submission inquiries. Even if the journal does not entertain pre-submission inquiries, you should ideally receive a reply explaining that.

    The other option for you would be to write to the email address provided for client contact and ask about the procedure for sending a pre-submission inquiry to the journal and the email address of the person responsible for handling pre-submission inquiries.

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  • The Milky Way has a hydrogen veil
    The Milky Way has a hydrogen veil

    While it is known that a large bulk of the mass of our galaxy lies in the dark matter i.e. matter that does not emit any electromagnetic radiation of any kind, until now it has been difficult to detect it. Now astronomers Huanian Zhang and Dennis Zaritsky at the University of Arizona have reported that our galaxy, the Milky Way, is surrounded by a vast halo of hydrogen. Their findings are based on the recorded patterns of wavelengths that reveal clues about our galaxy. The researchers turned to public databases of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey for spectra taken by other scientists of galaxies outside our Milky Way because observing the galaxy in which one is staying cannot give one the perspective of an outsider. The researchers were aware of the presence of hydrogen cloudlets around the galaxy, but they looked for a narrow spectral line called hydrogen alpha, which indicates the presence of hydrogen’s state (which exists as single atoms) in the outer space. Most of the hydrogen around the Milky Way exists in the neutral state, which makes it extremely difficult to detect. Zaritsky said they observed that “In one direction, we see the gas coming toward us, and the opposite direction, we see it moving away from us.” This, according to him, indicates that hydrogen is not in the disk of our galaxy, but is in the halo.

    Read more in Science Daily.       

  • Can I join Dr. Gabby request? I'm instructing rese...
    Can I join Dr. Gabby request? I'm instructing researchers also in my institution and would like to use Editage materials. Is it possible? Many thanks in advance, Adi
  • Hello Regmi,What's up with your manuscript? ...
    Hello Regmi, What's up with your manuscript?
  • How can I publish my review article or research paper?
    Question Description: 

    I have never written a research paper or review article but I am very keen to do it. Can someone please guide me?
    I want to know the complete procedure of doing it.

  • Will my IEEE conference paper be published in IEEE Xplore Digital library as conference proceedings?
    Question Description: 

    I have done a proposal paper (unimplemented) and presented in an IEEE International conference and in future, I will work and publish it in a journal. Will my conference presented paper be put in IEEE digital xplore library?

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