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I am Bill Gelwick, Social Media Strategist, writer, marketing specialist and one of two founding partners at

Social Media has become quite the Buzzword in recent years, but there is a reason for that. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the new ABC, CBS and NBC.

Yes, I know everyone likes to focus on Social, but the other half of that is Media. These are still media channels, they just happen to support two way communication, which is the paradigm shift of our day.

Previously, Media meant being talked to. Now, it's a two way conversation. We have come to expect to be able to interact with a brand, and get response quickly. Studies show that Twitter users expect a response within 30 minutes when they engage a brand, especially with customer support issues.

Before, you could talk to the TV (You know you have done it), but it didn't' respond. @Reply to a tweet though, and you can get a response from someone in almost any company.

For business owners, this creates some challenges. How do you keep up with promotions on Social Media, managing customer service, generating quality content and still manage to actually operate your business?

That is where we come in. Through our free content at we provide information to help business owners of all types and sizes manage their Social Media activities.

We will soon be publishing several books on Kindle covering various aspects of doing business on Social Media as well as opening a self paced Social Media course, The MuchSocial Academy.

Stay Tuned for further updates. You will be glad you did. And please "LIKE" our page at the link below for more updates and daily curated content from the top minds in Social.
Bill Gelwick | AbdeelMarketing
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  • Multisite Plugin Manager

    Multisite Plugin Manager is a great free plugin available in the plugin repository. It allows WordPress Multisite Network Administrators to specifically determine which plugins will be available for the blogs on their network to activate and use and which plugins you’d prefer to hide. The plugin itself doesn’t really have any settings to configure...

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  • DW Reactions

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  • WP Super Cache

    I couldn’t get W3TC to work without crashing my website. With WP Super Cache, it sped up my site immediately. I also felt confident to play with the settings without breaking my site. I was a little impressed that WP Super Cache also had the CDN feature built in, to help enable a content delivery...

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  • Customizer Export/Import

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  • Why Your Marketing Methods May Not Be Working

    Do you prefer Social Media Marketing or Search Engine Marketing? Either way, get ready to make some changes. The two are becoming so interdependent they are effectively one platform. Clash of the Titans The Titans of the Internet, Google and Facebook, have been following many of the same trends, so much that, the two have […]

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  • The Cold Hard Truth

    So far, I have been working under the assumption that we are all big boys and girls, and we don’t need any sugar coating or hand holding. I assume you can handle the Hard Truth, because after all, we;re all adults here, right? Maybe you want to read more of the same things everyone else […]

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  • An Electrifying Rivalry | Edison vs Tesla

    There are many lessons to be gleaned from the rivalry between Nicola Tesla and Thomas Edison.  I won’t get into the rivalry, or their particular contributions at this point. We can save that for another time. Edison vs Tesla is a rivalry for the ages. Today I want to look at the personality traits that […]

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  • Brick-n-Mortar Meets Click-n-Mortar

    Local brick-n-mortar businesses have evolved massively over the past two decades. The savvy ones stayed on top of the trends. The others? Well, another business has moved into that space. (Or likely 8 different ones have been there in the past 10 years) For over a decade, it seemed like it would be a battle. […]

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  • What is a Social Strategist?

    Do you have a game plan for your social media marketing efforts? Have you considered enlisting the help of a Social Strategist? Ok, so you read blog posts, or listen to podcasts, and they all tell you to determine a target market. Not only that, but to niche down to the point of having one […]

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  • Your Brand is Not Built on Facebook Alone

    Your Brand should live in your own web property. Social Networks are not intended to be the platform on which you operate your business. I feel Facebook is the best platform around, currently, from a marketing perspective. That being said, you should NEVER put all your eggs in one basket, especially when someone else owns […]

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