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Created on August 23rd, 2010

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Aug 23rd 2010 at 11:29 AM
Hi: I am new on IM faceplate but would like to connect and get to know people in your group. I am trying to become more adept at social networking and it has been a challenge to say the least. I get bogged down on a technicality and find myself overwhelmed and spending a lot of time educating myself. It can become very time consuming

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Jun 18th 2011 at 1:34 AM
Great site! I am starting my healthy coffee business also and it is hard. I normally work retail and have instructions. Doing my own site is quite the challenge. Good luck to you. Thsnks for sharing.

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Jun 18th 2011 at 17:09 PM
don't get bogged down on a technicality, ever one think they have to be just so right, this slow down the process.
in fighting, you just have to hit and hit fast, no time to think about what it will do, but you learn you must do something, and fast.
in business thinking and not doing = no business.
just blog and blog some more and in time you will be< > what?
a real blogger......
send me the blog link I will read it.

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