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Edwin Brignoni (1eddie)
Standard member
The purpose for this website is to meet people who have similar interests and goals as I do. People who work together towards the same goals achieve success and great rewards! This website benefits everyone! It\'s a place where you can find the tools to help you reach your goals, and links to business opportunities. This site has something for everyone! view faceplatefollowmessage
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rc romli (khairi9996)
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visit langkawi,malaysia Year 2010 Mangrove Tours view faceplatefollowmessage
SueAndShawnKelly (SueKelly)
Standard member
Restoring our Victorian built by my grandfather in 1892. Sewing, knitting, counted cross stitch, crocheting, golf and teaching others how to build an internet business. I have been writing blogs and articles since 2005. I look at the profile above and realize I have not done much sewing or knitting in a while. I have made some baby sets with afghan a bonnet and figerless mittens for baby showers however. view faceplatefollowmessage
xxxsweetiexxx (amora81)
Standard member
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vinnz_21_SEO (vinsot21)
Standard member
Playing Computer games, latest news and updates, friends and bible study.! view faceplatefollowmessage
andre al roueiheb (andrewmoneymaker)
Standard member
Friendships are the gift to the man kind. The relation which we get in this world are blood related. But the only relationships which doesnot related to blood is friendship. Friendship has many forms and shapes. It is like water. If we pour the water into a jug it takes the shape of jug. if you pour the same water into a bowl it takes the shape o bowl. Sameway friendships will take a different shapes and sizes according to our heart. Friendship gives pleasure to human beings. Where there is friendship then there will not be any sorrow. When you see a child laughing you will forget your sorrows for a second, sameway when you are with a friend you forget your sorrows. Friendships crosses boundries The world is rotating smoothly because of the friendly hearts in the world. it crosses boundries and share a mutual bonding of love. Friendships will take care of this entire world from problems. If we are friends then our countries will, when our countries are friends then there is not need of weapons. So take weapon named friendship and love and conqure the world with love. Friendships saves life Trusted true friendships never makes others down. it helps a lot to make friends to comeup from the situation. Friendships never expect anything in return for all its offering. It saves life without looking into situation. Lets get friendship regards Andre al roueiheb skype:andre10012006 +60122714877 view faceplatefollowmessage
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Donna M (VBelladonnaV)
Standard member
professional. Donna M - Edit Profile United States I Have been involved with the work at home industry for over 10 years. I have worked and tried many work at home careers and know quit a lot about them. Actually I guess I reached the goal of what most work at home searches look for. I am currently a salaried employee for a corporation located in Florida but I telecommute from my home in California and have done this for the past 5 years. If you have a question about working at home please ask. Even though I like my job I am always looking for new things. I am currently investigating online work at home offering and am very involved in SEO and how to get traffic to a site. I think of it as a game to take a website and bring to the 1st pages of searches. I do believe that if one puts effort into something that most anything can be achieved. so with this thought I have begun investigation different online programs and actually working them to see what the results are hopefully within the next few months I will be able to give a review of the programs on my website ( which is not up yet) the work at home sleuth. view faceplatefollowmessage
Soroya Ravencrest (yhbecpublisher)
Standard member

Business : Helping Others Towards Online Success by showing them HOW I use things I AM A MEMBER OF and/or FIND USEFUL in my business!

Leader of Hip Hop Helpers - We are hip (cool friends), can hop (keep active) and help others! We are becoming Cyber Turtles!

Owner/Developer of AquaticTraffic and GhostRiderTE which will both be training programs for using marketing tools online.

General :

Horses and Music (anything with a great beat or meaningful words for me)

Reading and Wild Things (stormy seas or wind, untamed forests, Nature and her creatures in the wild)

Gods :

Zeus (grandfather, wisdom and lore, sky, sun, energy, karma and time)
Neptune (father, support, sea, tides, defense, direction and rhythms)
Thor/Holly Lord (brother, protection, land, stability, family, tribe, flora and fauna of wild places, also known as the Green Man)

Goddesses :

Isis (aunt, grandmother, educator, protection of innocence, sky, moon, cycles and change)
Demeter (mother, nurturing, earth, growth and harvests)
Diana (sister, huntress and protector of the earth\\\'s creatures)

Mystic Creatures :

Dragons (lizard cousin, truth, treasure keeper, potential)
Elementals :
Spirit (guidance from the dark of despair into the light of understanding our purpose)
Air (attitude and planning)
Fire (action, desire and motivation)
Water (determination and persistence)
Earth (achievement and manifestation)

Unicorns and winged horses

Hobbies (things I enjoy doing) :

Being an Author (fiction; help files; how-to ebooks, manuals and messages for email training series)

Creating splashes and websites with CSS and HTML

My Spiritual Power Animals :
(see Articles for more info)

Horse - Extender of Dreams (freedom)

Bear/Tiger - Protectress (defense)

Owl - Teacher (learning, knowledge and wisdom)

Cat - Adapter (flexibility)

Badger - Story-Keeper (beliefs and values)

Wolf/Jaguar - The Rebel (independence)

Whale - Wanderer (action and movement)

Crow - Recycler (way-shower)

Dolphin - Spiritual Seeker (conscious choice)

Raven - Creator (imagination and majik-user)

Spider - Weaver (brings raw material together to create something unique)

Turtle - Nurturer (foundation and stability)

Hawk - Provider (hunter/gatherer)

Otter - The Joker (playfulness and relaxation)

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Reviseit (Reviseit)
Standard member
I love Internet marketing and keyword analysis as well as SEO task. I have been doing it for 10 years now and have created a blog in order to share what I’ve learned. Not only do you get the benefits of my past experiences in the field, but you also get the knowledge as I learn it in school. I am always adding fresh new product reviews and content to my “Revised Business” blog. I invite everyone who is interested in Internet marketing and pagerank to submit post or comments sharing his or her experience or questions on the blog view faceplatefollowmessage
Gene DuPont (Gene1957)
Standard member
Network Marketing view faceplatefollowmessage
Standard member
Company Pays Out Over 100% view faceplatefollowmessage
Standard member
football fishing creating music view faceplatefollowmessage
Standard member
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Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer (amberludwig)
Standard member
Amber Vilhauer (formerly Ludwig) is an online business development expert who supports authors, speakers and coaches to establish a powerful, integrated online presence that gets results and empowers them to make a difference in their industry. Since starting her multi-six-figure company NGNG Enterprises (standing for No Guts No Glory) in 2007, she has spent her career impacting her community and building strong strategic alliances with industry leaders and game-changers across the web. Amber has supported thousands of entrepreneurs on six continents to get results. She is the launch manager behind several #1 bestselling books including those for Mark Victor Hansen, Brendon Burchard, Lisa Nichols and Les Brown. Working one-on-one with each client, Amber and her teams have created more than 300 WordPress websites. Amber knows how a website needs to function in order to generate sales, build a fan base and attract long-term clientele. She works with clients to build a strong, branded social media presence, coaches each client on which manageable actions will help them achieve their online goals and then walks them through exactly how to do it. view faceplatefollowmessage
Andruha (andruha2010)
Standard member
CLUB ASTERIA Extra Cash From Your Website Cell phone video surveillance solution Global Promotion Alliance Internet TV software Active Webcam software Websitetester Paybox Adfly Daceband SOCIAL NETWORKS Yournight Swom Apsense Klikot Socule Twitter Peacio ZooLoo Narod2 Wordpress My-espn Chik-chirik Tumblr Peoplestring Myallfriends Socialmomsonline Yourworldbiz Ameribiznet Startupspace Socialgo Mynetworkingpro view faceplatefollowmessage
Fei Anne Adricula (feiyie)
Standard member
I\'m a 21 year old Internet Marketing Specialist. I love blogging, affiliate marketing, and Social Media. I also provide local internet marketing services to small business and help them get the online presence they need to increase their website conversions. view faceplatefollowmessage
Standard member
Marketing, women, business, women, writing, women, making money, women and women! view faceplatefollowmessage
samantha (staylor29a11)
Standard member
I enjoy writing, art, making websites and articles of others and my own, i like tweeting, and websites like these. These sites are great for making friends and sharing interests. If you would like to follow me or be friends, don\'t hesitate to do so view faceplatefollowmessage
Helen Haynes (lucky2010)
Standard member
view faceplatefollowmessage
Sybil...Headhunter (sybilg)
Pro member
Executive Recruitment/Headhunting and President of Spectra International--Voted #1 Executive Search Firm in Arizona. I am actively involved in social media marketing strategies, growing and developing our Virtual Recruiting Team and blogging about search technology and social media job search. I am also involved in a blog for outdoor art and gardens and working on my own Julia & Julie project of 365 Days of Outdoor Art and Garden Photos. view faceplatefollowmessage
empleh1956 (lschafer)
Standard member
I like baseball St. Louis Cards and the Rams from St. Louis. view faceplatefollowmessage
mg58 (wcnmg1058)
Standard member
I am a Reiki and Quantum Touch Master. I teach the art of crystal and energy healing. I enjoy reading and spending time with friends and family. view faceplatefollowmessage
Standard member
CEO & Founder of TopNetworkersGroup. We launched in 2010 and began putting together a foundation that will create Professional network marketers who earn professional money in network marketing. Our focus is entirely on helping other people get what they want. By default, we all get what we want when that is the focus. #WorkWithTheGroup view faceplatefollowmessage

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