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Cheapfaremart is an Online Travel Agency, offers cheap flight tickets for domestic and international flights. Get the best airfare deals on group travel, first and business class flights, red eye flights and multi-city flight ticket booking at Cheapfaremart.
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25 days ago
  • Global Impact of Coronavirus on Aviation Industry
    COVID-19 - the mo t infectiou di ea e of the 21 t century! Thi tag de erve well Nothing on the planet remain untouched or unaffected by it virulence Travel i the wor t affected indu try and, of all it con tituent , aviation ha een it wor t time Cheapfaremart analyze and creen the impact – ituation , challenge , hope, and development Capacity Compari on: Now V Same Week La t Year Global capacity ha now fallen to 266 million eat a week compared to ome 109 million in the...
  • Life After COVID-19
    Lockdown, ocial di tancing, work-from-home, virtual meeting or conference , aniti ation, hygiene, and quarantine The e exerci e or practice have become common ever ince COVID-19 emerged Some nation or admini tration adopted the mea ure early while ome with delay - thi wa the only difference With no pecific treatment or vaccination around, mo t of the mea ure are mo t likely to become an in eparable a pect of our life Mu ing on the current cenario and their di tant impact, our...
  • What is Coronavirus and How Do Airline Travel Advisories Affect You?
    La t Updated: May 20, 2020  Time: EST 0909 AM The current outbreak of deadly coronaviru di ea e (COVID-19) cau ed by  the evere acute re piratory yndrome coronaviru 2 (SARS-CoV-2) ha been declared pandemic by WHO It wa fir t reported from Wuhan, China, on 31 December 2019 So far, it ha made it pre ence felt acro 209 countrie or area in the world WHO (World Health Organization) Ri k A e ment mark it a Very High COVID-19 i a re piratory di ea e that invade human lung...
  • Top 10 Airlines in the US and North America by On-Time Performance
    There could be many cla ification of be t airline Here i one by OTP (On-Time Performance) of the US and North American carrier Timeline or punctuality of a tran portation y tem i important in a e ing the quality of it ervice Here i a li t of top 10 US airline in order of their ranking in 2019 ba ed on their arrival tatu data (JUNE '18 - MAY '19) available with OAG, a global travel data provider #1 Hawaiian Airline (Global Rank 7) Airline IATA Code: HA Type:...
  • Best Places to Travel in May
    From watching wildlife to experiencing art and culture, to trekking un een terrain to watching a romantic un from a horeline, to unveiling hi torical legacy, here i a li t of be t place to travel in May 1 Gold Coa t, Au tralia If ecotouri m and beache are on your mind, the Gold Coa t i one of the be t place to travel in May It’ a coa tal city in the outhea t corner of the tate of Queen land in Au tralia The average high temperature in May remain 743°F (235°C), average humidity...
  • Rio De Janeiro Carnival 2020 Travel Guide
    The bigge t how on Earth, marked by pectacular parade , partie , outdoor performance , i around the corner Rio de Janeiro Carnival give million of traveler an excellent excu e to vi it Brazil If you are one of tho e, pare a few minute to read thi Rio De Janeiro Brazil travel guide 2020 The Hi tory of Rio Carnival The fir t Carnival wa organized during the 1640 The fea t were organized to honor the...
  • Best Places to Travel in April
    Thinking of the be t place to travel in April Cheapfaremart ha got you covered Whether you are looking for a romantic de tination or a family vacation, the below li t of be t place to travel in April will help you to make a wi e choice 1 Pari April i the right time to embark on a holiday to Pari The time mark the beginning of pring Native flora are at their boom Temperature range from 7°C (446°F) at it colde t to 16°C (608°F) at it warme t The early morning are chillier,...
  • Best Places to Travel in March
    The world ha beautiful place no doubt, but when it come to planning a vacation, it' important to be there at the right time, the right ea on, and the right month If you have been thinking of a holiday vacation in March, here i a li t of place to vi it in the month 1 Kunming (China) Popularly known in China a the City of Eternal Spring, Kunming i the capital of Yunnan Province in China, and one of the...
  • Best Places to Travel in January and February
    Thinking of a holiday de tination in January or February Nothing could be a better way to welcome the New Year than thi Whether you want to pend time amid t nature and mountain , enjoy norkeling, kayaking, and other beach activitie or explore the world' UNESCO World Heritage ite , here i a li t of the top 5 place that cover all your wanderlu t #1 Phuket – Thailand Phuket de erve to be on the top of...
  • Best Day and Time to Buy Airline Tickets
    Everyone want cheap flight ticket but few only ucceed in getting them Here are ome fundamental a well a quirky or unconventional tip , a e ed by clo ely monitoring the airfare trend in 2018-2019, which can help you get bargain fare for your next holiday trip 1 Be t day of the week to buy flight ticket – weekend Saturday and Sunday are the be t day to purcha e airline ticket The rea on i...

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