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The evolution of Business Technology (in a nutshell)

Dec 6th 2018 at 6:48 AM


I was recently asked to write an article for a Company on LinkedIn that presented the argument that Start-ups and Small Businesses don’t actually need to pay for a full-time Computer Support Service anymore. This topic made for an interesting debate between my colleagues and friends in the Bar after work, all of whom are either Business owners of technology geeks.

Why was I presenting this argument?

I was presenting this argument for a Technology entrepreneur that wanted to highlight how Business Technology has evolved over the past decade and because of this, the cost for supporting this technology shouldn’t be ANYWHERE near as much as it was 10 years ago, especially for small Businesses that are generally light users of IT. He’ll admit that he’s not the best writer in the world, so I gave him a helping hand (because that’s the type of helpful person I am!)

Technology has evolved exponentially over the past 10 years.

An example. It’s incredible to think that just 10 years ago, tablet devices didn’t exist. Now, over 360 million iPads have been sold worldwide. Just about every person that I work with has one and I almost guarantee that I use my iPad every day.

10 years ago, we were still using Microsoft Windows Vista Computers (arguably the worst OS that Microsoft has ever produced) and the iPhone had just been unveiled by Steve jobs. Which begs the question, how did anyone manage to get through the day before 2007? People must have talked to each other on the train!

But it’s not just the type of technology we’re using that’s evolved.

Like all other technology genres, Business Technology is 100 times more reliable than the antiquated computers we were using 10 years ago. Desktop Computers were made with components that were less reliable (hard disks would fail every 5 minutes) Servers were over-complicated, difficult to configure and prone to falling over it not kept in a fridge.

In addition, the Cloud as we know it today didn’t exist.

In general, Business Computer Networks were far less reliable than they are today and as such, they needed far more day-to-day maintenance to keep them fully optimised and functioning correctly.

Full-time IT Support was essential for Small Businesses.

Back in the day, a fully managed IT Support service was an essential requirement for Small Businesses. IT Services providers earnt their money by mainly providing a reactive service, firefighting a stream of continuous IT problems that were caused by unreliable hardware, inefficient software and a lack of internal technical knowledge.

Today, Business Technology is a different animal.

Think about it. When was the last time you had a computer go wrong in your place of work? In general, how many computer problems do you get on a daily basis and how often do you have to contact anyone for technical support? Only you know the answer to these questions, but I almost guarantee that it’s at least 50% less than you were 10 years ago (if you’re not a millennial).

Why is this?

It’s quite simple, Business technology has evolved at an exceptional rate. The technology that we use today is FAR more reliable and less complex.

  • Hardware and software works together in harmony better than ever before, which means there are less reliability issues.
  • Computer Hardware is more reliable is less prone to failure thanks to advances in manufacturing techniques and the components themselves.
  • There are less moving parts. For example, many devices such as laptops, Tablets and Small Form Factor Pcs now use solid state storage instead of traditional hard drives that read data from magnetic plates via an actuator arm.

IT Support has evolved with Technology.

The traditional IT Services model that we’re all familiar with has started to evolve with modern technology. Service providers are starting to recognise that their service model needs to evolve with the technology they are supporting. This IT Support Company is a perfect example of a new generation of Service providers that are starting to establish themselves in the marketing, providing Technical support at subsidised prices to Organisations that have invested in modernising their IT operations. You cannot justify charging people a premium for day-to-day technical support when they hardly call you!

We’ve got Google.

Let’s face it, the first place that most of us go to for help is Google, and most of the time we’ll find the answers (what do you think all the techies do anyway?) Unless it’s a hardware problem, a lot of the time people find the answers to computer problems themselves, which means they don’t contact their IT Services provider as much as they used to.

We’ve got the cloud!

Cloud Services have transformed the way that IT is delivered ‘as a service’ to Business users. 10 years ago, almost all office-based Businesses required a Windows Server onsite that was costly to purchase, maintain and upgrade. Nowadays, most start-ups and small Businesses host their data in the Cloud and use Cloud-based applications such as Office 365. That’s one (significantly) less piece of hardware to go wrong in the office!


Business Technology is far simpler to use and configure than it once was. It goes wrong less often, and if it does go wrong then most of the time people can find a resolution online. This is the evolution of Business Technology, and long may it continue.

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