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Internet Marketing Articles by Doug Champigny
  • Is Multi-Level Marketing - MLM - A Legitimate Business Option For You?
    Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), or network marketing, has a poor image in many people's minds. But the truth is that when it's approached correctly it's a powerful business opportunity - and has a great deal more potential now thanks to the World-Wide Web.
  • Not Everyone Can Be A Successful Entrepreneur
    For most of the 20th century, being an entrepreneur meant starting a brick and mortar business, hanging out your shingle and going after targeted clients locally. Now the online world has made it possible for almost anyone to become an entrepreneur - but in spite of what many claim, not everyone can be a successful entrepreneur...
  • Newsletters And E-Zines: What Should You Expect?
    In the online marketing world, and especially the Internet Marketing/Make Money Online niche, pretty much every marketer or site owner offers incentives like free downloads to entice visitors to sign up for their e-mail newsletter or e-zine. You sign up to receive it and the e-mails start to roll in every day or every few days.
  • Embrace Massive Mondays For Maximum Motivation
    For maximal motivation you need to go against the common attitudes - which isn't surprising given the low levels of motivation displayed by most people these days. Instead of dreading Mondays and then dragging through the workweek, ramp up for Massive Mondays and breeze through your week!
  • Are Entrepreneurs More Susceptible To Depression?
    Entrepreneurs are often thought of as eternal optimists, always pushing forward in the face of all obstacles and ignoring the concerns of others about the future of their enterprises. But the reality may well be that entrepreneurs are more susceptible to depression, loss of motivation, suicidal thoughts and other related mental health issues than those in the general population.
  • Internet Marketers or Online Salespeople?
    People engaged in the Make Money Online niche are most commonly referred to as Internet marketers. Truth be told, though, the vast majority are actually Internet salespeople as opposed to marketers of any stripe.
  • Internet Entrepreneurs - Workers Or Lurkers?
    Starting a business on the Internet is much simpler than starting an offline business, so a lot of people with no business or marketing experience decide to start their own home-based business online. Unfortunately the majority of them are just wasting their time.
  • Why Your Motivation Doesn't Stick Around
    Motivation, like luck, is a very fickle lover. You're highly motivated, moving forward at warp speed with everything going your way and never even notice Mistress Motivation slipping out the back door...
  • Why Most Entreprenewbies Fail
    In the offline business world over 95% of new businesses fail to last 10 years - in the online world the numbers are probably equally dismal. In most cases the cause of these failures is based more on the mindset of the would-be business owners ('entreprenewbies') than on all other causes combined.
  • Are You Ignoring This Important Part Of Your Online Marketing Success?
    All over the world, tens or hundreds of thousands of people and companies strive to improve their online marketing results and bottom-line profits. Yet most are oblivious to the importance of one simple part of their Internet marketing toolbox - one of the simplest ways to maximize their chances of success online.

Doug Champigny - Mindset & Motivation Blog
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