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  • Generate Traffic-Everything under one roof
    Every business needs leads. It doesn't matter if you are online or offline to generate traffic. You have to attract people to your product. Get the word out about who you are and what you have.

    What are sales leads?

     Let's define what a sales lead is. A sales lead is the identification of a person or entity that has the interest and authority to purchase a product or service. This step represents the first stage of a sales process. The identification of the sales lead is referred to as Lead Generation, a process conducted by either the marketing or sales organization. 

    When it comes to network marketing you know this is what you have to have to generate traffic to your website. To have a marketing system with absolutely everything you need under one roof is AMAZING!  

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    With this system you will be able to promote any of your businesses and build a list at the same time. Plus there are so many cool features that will allow you to stand out from all of the rest! Don't promote your business with the replicated websites that your company gives you. Create your own. It is about branding you and not the company.

    •  Exciting Concept
    • Amazing Product
    • Custom Marketing
    • Contact Manager
    • Chat System
    • Weekly Free Webinars
    • Support group on Facebook
    • Email Marketing with simplicity 
     You don't need any other system but this one! Generate traffic to your business like you have never seen before and get excited! 

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    "Don't let the start stop you"    
    Ann Moses 

    I create specialized banners for 
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  • Internet Marketing-Using what you have
    When you are trying to build a online business doing internet marketing your success is determined on how fast you act on learning and knowing the skills that it takes to generate the income that you want.

    To develop the skills and gain the proper amount of education to move yourself forward in building your business you have to have a certain mindset to take the massive action and  leave your comfort zone. This means that you need to create a strategy outside of the box!

    There are times you know that you wanted to invest into an opportunity yet, you are looking at what is in your hand. Not giving any attention to what you have in front of you. It comes down to having such a strong sense of drive and determination to not let the opportunity that you feel is for you to pass you by.

    I took massive action using what I had and what was in front of me for an opportunity that I knew I had to step out on faith. When I learned of this amazing opportunity to be able to earn  money over the internet  and to get paid instantly I knew this was it!  Plus to find out that I didn't have to take away from my personal expenses to work my primary business. This  was just what the doctor ordered!

    I used exactly what I had to make it happen for me to take the first step. I went to the grocery store and I cashed in all my empty soda cans that I had saved up and when I cashed them all in it was JUST what I needed to take this leap of  FAITH. All I needed was $25 and I cashed out at $26.80! My, My, My!

    This is why I believe my own quote so strongly. "In order to get something you NEVER had you have to do something you NEVER did."

    I  encourage you to take your internet marketing to the next level with massive action to have your desires and dreams come true.

    Thank you for reading and visiting. I would love to hear what you have to say about this post. Leave a comment, question, or a suggestion below.

    Much Success!
     "Scared money can't make money" ~Steve Branch

    Ann Moses

  • Computer Maintenance-Know your computer

    I will share with you my experience and thoughts about the how important it is to do computer maintenance.
    When you are a consistent user of using your computer, doing a number of different tasks every day and night; there is a lot of stress that you put on your computer. The brain of the computer (if you will) has a lot to remember and to know.
    I use my computer everyday and it is in use for many hours 8-12 hours a day or more. Since I use it so much there are times that I will notice when it is running real sluggish. Meaning the performance is not up to speed for the various programs to run properly. Your pages load slowly and the timing is off. I have to be on the computer as often as I am building my business. Upon noticing that I will have to put into action some basic diagnostics before it develops into something more serious. If that happens then I will have to resort to calling my IT Man (Information Technology) because he is the expert to do the necessary repairs that are needed to save my computer and documents.
    I will list some of the basic diagnostics programs and tools that I do to bring my computer up to speed.
    ·  CCleaner
    ·  Defragment                                        
    ·  Quick scan
    ·  Overnight scan
    ·  Disk clean-up
    ·  Delete history in browser (s)
    ·  Uninstall unwanted programs in control panel
    Now throughout this process I have to restart (re-boot) my computer for the changes to take place. Each time I do that I notice the difference in the performance of my computer.
    WARNING! These are some of the basic and simple things you can do to keep you computer from getting infected with viruses. However, if you experience getting a virus I suggest that you have a more advance expert in the IT field to do the removal of the virus. It is extremely important that you do have a reliable and experienced  EXPERT.
    If you have found this information helpful leave a comment below this post.
    Thank you for reading and visiting.
    ~Victorious Woman “UNSTOPPABLE”
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  • Make Money Online-Can you make it Fast?

    The internet is soaring daily with people trying to make money online. There are all walks of life of people who are taking a stab at it. Everyday there are more programs than a little with a lot of hype and some with no hype to get you in. Nevertheless, the choice is yours. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.
    Here is a question that comes to my mind. Can you make money online fast? That can be a yes or no answer depending on how you deal with that question. My first answer is no. Why? Because I say there is a process that has to take place in learning a system. When you are learning this system and going through this process there are a number of skills and education that you need to have in place. One of the first is to be familiar with the use of the computer. Plus there are some of us who comprehend information a little slower than others. Then there is the understanding of the concept of what you are doing on the internet and having a main objective as to why you are doing what you are doing. I could take this a step further but I will not I’ll go to the next answer.
     Then I say yes if you base it on the fact that you already have a congregation of people already following you. It doesn’t matter what you have. Just because it is you they follow. But the flip side to that is how long that fast money will last? Is it residual income? What kind of reputation have you built for yourself?

    In conclusion to this post this is a discussion that can be expounded on a lot more. However, there is one main thing that you need to really keep focus on is building relationships with people that will last. You want to build up a reputation where people can KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you. That is first and foremost. Move your money agenda out of the way and you will be more successful than you could ever imagine.

    I will close with this quote from Oprah Winfrey:
    "Where there is no struggle, there is no strength"

    Ann Moses
    "It is my own expressions, it is okay for us to disagree.




  • Successful Business Women-Tips to know
    There are many successful business women around the world. They come from all walks of life. You don’t have to be a well famous woman to be successful. Every business woman has to have goals to help you achieve what you want in your business life. When you have goals in place you have to focus to be successful upon reaching your goals it empowers you allowing you to become successful.

    You have to take massive action and put your business goals in order. The process requires that you set your goals and then plan out strategies for achieving them.

    Here are the tips that will help you get there.

    1.Affirmations and Visualizations
    2.Regularly Evaluate your Progress
    3.Focus on What Works for You
    4.Be Prepared for the Unexpected
    5.Create Goal Achieving Plans
    6.Actively Pursue Your Goals
    7.Make a Daily To-Do-List
    8.Evolve Your Goals
    9.Set Your Goals

    These goals cannot be done all at once. My suggestion is to do one or two at a time until it comes natural to you. Take each one of these steps serious and keep in mind that you are building yourself and business to become a successful business woman. You want to be in control of reaching your full potential of being successful.

    Thank you for reading and visiting. Feel free to leave a comment, question, or suggestion below this post.

    Ann Moses
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