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8 key software features of a POS system

Dec 1st 2019 at 11:11 PM

Generally speaking, the goal of using restaurant POS system is to increase sales and decrease the number of inefficiencies in the system. With that in mind, it’s clear that the best restaurant POS software will improve your business is a wide variety of ways.

Some of the key software features of a restaurant POS system include:

Easy user interface

Fast responsiveness

Inventory control

KPI reports

Seating and reservations


Marketing features

Support and warranty

1. Easy user interface

Restaurant POS systems are meant to make things easier. If the system is confusing for servers to use on the floor, it will slow down sales and drive customers away. Likewise, if managing the restaurant POS software becomes a lengthy and stressful task, it can eat away at the time which could otherwise be put towards more productivity. An intuitive user interface is absolutely essential in restaurant management software.

2. Fast responsiveness

People come into restaurants because they’re hungry – go figure! And while it may be controversial, we’re going to make the bold claim that there isn’t a single person out there who likes to wait for their food to come. That’s why a reliable restaurant point of sale software won’t lag or glitch. Staff needs to move quickly to keep their responsibilities covered, and slow-working restaurant POS systems will frustrate those efforts as well as the workers, and the customers as well.

3. Inventory control

Your restaurant has better-selling dishes and it has those that are ordered less frequently. To keep up with demand, you’ll need more of some products and less of others. That means your inventory will need to reflect those differences.

For that reason, it’s important that the restaurant point of sales system you choose will be able to keep track of the rates at which different ingredients are consumed. Having an accurate inventory tracking system can equate to avoided losses and wasteful spending.

4. KPI reports

Besides ingredient consumption rates, you’ll want to have up-to-date insights into a broad variety of different key performance indicators (KPI’s for short). Those indicators can include table turn rate, the ratio of sales to labor cost, server benchmarks, sales by item, and so on. Having the best restaurant POS software means that you’ll be able to pull those sorts of reports from your database at any time and adjust your business plan accordingly – it may even have an impact on how you design your pricing strategy.

5. Seating and reservations

Most restaurant management software has a function that allows you to design a virtual layout of the floorplan. That will let servers track orders by the table at the touch of their finger, which helps keep their tasks organized and easy to find. It also hosts to easily reserve tables and communicate that to servers through the shared computer system. Finally, having a seating function in your restaurant point of sale software allows you to gather even more data, including the average sales per head at different areas of the restaurant, table turn rate, and so on.

6. Training

On-boarding new restaurant staff can be time-consuming to begin with. If the restaurant POS software doesn’t have some type of training included (either with a live support representative or as part of the software), it can make it even harder for the new staff to get integrated and active. If you’re looking for the best restaurant POS software, you’ll want it to offer you and your employees lots of tools – the best way to learn those functions is directly from those who designed the system.

7. Marketing features

Tired of having the same customers claim it’s their birthday every time they come in so they can get free dessert? You can use a restaurant POS software to offer customers membership to your loyalty program, through which they can get exclusive perks, discounts, promotions, rewards, and so on. That’ll also give you valuable insights into your customers such as demographics, retention rates, and more – which will make it even easier to improve your customer experience strategy. Just be sure to ask for their birthdate so they can’t keep pulling a fast one on you!

8. Support and warranty

As with any quality service, you’ll certainly want to know that in the event you need help, you’ll be able to contact the support center for your restaurant POS system 24/7. While POS systems are extremely helpful in so many ways, restaurants can grow very dependent on them. That means that the best restaurant POS software must come with quality support and user warranty that you know has got you covered if the system has serious glitches or crashes completely.

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