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Thanks Asgar fo follow me here, have a great day God Bless!
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Hello Asgar, nice to meet you, thanks for the follow here on IMfaceplate
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Lots of stories are circulating about peoples' encounter with ghosts. So what is a ghost? A Spirit, Illusion, creature or real creation? In Arabic it is called Jinn.

So let's talk about just a couple of many stories that I have heard. A group went for a tour of a village close to Mwanza in Tanzania. They boarded in an old house. It was a hot climate, so they slept with all the windows open. After midnight they a heard big noise. Soon a lot of unripe mangoes were bombarded inside their rooms. Who threw these mangoes? In Arua, Uganda a party was proceeding for marriage to a remote village. They invited a well known person to join them. He said the party may go on, but he would attend the marriage. The party one day to arrive at their destination. They saw the invitee already there. I was told that the person was able to change himself into a stork and fly to destination!!

Here is my own experience in Mombasa, Kenya: Besides Fort Jesus there is a park with trees and a monument for Solders that died during WW1 and opposite to the park there is a cemetery. The court house is besides the park with a tower clock. 1) I was passing by the park around 5.00 am. Behind one of the tree I saw a figure clad in white robe. As I was passing the figure turned from right to centre of the tree, then on the left, then disappeared. 2) It was around 6.30 am. Visibility was fair. I just stopped a ghost as two uniform clad 8 feet tall solders came out of the monument and crossed the road in few steps and went into one of the graves. 3) It was 12.00 am. The tower clock struck chimes. My home was situated on the opposite side, behind Bank of India building. I had to go down steep gully, pass a cross road at the end of the bank building and climb stairs to my home. As I was at the cross road I heard a noise. I saw a faint figure about 6'6" First I thought it would be the bank's night watchman. But it was all dull white. I stood stunned. The figure started to come towards me. I stood firm, praying. It passed through my body. I made an about turn. I saw the figure going over steps on the cross road. I ran up the stairs to my home. Anyway, the house in which we were living was haunted. Frequently our doorbell rang between 12.00 am and 3.00 am. There would be nobody around when we checked. Despite adjusting the button to the doorbell, so that more pressure was required to ring, the bell would still ring after midnight.

So the Tanzania incidence was a true story, while the Uganda character was a magician.

In Quran, the Islamic Holy Scripture it is said that "Allah created Man and Jinn for prayers to Him" meaning to follow commandments of Allah God, as laid down in Quran.

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