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  • About me:

    My personal site Life's Ultimate Test and profile has received the attention of the Presidential 2008 Obama campaign for striving to bring about change in an area of education that has been overlooked and left on the back burner. The result was accepting the honor of being the Ambassador of the state of Maine for the 2007-2008 Presidential Obama campaign yearbook.

    In the year 2000 I was honored for my unselfish attitude as a self appointed community advocate. For my dedication and inspirational work, Adelphia Communications and Romance classics, a network from the American Movie Channel, had selected me to receive the "Cool Women of America Award" Only two were chosen from Maine, and I was one.

    I have volunteered in three different school doing craft projects with the students on all holidays. Done special projects, along with sewing customs for plays. Volunteered in the head start program. Been a member of the parent-teacher group, doing many fund raisers for classroom needs , and school playground equipment.

    I have also served as vice president of both the People's Action Committee and the Maine Association of Independent Neighborhoods, which deals with low income issues. Held office as Treasurer for Task force on Human needs, as well as second vice president of the American Legion Auxiliary. I was certified by Pine Tree Legal as a community advocate. Volunteered helping the elderly, and handicapped along with anyone in need of help that has crossed my path as I go through life. Started a group for young children in the community called "Tiny Tots" doing fund raisers for t-shirts, parties and a float for the parade to enrich the lives of young children. I also hold many certificates in different fields.

    I went on to publish books and screenplays:
    Thank you, Doris Anne Beaulieu
  • Broken Souls (book/screenplay)

    Broken Souls is a screenplay that was adapted from the book of my true life story entitled, " The Torment’s of the Modest, Secluded Farm Life". I attended private school and was constantly under pressure from my strict parents who believed that being "sheltered" from the world was the only way to live a pure and healthy life. I was repressed in everything that I did as I grew up in that environment. I was never exposed to any of the realities that most children of today can see by just turning on a television set. But the day finally came that I left my hometown. I had to leave this blanket of security that, unbeknownst to me, was completely smothering my social development. I quickly discovered that I was unprepared for the real world, or shall we say, the "Other World’ of rough language and hard decisions. During this time, I met another woman similar to me, and she became my guardian angel. She could tell simply by talking to me at the mail box how I was being torn mentally in all directions and was nervous about just talking in general. With her daily help of two years, and by making some hard decisions I was able to overcome the adversity in my life and become the person I am today. If you check out my biography you will see how my adult life has been spent in giving back to others through groups, organizations and schools in return for having been rescued from my naive self. In the screenplay " BROKEN SOULS" you will discover how, after my return home, I began to help my friend Daisy who relied on me to help her though her own tragedy and slowly became accustomed to the real world in order to survive in it. When you are raised in this manner it takes many years to begin to feel like you are catching up with the real world and many don’t realize it till they had reach the age of forty, how it held them back from their goals in life. So this is a story worth the telling in order to make a difference in someone else's life. Those who can relate to the bond of "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" will surely be able to appreciate this screenplay. So for producers and agents who are looking for material that is not violent and sends a positive message, THIS IS IT. Thank you, I’m Doris Anne Beaulieu from Life’s Ultimate Test dot com

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