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Mary Hofstetter (mahofst)
Standard member
Internet Marketing, Reading, Gardening, Quilting,Carving, Crochet,Knitting, time with my grandchildren, volunteer for: Johnny Appleseed Metro Parks, Senior Center Bluffton Ohio @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Because I am a senior citizen I have compassion and understanding of seniors trying to use the internet. Hence my blog: Seniors on the Net @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Arthritis is an affliction not only of seniors but of all ages. Seniors are most affected which causes me to provide resources for those afflicted with various forms of joint pain. More suggestions appear on my site: @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Author and Creator of O.N.E. Award, 12 Sec Commute. view faceplatefollowmessage
Sanat Misra (genious234)
Standard member
Net Surfing,Affiliate Marketing,Social Networking,Traveling,Listening to Good Harmonious Music view faceplatefollowmessage
Standard member
To educate others on how to maximize the use of the internet to earn extra. view faceplatefollowmessage
David A. Greenlee II (coachdave)
Standard member
I am David A. Greenlee II (better known as Coach Dave) My story begins in 2005. My wife and I had just purchased our first home. I had a career in truck driving and my wife had just recently finished nursing school, my oldest of three sons was preparing to enter kindergarten and things were looking very promising. RIGHT? WRONG!!! My American dream had just become the American Nightmare. My wife and I were barely making ends meet (with 2 incomes) food was a privilege (literally) and we were in a mountain of DEBT! Not to mention I would have to spend the rest of my life driving trucks. I was away from my family 5 days of the week; sometimes it could be weeks before I saw them. While driving down the highway one morning I was faced with a HUGE decision. A) Do I take the road of DEBT, DEPRESSION, PAYCHECK to PAYCHECK years of frustration at a dead end job where I will retire with 40% of my income WHEN I CAN’T EVEN MAKE IT OFF OF 100%. Or B) Get on the road to financial freedom? You guessed it B!!!! I made up in my mind that J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) was not my destiny. July of 2006 was the turning point in my life. In the midst of my new home being foreclosed, new truck being reposed, a mountain of accumulating debt and a family of 5 literally homeless, I did the unthinkable. I quit my job!!! (YEA) I was forced to find my niche. While studying how to understand my credit, I was introduced to the network marketing industry. I instantly found success there through various training, mentors and an array of books including: Rich dad Poor dad, Think and Grow Rich, 48 Laws of power and The Millionaire Next Door. I retain as much knowledge as I could in a short period a time and in a few months I made my first $10,000 (which turned into several later). Now with my new found success and knowledge, I paid my way out of debt and began to restore my credit. I had also learned that if restoring my credit works for me surely it can work for somebody else and it did. That gave birth to my new business venture: A Credit Restoration Firm. Giving my success from network marketing, I began to apply those same techniques to credit restoration. The magic happened again, SUCCESS!!! I actually joined the two and began to make a lucrative income. I have made over 6 figures since 2005. I was an ordinary guy with an ordinary situation but my ambition, determination and consistency made my now situation extraordinary. If you are sick and tired of the same rat race of life leave me your information and let’s get you on the road to success!!! % view faceplatefollowmessage
gstretch (gstretch)
Standard member
Bicycleing,travel reading E-mails outside the United States perfer contacts from Europe,started website 2months ago http//www.gstretchbbnow.Org/ view faceplatefollowmessage
Health2WealthClub (health2wealthclub)
Standard member
Helping People build Health and Wealth! view faceplatefollowmessage
Tiffany Greenlee (tiffanygreenlee)
Standard member
I am a motivator, who empower others by assisting in fine tuning their self-confidence, by way of shedding unwanted pounds, creating a wealthier mindset and a healthier lifestyle. I was born in TN. I am the oldest of 2 children and the only girl. I am married with 3 AWESOME little boys and one whom has Autism. I use to struggle with my self-esteem due to lack of confidence, being overweight and unhappy with the image that the mirror portrayed to me. Nevertheless, I always had much love to pour into others but I lacked to love myself sufficiently. I tried many methods to build my confidence and lose weight. There were calorie counting, prescription pills, shakes, over the counter pills, body shapers and the list goes on. But what I realized was, it wasn’t just my weight that was the problem, it was my inner me. I knew that it was more to me than just my beautiful smile, my eyes, and my compassion for others. Once I decided to stop allowing insecurities dictate who I was, I began to see just how AWESOME I WAS (Yes I am AWESOME) and that is when I found success. Success in my weight loss, my energy, my marriage, my self-esteem, my lifestyle. The fact of the matter is, once you shed those unwanted thoughts, UNWANTED pounds and UNWANTED lifestyle, you will become energetic, motivated and empowered….I did and so can you! There was nothing magical, the MAGIC was me! I changed my outlook of me; I began to think how I wanted a life filled with happiness, energy, motivation and wealth for me and my family. So what did I do? First, I changed my way of thinking (my mind-set) by speaking to myself daily, encouraging myself, surrounding myself with positive people. Secondly, I got off my back side and put in some work for “MYSELF”, I research ways to lose weight safely and keep it off. I exercised by body and my mind. Lastly, I stayed consistent. (Never give up) Our biggest battle is with ourselves, not with others. So surely, if “you” are the one you are battling, then “you” are in control and YOU are the conqueror. Once I began to do these three things, I became the AWESOME person I am today. I was a slow dragging caterpillar in the inside, which blossomed into this AMAZING, BEAU”TIFF”UL BUTTERFLY, which is flying high in life now! I begin to love me…… view faceplatefollowmessage
Standard member
STIK-LER, YOUTUBE, TWITTER, SPELLING IN ALL CAPS!!!!!! Using a splashpage for traffic exchanges Pay $0 Get 10000 hits view faceplatefollowmessage
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I am an entrepreneur that is trying to harness the internet as a way to help supplement my income while pursuing my academic needs. I am in my third year of a Doctorate of Philosophy Degree at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and about 18 months away from completing the degree and finally finishing college. Current pursuits are to do corporate training & learning development but also teach in the classroom. The majority of my work experience has been in the service industry - primarily in food service and hospitality & tourism. I have nearly 20 years of total sales experience but teaching and training development is where my strengths are. Please feel free to share my Faceplate with others so I can develop a network with you and other aspiring individuals today. view faceplatefollowmessage
Kay Brasher (kaybrasher)
Standard member
I work from home and I enjoy the flexibility of my own schedule. I am kind of diversed in many areas. I was a manager at a restaurant, retail, made electrical conduits from machines that made bullets for WWII. I have worked in the hospital field in all facets of Patient Information and medical billing and diagnostic test scheduling, I prerformed customer service for Home Depot as a Water Heater Expert. I handled escalated calls and was in lower mamagement there as well. I became health stricken and it was determined that I could no longer work in the real since of the word. I work from hom Internet Marketing, Affiliated Marketing, List Building. I love to crochet baby blankets as a pass time. I also, enjoy reading, music, billards, swimming, bowling and most of all dancing. I can not do most of them anymore but, my favorite it to dance. I used to be in Jazz and Tap. My specialty is promoting people and helping to give them suggestions as how to be more successful. My skills are transcription work, data entry, medical billing, coaching and training in many different aspects. I have a boy friend and he has two daughters. I have no family left I am a lone survivor. I blog. I twitter, I myspace, I facebook, I skype, I netlog, I stumble upon, and many many more other social networking sites. I just joined several more things. One of them is This is a site that helps us to get recognized as people who are not spammers. I am conducting webinars for those people who would like to promote themselves and/or their business. If you would like to do one please contact me and I will get it set up for you. I hope everyone has a fantastic day. :) Here are my websites: Here is a lot of recordings of Internet Marketers training. Be sure and register as a member so you can listen to the recordings. My skpe ID is: frsprt21462 I have a profile on google at I have a profile on facebook at I have a profile on Twitter!kbvalentine I have a profile on mynetworkingpro at I have a profile on The Net Surf Cafe at I think that is about enough about me for now. LOL view faceplatefollowmessage
Standard member
Removing scale build up and hard water deposits. Zero salt, zero chemicals, zero maintenance! 10 year warranty, 120 day money back guarantee! view faceplatefollowmessage
nikkileigh (sexpertnikki)
Standard member
Award winning fiction and non fiction author, Nikki Leigh, provides Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing services. Nikki brings over 16 years of promotional experience and over 8 years of online promotional experience to each project. She works with her clients to help them establish and/or build their online presence and helps them learn to identify and reach the correct target market for their promotion. Promo 101 Virtual Blog Tours and Promotional Services are always open to finding new ways to help you learn to promote more effectively. In addition to business books and novels, Nikki Leigh is the author of Book Promo 101 and Book Promo 201. For much more information, visit and Nikki Leigh is also a certified Love Coach and works with single and married, men and women to help them understand themselves better and to improve their most personal relationships. For much more information, visit and view faceplatefollowmessage
Ajay Jacobsen (AjayJacobsen)
Standard member
-| Our business is Voted No. 1 Internet Marketing Service Online 2010 By |- view faceplatefollowmessage
Paul Robillard (paulrobillard)
Standard member
I am interested in fishing, gardening, and meeting new people.I also like being on my computer even though I\\\'m a computer illiterate.I\'m also interested in internet marketing, affiliate marketing and mlm. Would like to learn more about investing in stocks,gold and silver. I am starting a stamp collection as a hobby in my retirement and would appreciate any that just happen to come my way via POB 186, Yellville, AR 72687. Also enjoy pen pals. view faceplatefollowmessage
Standard member
I am a internet and affiliate marketer, husband a father to 5 kids and 2 grand children. view faceplatefollowmessage
Terry Root (prosperity4you)
Standard member
I am a homemaker and have enjoyed working online for many years to make extra money so my family can have things they might not have had otherwise. No more money worries. How wonderful it is. I desire to help others achieve the same. I test different sites and then let you know what works, which is easy and will put money in your pocket fast and consistently. I want the best for everyone - health, happiness and financial freedom! Check out my websites: view faceplatefollowmessage
rick2323 (powerprofitcenter)
Standard member
Bodybuilding, Sports, Reading, Internet Marketing, view faceplatefollowmessage
Abraxas Web Design & SEO (miracleman12)
Standard member
SEO, web design, Internet marketing, rock music view faceplatefollowmessage
Maybe Parfum Netherlands (Robert112)
Standard member
social networking, and lot\'s of more stuff view faceplatefollowmessage
Standard member
Making money online, Oldies music (50\'s-60\'s), Sports. view faceplatefollowmessage
Debra Morrison (debramorrison)
Standard member
I AM ~ Mama D / Matriarch of More / Commander Kuby / 2nd Mom to Inmates / Personal Organizational Diva / Dynamic Debra / Marketing Gypsy / Ex Meat/Seafood Rep / Ex-Wanna Be Truck Driver view faceplatefollowmessage
Standard member
hmed Kaley a pharmacist turned full time Home Business Entrepreneur. He is visionary and had seen the global paradigm shift in economy and especially on the e-commerce and the Direct Sales Industry. He is driving on the new wave Hi-bride Network Marketing of Multiple Income Streams. He proudly calls himself Spiritual Entrepreneur and is on a mission to create 50kclub with one million members by the year 2013. Checkout his websites @ view faceplatefollowmessage
Angela Smith (1720Events)
Standard member
spending time with family and friends, sharing God\'s love, planning events, reading, dancing, watching movies, writing books, and so much more. view faceplatefollowmessage
Standard member
I am an entrepreneur, I likes challenges. I am not afraid to try new things. I was invited to @YourNight June 27, 2010 I became a Gold member for $10.00.I love social media the NEW Social Media With 55% Profit Sharing Great place to network, shop, dating, save, play, advertising and make A FORTUNE!!! Oh, by the way IT`s FREE!!!! view faceplatefollowmessage
Michael Youngh (cubexl21)
Standard member
- webdesign & software development - soccer - basketball - movies - ict magazines view faceplatefollowmessage

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