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Strategies for Real Estate Marketing

Jan 14th 2020 at 5:05 AM


The Indian real estate market is extremely competitive. With so many options and price offers, home buyers are spoiled for choice.

Add to this the fast-paced digital real estate marketing tools. It is impractical to rely solely on traditional media to reach the right audience. As in the old media, even digital strategies of the new era must be planned and implemented for the target audience.

Real estate marketing requires continuous effort and innovative ideas for communicating with people. Despite fierce competition and ever-increasing media costs, there are a number of proven strategies for real estate marketing that can lead to success.

By implementing strategies for real estate marketing you can increase sales, achieve greater efficiency and find the best balance in your real estate marketing plan.

Proven strategies for real estate marketing in India:

Know your targeted customers

Understanding your target audience is the key and most important step in any marketing activity. This not only helps you understand what your potential customers need but also allows you to customize certain aspects of your product or service to meet these needs. These are also fundamental steps in a real estate marketing strategy.

Always carefully study the needs of users, their attitudes, habits, aspirations, problems, lifestyle and much more. - This will help you to contact them emotionally, connect and gain their trust.

Design a professional website

This is one of the most important strategies for real estate marketing outdated or unprofessional websites can frighten even a serious home buyer. Not only is it difficult to navigate through old sites, but to ask a question about trust in your organization. Your website is a key tool in all your marketing efforts. This reflects your brand and its values and should be clearly and concisely reflected on your site. It is extremely easy for visitors to find information and find sections. Encouraging and appealing to visitors is also an effective way to direct visitors to the main channel.

Joining Hands with partners

Joining hands with channel partners, joint venture partners, etc. is not necessarily a bad idea. As mentioned above, today's real estate market is extremely competitive. The only way to succeed in inconsistent sales is through collaboration and partnership. Such partnerships and business relationships will allow you to get more qualified customers, referrals, as well as establish strong relationships within the fraternity. Always look for profitable opportunities to grow your business.

Professional Photographs of your sites

While this may seem reasonable, real estate companies are at odds with its importance. Photos are the most important part of the purchasing decision. In fact, 89% of home buyers believe when professionally taken photos have helped them make an informed decision.

Professional photographers use state-of-the-art tools, lighting, and processing techniques to give your home a flawless look and familiarize consumers with the final touch.

Analysis & Insights

Analytics and measurable data form the basis of all marketing strategies. They help you improve the vision of your investments and profits. Using Google Analytics and Facebook Insights, you can track various metrics related to your site’s content, social media posts, redirect efforts, etc.

Website traffic, average session duration, bounce rate, and conversion rate are just some of the endless metrics you can identify and track.

This may seem a little overwhelming at first, but when you discover the power of analytics, you will understand how the evidence can help you improve and improve your strategies for real estate marketing.

Niche Targeting

Special competition in the real estate market is not an accessible approach that applies to all consumers. Choosing a niche audience - e.g. kid-friendly homes or home-oriented homes - helps classify yourself as experts. The right buyers will look for you, not look around.

Sharing a lot of useful content through local, blogs, social channels, etc. in your target niches is an important step in creating it.

To do this, you are thinking of a thought leader and expert if, of course, you are talking to potential consumers who are interested in your products.

24 x 7 availability of Customer care

Customers appreciate it when a business is available around the clock. There is always a desire to help establish a strong connection with your potential customers. Installing Chabot’s on your site is a great way to help your visitors answer some of their questions here and there.

Also, you have to provide instant customer care services like mobile SMS, calling, what’s apps, etc..

Client testimonials

Adding client testaments to your website is one of the effective strategies for real estate marketing.

It's simple: potential customers trust and relate to existing customer reviews, not to brands that speak for themselves. Definitely more than any creative advertising campaign.

After a successful home purchase transaction with your client, feel free to ask for the positive feedback. It can be a video, a quote, or even an audio recording.

Genuine customer feedback enhances your brand’s credibility and encourages potential customers to buy your product.

Mobile optimized Websites

The rapid introduction of smartphones has dramatically changed the way people work on the Internet. 52% of users browse sites on mobile devices.

Contrary to what you think, mobile-optimized sites allow visitors to find what they need, rather than a PC version. People can search for new homes anywhere, anytime, directly from their mobile phones.

With a mobile user interface, powerful call to action (CTA) buttons and simple search tools, you can turn more visitors into potential customers. You are responsible for providing them with the best mobile experience on your site.

Fact: Google’s mobile indexing algorithm requires that your site is primarily mobile-friendly and then optimized for search engines.

Series of Creative & Informative blogs

Creating a blog that constantly provides useful information about real estate can be very useful for potential customers at the stage of their research.

Over time, you can increase your value, attract regular readers and get long-term benefits. The key point is the constant placement of new content, which helps customers receive relevant and useful information about real estate.

Potential customers will see you as an expert in their field and knock on your door when buying a home. Integrating info graphs and videos into your blog will further increase the interest of your readers.

Social Media strategies for real estate marketing

Real estate marketing on social networks is almost never used. Social networks can help you communicate with your customers, communicate effectively and build relationships.

It is important that your marketing strategy includes the use of social media channels. If your customers use social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you need to connect to this platform.

Using social listening techniques such as understanding, hashtags, and more. Help measure engagement and conversion rates on these social networks.

Engagements of the client through content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies these days. In fact, this is the essence of inbound marketing.

The point of content marketing is to identify a pain point for your potential customers, make them identify when it comes to solving a problem, and then provide an applicant for valuable content solutions. Reputable sites like Quora and Reddit. Here you can find useful and relevant content, a skirt or an audience.

System for referral sales

As mentioned above, potential customers trust existing lucky ones. Create a referral reward system for your existing clients so that you can refer to future home buyers.

If your existing customers are satisfied with you, they will still distribute word of mouth among their friends, family and colleagues.

If you encourage them to do something truly valuable - be it a gift in kind or in cash or a holiday package - they are more likely to transfer you to a potential client who has already made a big contribution

Keeping touch

Keeping in touch with old customers is an emotional and highly effective real estate marketing strategy.

For a birthday, a birthday greeting with a welcome message or chocolate can be one of the few ways to give personality. These are small ways to find out and show that you want to stay in a long-term relationship.

It also remembers you, and when they want to buy another apartment or move to a larger apartment or contact a friend, your sales office may receive a call or email from them.

So these are some of the tested and proven strategies for real estate marketing. If you want to know more you can contact our experts at Digital Mantra Company!!

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